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Bohemian touch in a magnificent Berlin apartment

Have you ever been to Berlin? Or perhaps you're lucky enough to live there? I've visited a few times over the past few years and it's fast become one of my favourite cities. One memorable evening we wondered through the Kreuzberg district which is a really vibrant part of town and very cool, in an edgy, bohemian way (I was in awe!). That's probably why I was so excited to stumble across this incredible apartment in the same area. Owner Karina and her husband have decorated the space with restraint - choosing a few carefully selected pieces each with a story to tell - and at the same time allowing the magnificent architecture to take centre stage. And who better to capture the space than Jules Villebrandt of herz und blut?! Let's take a tour...

Photography: Jules Villbrandt. Home-owner: Karina.

What a beautiful apartment! Those floors! That ceiling.... I love the way an upper section in the kitchen has been left in it's original state, very beautiful don't you think?

Get the look from Karina's apartment: souce a beautiful, colourful boucherouite rug here, this is a great source for made-to-measure dual toned linen curtains, Angelpoise lamp.

You can see more pics and read a full interview over on herz und blut here.

You might also like to take a peek at a mid-century inspired Berlin home,  a Berlin home full of contrast and a calm Berlin home with a modern twist. So inspiring!

Oh and  something else you may find interesting (at least I did!) - this graphic maps out the top interior design trends for each US state, who knew?!

And finally, don't miss my sitting room refresh with Bemz tomorrow - am so excited to be sharing it with you!

Have a lovely day! 


  1. Wow I love those cealings and the carpentry work of windows and doors, simply fantastic.

  2. Love the wall hanging and the lived in worn look of this space- like an artist loft❤

  3. Those plaster ceilings are just gorgeous.

  4. I do like most of this, although the ceiling in the kitchen just look shabby (and not in a good way) to me.

  5. I also live in Berlin, the ceilings are one of the favourite parts of our apartment


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