Could You Be The Next Owner of This Idyllic Swedish Country Estate?

Rumour has it this summer every single Swedish summer cottage was sold - even little shacks surrounded by forest in the middle of nowhere that have been on the market for years. During the pandemic it seems, Swedes have fallen even more in love with the idea of somewhere to escape and koppla av (relax) surrounded by nature nearer to home. The latest house to come on the market is this idyllic estate in the fairy tale region of Sörmland, South west of Stockholm. It's owned by landscape architect and interior designer Kristina Dexter and her husband Karl, a carpenter (who's former home I featured here).

The turn-of-the-century property is made up of a farmhouse, large party barn, carpentry workshop and guesthouse surrounded by orchards, vegetable patches and flower gardens making it perfect as a year-round residence, or somewhere for extended families to gather in summertime. 

Oh, and did I mention the main house has been renovated to perfection? Yep, Kristina and Karl have worked hard to maintain many of the original details and recreate the typical character and charm of the house while adding their signature deep blue accents and wallpaper! 

Could you be the next owner?


And at the time of going to press, it's still on the market! I wonder who'll be the lucky person to snap it up? If it's you, can I come to your first barn party?! 

You can find more details about the property here. 

Looking to recreate Scandinavian country home style at home? Here are a few other homes I love: 

Ha en bra dag!


Photography: Kristina Dexner

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A Soothing Swedish Home In Shades of Green and Grey

Hej there vänner! I have to admit, I hit a bit of January bump on Saturday and felt so fed up with the relentless grey, cold, dark days (cue very grumpy wife and Mum!). And then - just when we needed it most, the sun came out and we were treated to a diamond of a day - PHEW! Spirits revived and feeling like I can do these winter months after all, I thought I'd kick off the week with a beautiful Swedish home. Formerly owned by Lovisa Kvist, it went on the market a few months back and was, understandably, snapped up within a matter of days (you've got to be quick over here!). Lovisa and her partner have furnished the home with some beautiful design pieces against a soothing backdrop of green, grey and the palest of pinks. Ready for the tour?  

Formakami pendant lamp*

This cane harbour bed* is similar. I've never seen this lamp before and am curious to know whether it's a DIY hack with a mosquito net? If so - what a fabulous idea!! Now that I've written this, I really hope it's not an eye-wateringly expensive designer lamp or I'll have caused major offence - eeeek! Please do chip in in the comment section if you know anything about it! 

Update: I received a lovely message from owner Lovisa who confirmed that she did indeed make this lamp using a mosquito net. In fact, she used two for extra fluffiness - which she bought from IKEA along with the pendant lamp inside. The bedroom wall has been painted in Thyme from Jotun. 

 Large shell pot*

So beautiful! 

I love the bathroom, it has a touch of old school glamour. My guess is that the curtain hides a washing machine - clever solution, don't you think? In the UK people tend to have their washing machines in the kitchen but in Sweden they are either housed in a communal area known as a 'tvättstuga' which you sign up to use each week, or people put them in their bathrooms. How's it done in your country?

Did you spot the cheeky picture in the bathroom, too?! 

Here are a few other tours which I think will help get your week off to a great start:

Ha det fint! 


Photography: Alen Cordic, Styling Emma Fischer. Sold through Bjurfors

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11 Inspiring Autumn Updates To Steal From A Hyggelige Danish Home

When everyone else zigs, zag. That is exactly what Sus of lifestyle blog Sus Living has done in her cosy,  eclectic home in Copenhagen. Sharing the house with husband Daniel and daughters Noelle and Noami, Sus tells me "my style has been influenced by everything and everywhere: outdoor terraces, old houses, people's outfits. I see things I like and try to put it together in a new way in my home." The white, blue or light grey tones we often see in Danish homes have been shunned in favour of cushions, blankets, curtains and candles in rusty red, maroon, burgundy and ochre. The look is cosy, rustic, and bohemian with a wonderful exotic touch. The home is beautiful all year round but comes into its own in the autumn when the leaves turn a fiery red outside. If you're looking for ways to update your home for the new season, here are a few ideas (big and small!). 

1. Dried flowers: fresh flowers may be fading along with the summer sun but hold onto them and they'll become golden displays which will last all winter long!

2.  Fill your home with the fragrances of the season: roll up your sleeves and enjoy an afternoon in the kitchen making scrummy comfort foods such as pumpkin soup and homemade Danish pastry (a little trivia for you - Danes call them 'Vienna pastries', I always think that's so funny, like no one wants to own up to them!)  - not only will they fill your home with a delicious fragrance, you get to stay out of the cold and tuck in! 

