A Beautiful, Relaxed Home in Shades of Moss Green, White and Brown - Designed by Christine of @_forthehome

Long before they were married, Christine (AKA @_forthehome) and Shawn would find themselves spending their weekends decorating Shawn's teeny tiny starter home in Old Brooklyn, Cleveland, Ohio. It wasn't a planned thing, they would simply suddenly find they had paint brushes in their hands or were roaming a flea market or spending the day renovating an entire room! Fast forward several years and the duo have several renovations under their belt as well as a wonderful home full of treasured finds and an entire nursery of plants. Did I mention that they also have seven pets?! Welcome to the wonderful moss green, white, beige and brown world of Christine and Shawn! 

Christine spent a day painting the fireplace (AKA known as 'Mama'!) in a blend of greenblack and urbane bronze paint from Sherwin Williams. Love the results - and love the idea of putting my mind to a project and just getting it done - I've got SO many projects I keep putting off at home, how about you?! 

The Abstract 835* print is similar. 

We have the same rubber tree plant in our house - it was originally Per's grandfathers. I tell you - that thing can survive anything, and it grows so fast! It looks really pretty in the corner of this room!

Tiles from Daltile, cabinet from Arhaus

I'm currently working on a project with Velux and it's taught me so much about skylights and how they can completely transform a space. Look how they flood the bedroom with light! Do you have any in your home? 

There's a chance this picture is from Shawn and Christine's previous home, but I couldn't resist including it anyway as that mirror is absolutely beautiful! Little wonder it went completely viral on instagram! I've just seen it's on sale right now too - will someone snap it up on my behalf?! 

Such a cosy home! And it's really inspired me to get going on my own home. Hmmm. Where to start?!

See more pictures from Shawn and Christine's wonderful home and follow their latest styling projects on instagram (@_forthehome) and their blog

While in Ohio - how about also checking out:

I'm at home with Allie today as she's not feeling very well, poor thing! We're under a big blanket and it's raining outside  - I'm typing  - and she's watching her favourite YouTubers (do your kids only watch YouTube these days too?). Not very high brow, but kind of cosy for a Tuesday in sick bay!

Ha det fint! 


Photography courtesy of @_forthehome and - shared with kind permission.
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10 Beautifully Simple Ideas To Steal From A Swedish Kitchen

We all know kitchens make for an expensive re-model - and sometimes there's simply not much wrong with them other than they're not entirely to our taste down to the last details. When we moved into our house the kitchen was in many senses perfect - it was simple, had lots of storage and decorated in white and wood. Not much to complain about it really. Except I'd have done it slightly differently (#husbandofinstagram rolls eyes!!). Do you feel the same about yours? The good thing is, I've learned there's plenty we can do to update the 'engine room of the house' without spending an arm and a leg - and this pretty green and white kitchen in Gothenburg, Sweden is a fine example of this (FYI the home is for sale - so rather than steal, you could always upsticks and adopt this very kitchen - tempting, huh?!). Otherwise, here goes:

1. Throw in a free-standing island: Sometimes the work surfaces in a kitchen just aren't enough - and that's where a stand alone kitchen island comes in. We actually added one to our own kitchen and it created a whole other dimension to the amount of surface space (incidentally, half of it's currently taken up by piles of post - but still...). This industrial one is a hacked version of the RIMSFORSA from IKEA (they've swapped the bamboo for marble which I think works really well!).

2. Add an accent colour: if there's an area of your kitchen you can paint, why not give it a lick of colour in a pretty, muted tone like this pale green? It will add another dimension to the space.

3. Update the door handles: swapping out the door handles for something different, like these leather pulls is really simple to do and can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel. You can buy similar here and here* or even make them yourselves out of leather belts or even reindeer reigns (sounds extreme - *loughs out loud* - but I actually photographed a home in Norway for The Scandinavian Home and the owner had done just this - you can take a peek at the mountain cabin here!).

4: Exchange the tap:  Swapping out a dull tap for something more in tune with the style you're looking for is a great way to add a personal touch. Go sleek and contemporary or vintage for a budget friendly option. Think about balancing the look of the new material - for example if you add a brass tap, you might want to also add a few brass lights to ensure a more complete look.

5. Speaking of lights: go wild and add a statement light to bring the look up to date. I'm loving the brass wall sconces in this kitchen (does anyone know where they're from?  It's important to remember that good lighting in the kitchen is vital (lights are lovely and all, but not worth losing a thumb over!!) so think about how much light is needed for various tasks.

6. Be a fan the fan: There are so many nice extractor fans on the market - by swapping the one you currently have for something a bit cooler can create a great statement and focal point.OK, this is not necessarily budget option, but it is cheaper than ripping out the whole kitchen (is that cheating?!).

7. Squeeze in a work space: I was reading an interview with Martha Lane Fox (of fame) where she talked about how she would control her children's use of screens by only allowing them access to a computer in the kitchen. This work space doesn't take up a lot of space but certainly does the job. Frama CPH and Elfa sell similar.

8. Go for contrast with curtains in a darker shade: Not perfect linen sells made to measure charcoal drapes* like these).

9. Get comfy: If you have the space a sofa turns the kitchen into a relaxed sociable area.

10. Get those tunes going: Something that struck me on a recent visit to Naja Munthe's Danish holiday home (again, for The Scandinavian Home book) - apart from the sea view obvs - was the amazing sound system. There was something so luxurious about bopping about the living space with amazing surround sound. I'm loving the design element of the Libratone Loop Speaker seen in the window in this space too (thank you for the tip on model and brand Rita!)

