A Beautiful Stockholm Pad In Calming Green and Grey Tones

Why, hello there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I'm not sure what's happened to the Swedish summer - it seems to have disappeared!! We've all retreated from the bathing platforms back into our homes and spending summer holiday days (it's not unusual to take up to 4 weeks off and 'staycate' here) cooking, reading and meeting friends for a 'fika' (coffee and a cake) - which, thinking about it, doesn't sound so bad! Some of my friends have actually shut down their summer cottages for the week and reappeared in the city. In honour of the occasion, I thought it would be nice to share a beautiful, calm turn-of-the-century Stockholm apartment with you! Located a stone's throw from Mariatorget ('Maria Square') in the relaxed Södermalm district, Emilie and Fredrik Camén have decorated their living space in calming, earthy tones of green and grey. I particularly love the kitchen, it may be small, but it makes up for it in style and ceiling height! Enjoy the tour! 

What a difference the William Morris wallpaper makes in the hallway! I love the way it matches the kitchen cabinets.

Is there anything that stands out to you about this home?

Incidentally, the word on the street is that Emilie and Fredrick have since moved - and their new place has also been captured by Jonas Gustavsson and Charlotte Frey Svidén. I can't wait to share their new home with you next week - keep your eyes peeled! 

In the meantime, do you fancy taking a nose around a few other Stockholm homes today? 

Wishing you a great start to the week! Hope you're having better weather than us! 


Photography: Jonas Gustavsson
Shared with kind permission. 

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Cool Colour Ideas From The Home Of A Swedish Set Designer

Hump day (nope, still not used to that term!), calls for something that little extra special, don't you think? After all, we still have two whole days until the weekend and need something to dream about! Today 'special' comes in the form of the wonderful world of Swedish interior stylist and set designer Emma Wallmén. Emma, her fiancé Magnus and their two children Alba and Edith live in an apartment in Kärrtorp, Stockholm. I love the uniqueness of their home - from funky design chairs, cool lamps and handmade features to the fab use of colour. Think pink, green and sand hues applied to walls, curtains, furniture radiators and bed headboards. Not only does the colour create a wonderful thread throughout the home, it also helps to create an entirely personal living space! Welcome to Emma's world! 

I haven't seen kitchen cabinets like these before, have you? The cabinet fronts and drawers are from Pickyliving (who make cool designer fronts for IKEA kitchens) - and Emma has applied valchromat to the fronts and worktop. 

Check out the radiator which has been painted in Card Room Green by Farrow & Ball to match the bedroom. Such a lovely idea! 

A kitchen nook is always a good idea in a small space, don't you think? 

Emma has added a Flos Parentesi Suspension lamp* and a simple set of IKEA shelves to the corner of the kitchen - which is perfect for small, pretty items that deserve to be on display! 

The sitting room walls have been painted in Cashmere by Jotun. But the real showstopper is the fabulous Etcetera armchair by Jan Ekselius. Incredible piece! I've got a feeling Alba and Edith fight over who gets to sit there (my girls certainly would!). 

The bedroom wall and (hand built) shelving has been painted in soothing Card Room Green by Farrow & Ball while some has also been left in plain wood to emphasise the 'sleep zone'.  

Wow, I'm feeling so inspired by this home - especially the use of colour and all the different lamps (look closely and you'll spot so many in all different shapes and sizes!). 

Was there anything in particular that stood out to you about Emma's home?

Take a peek at more corners over at @emmawallmen.

Ha det fin! 


Photography: Emma Wallmén
This post contains a few affiliate links which are marked with *

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Step Inside Maiju's Delightful Home in Vaasa, Finland

I once visited Helsinki in November and was greeted with a sign that said "Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November. Except you, you badass. Welcome". It's since been hailed as one of the greatest tourism posters ever made! With temperatures hovering around 3 - 4 degrees Celsius in Helsinki this week, they certainly have a point. But there's also a certain beauty to Finland in wintertime, especially if you travel a little further afield. Maiju Saha, husband Janne and three children Paavo (12), Aina (7) and Theo (3) moved to a house in Vaasa on the south west coast of Finland two years ago. Dating back to 1941, Maiju has transformed the house into a beautiful oasis with deep green, blue and grey accents, while ensuring the original features remain intact. The result is a calm, cosy home and a perfect base from which to explore the city, nearby Kvarken archipelago and forests as well as experience the Northern Lights! 

I love this window nook; it looks so cosy and is a great way to capitalise on extra space so that the dining area doesn't take up too much space. The beautiful lamp over the table is a le Klint

Maiju designed the kitchen herself and got it built by a local carpenter. The cabinets have been painted in NCS S7005-G20Y and the walls in Tikkurila 'Merino'. 

The dining area has been painted in Jotun 'Tidløs'. The table is from Finnish firm Peltola Oy and the chairs are a mix of Ton Banana chairs and the Nattavaara chair from Jotex (which only appear to be available in black now). 

But my eyes are on that daybed (which Maiju built herself) - what a perfect little spot to chill! 

Source a similar vintage rattan side table here* (I love this plant stand* but since it's vintage, there's only one. Hurry if you're keen!)

Maiju has painted the living room in Farrow & Ball 'Old White' and used neutral accents and a large rattan rug (this one is similar) which adds a load of depth and texture to the space. 

The pretty wallpaper in the stairwell is Arbutus Woad 7 Russet by William Morris

If you are as taken by Maiju's lovely home as much as I am,  you might want to follow her delightful instagram @maiju_saw and blog Maiju Saw. Her DIY and ikea hacks are great (can you spot the ikea hack in this tour? You'll find the answer and step by step here - it's translated into English at the bottom of the post). 

