Josi's Relaxed & Super Charming Berlin home

Hola que tal?! I'm on a mini break with my family in Spain right now soaking up a little half-term sunshine (the light, oh the light!). Although, this morning my mind is a few thousand kilometres away in Western Europe in this gem of an apartment in Berlin Mitte. And it's one beautiful home. Enjoyed by Josi (if you haven't discovered her on instagram hurry over now!) and her boyfriend Philipp, who are expecting their first child (how cute is that crib?! Find a similar ones here) and their two rabbits Püppi and Anton. The space is flooded with warm pools of light, which dance off a beautiful original parquet floor, mid-century and rattan finds against a backdrop of striking textures and deep hues. Possible one of my favourite apartments to date - I feel instantly warm and fuzzy just looking at it, how about you?!

Photography / Design: Josi / @jose_phiiiine

There are so many elements I love about this home. But that hallway is probably the most inspiring of all! Imagine being greeted by this view each day when you arrive home?

Is there anything that stands out to you?

Get the look from Josi's home: hallway - Lyra rattan sofa (LOVE this!), light from Monoqui. Dining room - Starkey chandelier. bedroom - Java pendant light, print above bed from Desenio, source a similar crib here, Penn dressing table with mirror.

If you'd like to see more of Josi's home and find out where other items are from - nip on over to her Instagram feed here.

And for a few other lovely Berlin apartments (of which there are many - that city is so hot on relaxed, boho style, have you been? if not you must!) - check out this magnificent, bohemian pad, a mid-century inspired home and a fantastic Berlin home. Inspiring!

Have a lovely day!

PS Edition London & Country Living magazine shared an excerpt from The Scandinavian Home - and it features one of my favourite Danish homes ever (we had such a memorable day shooting it too!) - read all about it and take a tour here!

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A Striking Mid-Century Inspired Danish Home

Wow - I can't believe it's actually the end of the week. It's been getting darker by the day in Sweden which makes it almost impossible to get out of bed (and we're bad at the best of times - guh!). When I was doing research for my Lagom book (see also the US and French version), I discovered only 10% of us are natural early risers - are you one of them? If not I feel your pain - at least we have two days of lie-ins ahead - yasss! Anyway. On with today's tour. And I've got the most lovely, relaxed, Danish home to share with you. Birgit (also known as Fraubitte) has an expert eye at discovering all things mid-century and retro. Her home is full of treasures, set against a  striking backdrop of black and blue-green accents. Birgit loves to share snapshots of her home on her delightful instagram feed which is also peppered with pictures  of the Danish landscape, travel, design and art. Let's take a peek inside Birgit's world!

Photography credits: @Fraubitte

I love all her mid-century Danish furniture so much -  just how striking does the teak look against the back wall?! 

I also think the colours in the bedroom make a pretty combination.

Is there anything that you're loving about this space?

If you're looking to achieve a smiliar look, I find Etsy a great place source for mid-century furniture including dining chairs, credenzas and mirrors (I've had my eye on an asymmetric mirror ever since I saw one in this Danish home - aren't they lovely?)

If you fancy getting a little more Danish inspiration this weekend check-out this archive... one of my favourites...

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

PS Don't forget to vote for My Scandinavian Home in the Domino Design Blog Awards (category 'Best International Design Blogs') if you have the time - it would make my day!

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A Mid-century Inspired Home with Beautiful Light

Originally from London, I get so excited when I come across a home from the Big Smoke  - and even more so when it's really lovely! Owned by Louis Hagen Hall and Catherine Verna Bentley - the creative duo behind architecture and interior design practice Bentley Hagen Hall - the super charming space is filled with unique treasures, mid-century pieces, plants and the most wonderful light (beautifully captured by India Hobson for Haarkon). Let's take a peek...

Photography:  India Hobson for Haarkon

I absolutely love this space - it's kind of homely and bohemian but with a hint of Scandinavian modern. I wasn't surprised to see that one of the pair has Norwegian heritage.

Is there anything you love in particular about this space?

Take a look at a load more pictures and read more about this beautiful home here

If you're after a similar look in your own home a few of these items will put you in good stead (unless of course you're UK based and can draft in the help from Bentley Hagen Hall- now wouldn't that be wonderful?!): pick up a mid-century side-cabinet here,  I love these Moroccan rugs. Source a vintage architect's swivel chair here, this white sheepskin is similar to the one on the windowsill.

I'm guessing I'm not alone in wondering where the brass pendant ceiling light is from - any ideas? UPDATE: This is the CVL Saturn brass pendant light and was sold by John Lewis a few years back but seems like it's no longer available (thank you Anon.).

If you love this home, you'll also like foodie Anna Jones' home in the same neck of the woods - so fab!

And finally - I am thrilled to see My Scandinavian Home has been selected as a semi-finalist in the first ever Domino magazine design awards in the category 'Best International Design Blog' yaaaay! It's all happening here if you fancy casting your vote (it only takes a second and I'd be so so happy!).

Have a lovely day!

