New Interior Design Book: Modern Macramé

A new interior design book arrived on my desk this week and it's an absolute beauty! If you love the fine art of knotting and swoon-worthy boho interiors, you'll love Modern Macramé: 33 stylish projects for your handmade home* by Emily Katz. Not only does the tome include page after page of inspiring living spaces, it also offers a contemporary guide to the traditional art and craft of macramé. From wall hangings and plant hangers to lampshades, swings and even a tent (who knew?!), the book includes 33 achievable projects as well as ideas on how to incorporate the custom hand knotted pieces into your home. Time to get knotting!

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Just looking at these pictures alone, which include a wall hanging, plant hangers, a day bed and bath mat makes me feel there's no end to what you can achieve with a little rope!

Feeling inspired?! Pick up a copy of the book here*!

In case you're on the look out for more interior design books for your wall of books or coffee table, there are a ton more to choose from in this archive.

If you have any great book recommendations (interior design or simply great summer reads) I'd love to hear about them in the comment section below!

Have a lovely day!

PS Did you recognise the home of Malia Grace Mau in the third picture down? I featured their beautiful Topanga Canyon home a few months back.

Featured with kind permission from Modern Macramé: 33 stylish projects for your handmade home* by Emily Katz, copyright © 2018. Published by ten speed press, a division of penguin random house, inc. text and tutorial photographs © 2018 by Emily Katz; interior design photographs © 2018 by Nicole Franzen.

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My book - Modern Pastoral (sneak peek!)

Christmas has come early in my house.  After an entire year of shooting (with photographer James Gardiner) and writing, the first copy of my interiors book - Modern Pastoral has finally arrived! Although it doesn't launch until 11th February 2016 I couldn't wait to give you a sneak peak!   Modern Pastoral is published by CICO Books and features homes in Scandinavia and the US which embrace the pared-back lifestyle of living in the country. The homes take nature as the main point of inspiration - from exposed wood and rugged stone surfaces, to neutral textiles and rooms filled with light. They evoke an ideal, rural life adapted to modern living. Here's a sneak peek, I hope you like it!

These two photos were taken by My Scandinavian Home blog.
Finally having it in my hands is such an amazing feeling. When I look through it, it's like re-living the journey - from a day at a breathtaking house on top of a hill in Vermont to a cool cabin in the Catskill mountains and a pretty Danish summer cottage by the sea. I hope this book will inspire you to bring a touch of nature into your home too!

Thank you all for all your tremendous support without which I would never have had this opportunity! And to the generous homeowners who opened their doors to us and made us feel so welcome.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy please click the 'pre-order now' button in the top left of this blog page. If you would like a signed copy please send a mail to along with your order confirmation, I'd love to hear from you!

Modern Pastoral is published by CICO books and will launch on February 11th, 2016. 

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Interiors book: Chic Boutiquers at Home

I've been eagerly awaiting Ellie Tennant's book 'Chic Boutiquers at Home' - Interiors and expert advice from creative online sellers - having been featured in her first book, Design Bloggers at Home. And it finally arrived in the mail this week! The beautiful hardback book showcases the inspiring homes of creative forces behind fab online shops from around the globe including Le Souk, Ylva Skarp, and textile designer Maryanne Moodie - beautifully captured by James Gardiner. If you're thinking of opening your own shop you'll be excited to hear it also includes a chapter dedicated to advice on how to launch your own chic boutique! I'm so happy to be able to share one of the case studies from the book with you - the Copenhagen home of designer Kristina Dam - who Ellie describes as 'a master of refined, restrained design and a whizz at creating long-lasting pieces that would look good for lifetimes to come'. Let's take a peek....

Photos taken from Chic Boutiquers at Home by Ellie Tennant, photography by James Gardiner, published by Ryland Peters & Small.

You can pick up a copy of Chic Boutiquers at Home here.

PS I had the pleasure of shooting with James Gardiner earlier this year and he's so talented and has an amazing eye for detail.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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Fab new book: Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton

I'm often being asked to recommend interior books, which is why I'm so excited to be invited to participate in the blog tour for Maker Spaces by blogger, photographer, mother and maker Emily Quinton. Featuring creative interiors from the homes and studios of inspiring makers and designers, the book is totally up my street. Whenever I hear the words 'illustrator', 'artist', 'set designer' I pretty much know their home is going to be fab. And Emily has compiled a lorry load (13 to be precise) of beautiful homes, studios and ateliers of this kind in one place - Maker Spaces! Described as a 'visual feast of ideas for home styling and decor from inspiring makers and designers' the book covers everything from a super-trendy East London studio to a San Fancisco apartment. Here's a sneak peek.