Oh and plants. Obviously!

Perhaps you've got a load of things to add to this list  - if so I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

If you're curious about the rest of the home - you can see the full tour and snap it up over at Entrance

Other kitchens I love include this calm, neutral space and a beautiful blue Swedish family kitchen.

Have a great day!


Photography by Anders Bergstedt for Entrance

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A Calm Swedish Family Home Built in the 1920's

Hej hej! Hur mår du idag? We're still basking in heat in Sweden which is unheard of for May. It's made me very grateful that our house is a little on the dark side: it feels so nice and cool (the ice cold mojito's help too of course!). Perhaps that's why I was also drawn to the 1920's home of Emelie Sundberg today. Emelie, her husband and two children Noah (4) and Ellie (1) and dog Charlie (see if you can spot him having a snooze!) live in the suburbs of Stockholm. The beautiful interior is awash with cool, calm greys and greens and dotted with plants, fresh cut flowers and a blend of warm textures. Enjoy!

Who needs a bath when a farmhouse sink will do just fine? Such a cute picture! Love the plant in the window too (see my guide to hanging plants here and indoor climbers here).

"What is most important to me when it comes to creating a family home is to make it simple, cosy and practical. For me, it's important everything has its own place and that it is easy to clean up. But it must also be personal and inviting." 

I've got the same Z1 pendant light in my sitting room  and I love it in the evenings. It lets of a lovely warm glow.  I also spy a Milk Table Lamp on the windowsill!

"I would describe my style has Scandinavian, simple and with a lot of natural materials such as wood, linen and stone. I love to mix design classics with antique and inherited furniture."

Emelie has embraced the original features of the 1920's house and opted for more of a traditional library feel in the office which she has furnished it with a desk from IKEA and an Eames chair. 

"What I love most about our home is the preserved original details from 1925. I also fell in love with the open floor plan."

The rust coloured linen bedding adds a subtle shot of colour to the bedroom and looks great with the green-grey wall.

There's so much to love about Noah's room including the wall colour (from Beckers) and matching curtains, Garbo&Friends bedding, Pink garland and belly basket.

Aaaaah, so lovely - it's such a picture of serenity.

Did you spot the doggy?!

Are there any ideas you're looking to steal? 

You can see more of Emelie's home on her blog and instagram.

My daughter's just got home so we're heading down to the sea for a swim now (you might here the sizzle from there!).

Have a lovely evening!

PS Looking for something with bright colours? You'll love the Swedish home of Elsa Billgren and a home with black floors and vibrant hues!

Photography: Emelie Sundberg

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Green and Pink Accents in a Beautiful Swedish Family Home

Hi de hi campers! I'm on a roll this morning (finally) having ticked off loads from my to do list (check me out!) - it was a long time coming though as this sunny weather has thrown me off my game completely lately! And now for the fun part of my day - writing about today's home tour. And this one comes in the shape of a beautiful Swedish family home in in Bagarmossen in the outskirts of Stockholm. Janniche Kristoffersen the blogger behind Bloggaibagis) and her husband Johan have been renovating their 1950's house over the space of six years and recently moved back in after installing (a fabulous) new kitchen. The home is a vision in white, green and dusty rose accents - and a true calm, oasis for the Janniche, Johan, daughter Rio and son Otis. Välkommen!

The kitchen cabinets are from Skandinaviska Shakerkök (excited to see they have a showroom in Malmö!) and the countertop is from House of Design Sweden. The walls have been painted in EN.02.84 from Nordsjö.

Mix of Thonet (buy similar here) and vintage chairs,  Resting Feet print by Rosie Pike for Paper Collective. 

Eames RAR rocker (and budget version!), gotland sheepskin throw, and Formakami pendant light.  

 Söderhamn sofa, Pyramid blanket, washed linen cushion cover (striped)

Collection of  Dots by Muuto, Sinnerlig lamp, white linen bed skirt

 Cushion made from Water Lilies fabric from Fine Little Day, Hay crinkle plaid throw, wall painted in L8.04.50 from Nordsjö.

Pendant lamp from Afroart, Skådis peg board, le sac en papier, source a similar Beni Ourain here.  Postcard / print by Emily Winfield Martin, wall painted in HoP greige from Nordsjö.  

Sailor Poster, source a similar vintage wicker chair here, the wall is painted in Dusky Paris from Nordsjö. 

Prettiest door painted in D6.07.77 from Nordsjö

Well, I think I might be just about ready to move in. How about you?! 

Isn't this the loveliest of homes?! Janniche's style looks so effortless (even though there's no doubt a lot of thought and hard work behind every space.). I particularly love the wall colours in each of the bedrooms.

Is there anything you love in particular?

Follow Janniche's renovations and see what they get up to next over on Bloggaibagis and Instagram!

More homes with touches of green and pink include my friend Tina's beautiful house (can you tell she's a colour expert?!), a Berlin home of many colours and OK, not green and pink specifically - but I just discovered this long lost home of a French photographer and stylist in the archives and I feel it deserves to be uncovered so we can all appreciate it once again. Besides, I'm sure there's some pink and green in there somewhere. Isn't it incredible?!

Have a lovely day!


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