PS looking to save your pennies this autumn?! The Swedish philosophy of Lagom is your answer (so says this piece in the Readers Digest - they might just have read it somewhere...?!).

PPS happy Diwali to all my Hindu friends out there! 

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The lovely, relaxed home of a Berlin DIY blogger

Helloooo friends! I hope you had a great weekend? Here, it's been an eventful one. On Friday evening I had a live radio interview about my new Lagom book. Except I got the time difference muddled up and when they called from Montreal I had a house full of kids. In my panic I ended up whisking them out into the garden in their socks!! You can just imagine the scene). Thankfully it did get a little more relaxing after that! And now Monday morning has rolled around again (I've got a feeling we're all going to rock this week?!). Despite doing my best to embrace the chill outside (I'm wearing my Swedish Shephards as I write) I am starting to wonder how I'm going to get through the impending darkness of autumn / winter. I'm thinking plenty of DIY and crafts? What do you say? If you're thinking the same - Laetitia Delorme of Monochrome DIY, is our girl! Berlin based Laetitia describes her DIY ideas as 'a world away from chichi and sequins - everything revolves around tinkering and self-making'. Think fab minimalist brass mirrors, semi-flower wreaths and decorative ice-cubes. You only need to a snapshot of her home - as well as pictures of the home of Berliner Claudi's (see the full tour of her home here)- to see examples of how her DIY ideas blend beautifully with mid-century finds an abundance of plants. Roll on Autumn!

Photography: Laetitia Delorme / Monochrome DIY

 Photography: Claudi - Do It But Do It Now

Despite being more of a close-up / snapshot tour of each of the homes rather than the complete picture, don't you find the style to give off  the loveliest vibe?

Get the look from Laetitia and Claudi's homes: Source fab mid-century modern teak furniture here,  mirror from Sissy-Boy, these terrarium's are similar, café notice board, string shelves, Eames side chair.

If you'd like to see a little more of Laetitia's home take a peek here and Claudi's home here.

Speaking of Instagram - I'll be taking over the reigns of the HarperCollins US instagram feed today where I'll be sharing snippets from my new Lagom Book - as well as talking more about the Swedish lifestyle (which, excitingly, seems to be on everyone's lips right now - which reminds me - I need to nip out and by a cinnamon bun in a minute, purely for inspiration purposes of course....). I'd love it if you have the time to stop by and say hi (it's my first ever take-over so it'll be great to see a friendly face!).

Have a great start to the week!

PS my top ten tips to a de-cluttered home.

PPS words to live by: "Be a cactus in a world of delicate flowers"

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Si's lovely San Francisco home

Hello! I hope you're having a great day? I'm on my way to Northern Norway for an Arctic sailing trip with some girlfriends - crazy, but hopefully lots of fun (keep an eye on Instagram stories for updates if you're curious!). I wanted to pop in on route to share this beautiful home with you. The apartment belongs to the wonderful Si, blogger behind French By Design and is located on the top floor of a Victorian building in San Francisco. I'm loving the dark floor against the fresh white walls, mid-century touches and mustard accents!

Photos / Interior design: Si - French By Design

Soooo lovely!

A few items I know and love (in order of appearance): Juju hat, Tom Ford book , source a mid-century credenza here, natural leather pouf (love this!), knot cushion.

For more pictures and notes on where items are from, hop on over to Si's blog here. And take a tour of her previous home here.

Have a lovely day!

PS I received a note yesterday to say my blog was downloading really slowly - is anyone else having this issue? If so, please give me a shout in the comment section below! 

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Step inside the 'New Darlings' Phoenix home

There are some homes which are destined to be featured on a Friday  - simply because they're the kind of joint you'd love to hang out at (or at least feel inspired by) ALL weekend! This is one of them. If you're already an avid follower of New Darlings, you'll  be familiar with this fab home in Phoenix Arizona. It belongs to the mighty cool husband and wife team Robert and Christina - who 'laugh too hard, dance all night and explore together' as well as have an uber cool sense of style. Fortunately for us, they're also amazing photographers so get a glimpse of this through their inspiring blog and instagram feed. The pair have recently moved house and have been renovating it one room at a time - using vintage and mid-century finds, interesting art and an abundance of plants. Let's take a little tour!

Photography / design: New Darlings

Isn't it such a great space? So vibrant - and just the kind of place you could walk into and instantly feel relaxed!

A few items I know and love: Article sofa, Jack chairs, hoop mirror (on mantelpiece) art from here, this sheepskin cushion is similar, source a vintage magazine rack here. Pick up a mid-century credenza here.

You can find out more about their home (and the items within) here: entryway, living room, kitchen, backyard lounge.

Oh and before I head off - there are two things I really wanted to share with you - firstly I discovered this lovely instagram feed (via Johanna Bradford - thanks for the tip!) - if you don't follow it already, you must! And secondly I was super excited to see my book The Scandinavian Home included in the Independent's top ten interior design books! That's my weekend made before it's even started! Thank you to everyone who's picked up a copy already  - you rock, and I hope it inspires you!

Have a wonderful couple of days and see you Monday!

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