3. Curl up in a deep sofa in soft autumn colours: The Mr Big sofa from Bolia is amazingly deep (I know, my friend has one and I often get stuck there for hours - nothing to do with the wine, honest!). Sus has covered her Mr Big in a beautiful golden ochre velvet which is perfect for autumn! Now, I'm not suggesting you go out and buy a new sofa especially for autumn - but you can easily update the one you have with blankets and cushions in burgundy and ochre  - or if you'd like to go a step further and happen to have an IKEA sofa, try Bemz who do a similar cover in velvet which you can slip on over your existing one! 

4. Bring in autumn colours: obviously a wall in rich rust red or muted brown shades is nice to have, but again,  re-painting walls each season might not be very practical, even if these colours are bang on trend right now (and I have to say,  I do love my 'blushing peach' bedroom wall - it works well all year round!). But how about adding a load of accessories? "Darker shades can be included by using cushions, blankets, candles and ceramics," suggests Sus. 

5. Create a cosy nook that feels like you're outdoors: as the temperature drops outside it's natural to start to withdraw indoors (by the time it gets to January in Sweden I have to be pretty much dragged kicking and screaming to the front door!). Why not create a cosy nook in the window like this one in Sus's house where you can relax and soak up the autumn sunshine from the comfort of your home?!

6. Coloured candles: where would a Scandinavian home tour be without candles? And at this time of the year they really come into their own. Candles in rich autumn colours placed in vintage brass candleholders* are perfect for dialling up the hygge! 

7. Turn your bed into a cosy cocoon: With the days slowly getting shorter it's so nice to snuggle up in bed and feel all toasty under the covers, don't you think? Sus has updated her bed with brown linen bedding (source similar here*) and a canopy for a super cosy sleep! 

8. Create a 'bed den' for your kids! I love Sus's idea of stretching a canopy (this one is similar) over twin beds so little ones can natter away into the night feeling all snug! 

9. Get your bathroom autumn ready! It might be the British in me, but I do love a bath when it's cold outside, how about you? This wooden bath is the stuff of dreams! But I also like that Sus has stocked up on some lovely accessories to be able to fully indulge the season! 

10. Get gowned up! Linen dressing gowns are all well and good but when it gets a little colder, how nice is it to slip into a fluffy robe and even fluffier slippers? And when they're not in use they'll ramp up the hygge feel in your bathroom too! After sunset, I love placing a candle by the sink too! 

Speaking of which, how fab is that zinc bucket sink?

11. Update your backyard / balcony: The plants and flowers might be slowly fading but the leaves will reward us with a final display of fiery reds, orange and yellows. Don your favourite chunky knit sweater and head out into the autumn sunlight. Simple cushions in this season's tones and string lights will give your balcony / backyard a lovely, warm glow that will last until spring!

I hope Sus's wonderful house has given you a few ideas for your own home!

You can see more pics over on her fab instagram and lifestyle blog Sus Living.  

It would be rude not to share a few other autumn links for the weekend too, don't you think?

How do you like to update your home for Autumn? If you've got any simple tips, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below. 

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!


Photography: Sus Living shared with kind permission

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In Sweden, Singing the Mid Blues In An Urban Apartment

I've been noticing mid blue is on the rise in homes in Scandinavia, and the good news is, its way easier to pull off than it's even darker cousins. This one-bedroom apartment in Gothenburg has been painted in Blåis by Jotun Lady, with touches of bright white for contrast, as well as subtle brown and beige accents. Look closely and you'll also spot many of the lovely original 1920s details, such as high ceilings, parquet flooring and a glass panel door. All in all, a truly lovely home, just waiting for someone to move in and make it their own! Gothenburg anyone?

The cabinet fronts have been spray painted in the same deep Blåis - Jotun Lady hue as the walls and for a cohesive, contemporary look.

Try The Poster Club* for similar prints and frames (ships worldwide), Mirage blanket.

What do you think? Tempted to go over to the dark side, even if it's just the one wall?! 

I love how this blue appears darker or lighter depending on how the light hits it. I actually thought each room was painted in a different colour at first glance, but Bon Interior assure me it's all one tone! 

In case you need a little more persuasion, here are some other lovely Scandinavian homes in dramatic, dark tones: 

Or you could just snap up this apartment (it's for sale!). 

I'm off to take it easy after a very long day on set yesterday. It all went well though and I can't wait to share the results with you in October. Phew!

Do you have any fun plans for today? 


Photography: Alen Cordic
Styling: Bon Interior
For: Bjurfors
*Affiliate links

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