A Swedish Apartment with a Mid-Century Vibe

It's so important to decorate your home in a way that feels just right for you (and your family). However, if you get stuck on something - like which dining chairs or overhead light to choose, it's helpful to look at the architecture and the period in which your dwelling was built. Case in point: my Mother lives in a house that was built in the 1960s and designed by a well-known architect and struggled to find a light to hang over the dining table. So I suggested the Gubi semi-pendant which was also designed in the 60s. And we were thrilled to find it worked perfectly! 

This Stockholm apartment is situated on the 3rd floor of a block that was originally built in the late 19th century. However, it went through a major renovation in 1939 - during the posgt first world war I 'funkis' period. A Swedish abbreviation for 'functionalism', 'funkis' architecture is designed purely for purpose and function.  The owners have stayed loyal to the funkis style and given the interior a mid-century vibe. The kitchen is also in the origional 'funkis' style (save for the range oven of course!). 

I love that this home is a little different from the ones I've been showing lately, I hope it fills you with inspiration! 

It's nice to see a children's desk with a monitor (usually this angle is skipped out!). It looks as though the entire desk set-up (tabletop, drawers and trolley) are all from IKEA. I love the box at the end of the bid which is used to store games. 

When was your home built and have you decorated it according to this period? Our house was built in 2001 so there wasn't so much to go on! 

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Have a happy Friday and great weekend! 


PS written slightly in haste since I got almost zero hours sleep in the night, do you ever have nights like that? You feel like you're the only one in the world awake! Gaaaah! 

Photography courtesy of Historiska Hem with thanks. 

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