It'd be rude not to share a few other Finnish home tours with you today:

This post has really got me in the mood for a trip to Finland, I hope an opportunity crops up soon! Have you ever been? 

Hauskaa päivan jatkoa! (I hope this means 'have a nice day' in Finnish!). 


Photography: Maiju Saha, shared with kind permission

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In Copenhagen, An Enchanting Home In Shades of Soft Sea-Green

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? There's something about the relaxed vibe and their love of all things hygge which makes me feel immediately at ease. It's been a while since I've been, so today I thought we'd take a peek behind a facade in the leafy area of Fredriksberg. Danish interior stylist, brand and visual storyteller, Sedsel Roug lives in a beautiful 145 m2 (1560,77 feet) ground-floor apartment with her Colombian husband Louis Carlos and three children Isabel (8), Luis (3) and Gabriel (3). The space has all the characteristics of a late 19th century apartment - including original wood floors, towering ceilings and large windows which let in soft pools of light. The harmonious feeling is accentuated by Sedsel's love for pale sea-green walls, fabulous vintage and antique finds and lots of art. I caught up with Sedsel to find out more. 

Your apartment has beautiful bones - can you tell us a little more about the history of it?
It's an old apartment dating back to 1860 with original wood floors and a ceiling height of 3.10 metres! 

How would you describe your style?
I like that my home is an experience and that one gets surprised from the blend of styles. I like to decorate with vintage pieces and art and mix all kinds of materials and shapes. I am particularly passionate about marble, brass and velour. 

"My favourite item of furniture is the Romeo Reha brass shelf from Italy, which I found at caution many years ago. It's timeless and like a work of art."

Would you say your home is typically Danish? 
My home is inspired by many different styles and countries. I have lived abroad (Brussels, Plymouth and New York for eight years) and love to travel to South Europe where I find inspiration for furniture and art. I also love to mix Danish design with wood details. 

What inspired your colour scheme? 
I'm very inspired by flowers and art. I mix all the wall colours until I feel inspired by the colour. I tend to go towards shades of green-grey / light sea green which has been made up using a blend of paint leftovers!

The tones are beautiful! Can you advise on similar colour codes?
Colour codes 3495, 4491 and 4502 from Flügger are similar to the walls in my home. 

Where do you source items for your home? 
I have bought many items at auction in Germany and Italy. Actually, most of my furniture and accessories are vintage. I also adore upcoming artists and collect ceramics and art prints. 

Any favourite artists? 

Finally, what do you love most about your home? 
I love how my home is constantly changing (I like to move furniture around!). I also love the light - there's not much natural light as it is a ground floor apartment - but the light that does come in is peaceful and enchanting. 

So lovely! There's something enchanting about Sedsel's apartment, don't you think? I particularly  love the sea green palette combined with wood furniture. 

Is there anything that stood out to you?

Wanna see a little more? Take a peek at @sedselroug

In case you're curious about where some of the items are from (I know I was), here's a round-up:

Get the look from Sedsel's home

1. Bycdesign Mid Collection 08*
2. Ikea STOCKHOLM 2017 Cabinet
3. Hein Studio Ostrea ROCK Glass Vase
4. Afteroom Plus dining chair City Velvet*
5. The E1027 Collection No 05
6. H&M Cotton Satin Duvet Cover*
7. Hein Studio The wise man 01*
8. Skagerak Georg dining table
9. Bolia Lady Armchair
10. New Works Kizu Table Lamp

What amazing pieces! Time to go vintage bargain hunting...

Meet you at the antique market?


Photography: Sedsel Roug, shared with kind permission. 

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A Beautiful, Relaxed Home in Shades of Moss Green, White and Brown - Designed by Christine of @_forthehome

Long before they were married, Christine (AKA @_forthehome) and Shawn would find themselves spending their weekends decorating Shawn's teeny tiny starter home in Old Brooklyn, Cleveland, Ohio. It wasn't a planned thing, they would simply suddenly find they had paint brushes in their hands or were roaming a flea market or spending the day renovating an entire room! Fast forward several years and the duo have several renovations under their belt as well as a wonderful home full of treasured finds and an entire nursery of plants. Did I mention that they also have seven pets?! Welcome to the wonderful moss green, white, beige and brown world of Christine and Shawn! 

Christine spent a day painting the fireplace (AKA known as 'Mama'!) in a blend of greenblack and urbane bronze paint from Sherwin Williams. Love the results - and love the idea of putting my mind to a project and just getting it done - I've got SO many projects I keep putting off at home, how about you?! 

The Abstract 835* print is similar. 

We have the same rubber tree plant in our house - it was originally Per's grandfathers. I tell you - that thing can survive anything, and it grows so fast! It looks really pretty in the corner of this room!

Tiles from Daltile, cabinet from Arhaus

I'm currently working on a project with Velux and it's taught me so much about skylights and how they can completely transform a space. Look how they flood the bedroom with light! Do you have any in your home? 

There's a chance this picture is from Shawn and Christine's previous home, but I couldn't resist including it anyway as that mirror is absolutely beautiful! Little wonder it went completely viral on instagram! I've just seen it's on sale right now too - will someone snap it up on my behalf?! 

Such a cosy home! And it's really inspired me to get going on my own home. Hmmm. Where to start?!

See more pictures from Shawn and Christine's wonderful home and follow their latest styling projects on instagram (@_forthehome) and their blog

While in Ohio - how about also checking out:

I'm at home with Allie today as she's not feeling very well, poor thing! We're under a big blanket and it's raining outside  - I'm typing  - and she's watching her favourite YouTubers (do your kids only watch YouTube these days too?). Not very high brow, but kind of cosy for a Tuesday in sick bay!

Ha det fint! 


Photography courtesy of @_forthehome and - shared with kind permission.
*Affiliate links

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