Images taken from Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton, photography by Helen Cathcart, published by Ryland Peters & Small rrp £19.99

The book includes oodles of examples of incredible things the talented owners create, as well as gives ideas of how to re-create some of the details you see in your own home. We like!

See other interior design books I love here. And in case you missed them - a few Scandinavian maker spaces I have gathered here on My Scandinavian Home include the home of a Swedish designer, ceramicist and fashion designer. Oh so beautiful.

PS Don't forget to stop by over the weekend to enter my fab Easter give-away - I think you're going to love the prize!

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Beautifully Small - clever ideas for compact spaces

I love an interiors book. And I was especially excited to come across Beautifully Small styled and written by Sara Emslie. We all know how tricky it can be to decorate a small living space, and Beautifully Small is teeming with lovely interior images, each one illustrating clever tips and creative ideas on how to make a small living space both practical and beautiful. I had the pleasure of meeting the book's photographer Rachel Whiting when she came to shoot my home in Sweden for 'Design Bloggers at Home' last year and I can safely say she is as lovely as she is talented. Here's a sneak peek of Beautifully Small.

I think I might have to buy a few of my friends this for Christmas, what a great idea for a book?

Beautifully Small by Sara Emslie, photography by Rachel Whiting, published by Ryland Peters and Small rrp: 19.99 GBP.

Have a lovely day!

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Beatiful inspiration from The Stuff of Life

I'm often being asked to recommend fabulous interior design books and today I've added a new one to my list. The Stuff of Life by New York stylist Hilary Robertson is a beautifully illustrated tome dedicated to creative ways to style and display possessions in the home. Chapters include an intuitive and practical guide on how to arrange your items and stories told by real homes, such as that of Swede Josephine Ekström and Copenhagen based Charlotte Vadum shown below, beautifully captured by photographer Anna Williams. The Stuff of Life has pride of place on my (now beautifully arranged - ha!) coffee table.

The Stuff of Life by Hilary Robertson, Photography Anna Williams, Published by Ryland, Peters and Small

What a beautiful book, perfect for the coffee table don't you think? You should see the rest of the images - it's packed with stunning interior inspiration.

Are you a natural at creating vignettes or do you struggle to group things together? I think it's a real art and I'm improving daily thanks to all the wonderful inspiration around me. I actually even started a Pinterest board lately dedicated to grouping objects.

Here in Sweden it's a 'red day' which means a public holiday, the sun's shining (hello May!) and we're heading to my brother-in-law's summer cottage by the beach. Yay! Are you up to anything nice?

Have a lovely day and see you tomorrow for a fabulous Swedish home tour!

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The house gardener

I'm a big fan of indoor plants, not only  do they look beautiful but word has it they also help to purify air and relieve stress. Forget standard pots though. Indoor plants have had something of a make-over of late and terracotta planters have been replaced by terrarium pyramids, eclectic glass vessels and DIY plant hangers. I was so excited to discover the new book 'The House Gardener' by Isabelle Palmer which is packed with indoor gardening tips such as how to create your own terrarium, table centre or even a fairy-tale garden for children. Who needs the great outdoors?!

The House Gardener by Isabelle Palmer is published by CICO Books and is available from

Loving this indoor plant make-over, how about you?

I had a quick look around the internet and found these fab terrariums from Etsy. I also love this plant hanger and these very cool wall vessels by 1012 Terra. Or if you've got some free time over Easter how about this copper plant holder DIY project?!

I've hoarded tonnes more indoor plant inspiration on my 'Greenery' board on Pinterest too.

Have a lovely Tuesday! 

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design bloggers at home

Last Autumn I had a visit from the very lovely, talented English duo: stylist and writer Ellie Tennant and photographer Rachel Whiting. The photo-shoot and interview now appear in an exciting new book:  Design Bloggers at Home - fresh interiors from leading online trend-setters. The tome is a collection of 15 in-depth case studies of bloggers online realms, homes and styling ideas. It's available for pre-order from the publisher Ryland Peters & Small and will be on the shelves from 10th April. Eeeeee, so exciting! Here's a sneek peek of the book and some of the images they took of my home. I hope you like them!

My Scandinavian Home, Shoot stylist Ellie Tennant, Photographer: Rachel Whiting. Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small
You can read more about the book here.

I must say I've been pretty nervous about seeing my home in print but now that I've seen the book I'm thrilled with the result and so incredibly proud to be a part of Ellie's first book and in the company of so many wonderful, inspiring bloggers!

Thank you all for following my blog and all your invaluable support, without you I would never have been included.

Design Bloggers at Home by Ellie Tennant (photography by Rachel Whiting) is published by Ryland Peters & Small and is available to pre-order from

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