An Artist's Cottage, Atelier and Gallery by the Sea in Cornwall

Usually we go to visit family in England at Easter, but this time sadly we didn't have the time. Often when we go, we pay a trip to Cornwall in the southwest, where some of my ancestors are from and my sister has a beautiful house (they rent it out too - more details here, in case you're a budding surfer or simply love beach life and coastal walks!). 

The rugged coastal nature and quality of the light has been a draw for artists since the early 19th century.  
And it must be with a very heavy heart that the landscape painter has decided to sell her home (found via Nordroom today!), atelier and gallery in nearby Padstow. You can tell that so much love has gone into the decor - with it's white washed walls, pillars and beams, arched doorways and lovely antique furniture. And the stepped garden is lovely too! A perfect coastal sanctuary in which to inspire creativity. 

The coastal vibe is accentuated with subtle details such as a pendant light made from a ships horn!

A wood burning stove in the centre of the room is made from a repurposed spun steel trawler net bobbin.  

Shells and other beach combing finds have been displayed in bell jars. Art decorates the walls in every room.

The  reclaimed doors have gothic and Georgian elements. 

Notice how treasures have been displayed in a glass cabinet built into the side of the stairs. I love this idea! 

Books shelves are laden with white tomes. Look closely and you'll see they are all labelled. I am wondering if they could be catalogues from galleries? My mum has a ton of these too. It could also be that the owner has taken time to cover the books to preserve the original jacket, before labelling them. Or a blend of the two. 

Upstairs, a subtle blue wall helps to connect the home with it's coastal location. 

An atelier on the top floor serves as a perfect place to sit and paint in quiet. 

The garden has views over the camel estuary, and this seat offers an ideal perch to sit and watch the town go about it's business along with passing gulls. I see it's already occupied! 

The front of the house is perfectly positioned to be a shop or gallery. 

What an amazing opportunity to fulfil a dream of living in Cornwall and start a gallery! More details here in case you're feeling inspired! 

My Mother would love this house - I must send her the link straight away. She used to work in the art world and wherever we go, she pops into galleries looking for paintings. Needless to say, Cornwall is one of her favourite haunts! 

If you're planning on visiting England - do try to visit the Southwest. It's full of pretty coastal villages like this one. Last summer my family and I went on a day trip to St Ives - home of the Tate and Barbara Hepworth museum and sculpture garden, which I absolutely loved! 

Would you like to see other homes by the sea today? 

And so many more in the coastal archive! 

Altogether now: 'Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside, Oh I do like to be beside the seaaaaaa!'

On a final note, I seem to have got a little out of sink with my posting days - the next post will be on Friday and after that, I'll be back to my usual Mon - Wed - Fri routine! Thank you so much for following along! 


Photography courtesy of Inigo with thanks. 

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Surfs Up At A Boho Studio And Holiday Home Hideaway

How wonderful would it be to work for a few hours and then head out for a surf? That's exactly the set-up Dee Kawai Tang has created at Kawai Heart Studio! Located on the wild coast of Australia on the edge of Fremantle, the atelier was hand built in the 90's using recycled materials and has been lovingly converted into a light-filled photo studio and guest cabin - a few hundred metres from the sea. The family also rent out Lady California Bungalow a beautiful art-deco style property filled with natural light and birdsong. Here are a few snapshots of the two spaces. I could just imagine heading here to write a book (I've always loved the idea of a writer's cabin!), chill or simply head to the nearby beach - how about you? Oh and, please tread quietly - sleeping baby alert! 

How incredible! This relaxed style is right up my street. I'm pretty sure I could find a great rhythm of sleep, work, surf... how about you? 

See more of Kawa Heart Studio and take a peek inside Dee's own home over at @kawa_heart_studio

For more workspace / atelier inspiration check out:

Speaking of holiday home rentals, I'd be so happy if you could take the time to fill in this very quick questionnaire for me. It's a business idea I am thinking about developing and I'd absolutely love to get your thoughts if you have the time. You can find the survey here

Wishing you a lovely day!


Photography courtesy of @kawa_heart_studio found via SF Girl By Bay with thanks. 

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In Malmö, An Artist's Home and Atelier In A Converted Workshop

Do you keep an eye out for homes for sale in your area, even if you're not looking to move? I love to obsess over the pages of Hemnet (Sweden's estate agent directory). Obviously, it's all in the name of work. OK, who am I kidding? It's like a glossy interior mag! But it also provides a rare and wonderful opportunity to peek behind the facade of properties you've walked past a hundreds times. And maybe, just maybe you'll stumble across the home of your dreams! This weekend, I discovered this artist's residence behind a discreet gate, inside a leafy courtyard in the Triangeln area of Malmö. It's a part of town I walk around regularly, but I've never even noticed the gate! Laid out over three levels, the old converted carpentry workshop features whitewashed brick walls, tall windows and rustic wood floors interspersed with soft-cut concrete. The charming house has been enjoyed by an artist and furry friend for many years, and now it's time for someone else to take the baton! Could it be you? Or me?! Or perhaps we could all go in together?!

Kind of magical, don't you think? I love how Nordic minimalism and industrial rawness come together. 

And boy, could you have some great parties in this place! 

The property is currently for sale here. Sadly, the handsome dog doesn't come with it!

Other homes in Malmö to love today: 

Anyone would think I was trying to convince you to move to my town. Who, me?! Find my local guide here....

Wishing you a fabulous start to the week!


Photographs courtesy of Bolaget Fastighetsförmedling

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In Malmö, Gen's Inspiring Home Office / Guest Room Refresh

It's been a while since I visited Gen - and it's always fun as she's constantly updating her home! This time it was her home office that's been given the make-over treatment. For those of you who are new to My Scandinavian Home, Genevieve Jorn (@genevievejorn) is an ÜBER talented Canadian interior designer living in Malmö. I've been lucky enough to collaborate with Gen many times over the years.  I captured her home office a few years back. As beautiful as it was, it was fairly dark, and this room is quite narrow and doesn't get a whole lot of light. Recently, Gen replaced heavier dark details with soft, neutral textiles and touches of light wood and rattan and it has made a huge difference! A large white ergonomic desk stands in the centre of the room. The space also serves as a guest bedroom when friends and family are in town and when they're not, the bed becomes a perfect place for afternoon siestas or a quiet spot to read! I took my camera along to snap a few pictures...

Isn't it lovely? I seriously could have stayed all week (taking the occasional nap on the daybed!), it felt so serene!

If you're considering converting a room in your home into an office / guest bedroom I hope it's given you lots of inspiration! Here's the low down on where some of the items are from:

1. Studio Paradissi Pebbleface 04*
2. George and Willy Studio Roller
3. Ikea Ivar Cabinet
4. Grupa Arigato Table Lamp
5. Ikea Skarsta Desk
6. Ikea Långfjåll Chair
7. Studio Paradissi Abstract 402
8. SandSnow Linen White Linen Curtains*
9. H&M Bamboo Mirror
10. Tell More off-white Linen
11. Ab Småland Crinkle Sand Sheets
12. Gurila Portrait M
13. Grupa Arigato Wall Lamp
14. Kummin Cushion Linen Cover
15. Pismo Rattan Side Table

Also seen (on floor): Malene Birger No 03 print and Rubin Studio Composition 03

The wall colour is Antique White 1016 from Jotun lady.

Gen's used the white Arigato wall lamp and table lamp from Grupa - I like the way this brings the different corners of the room together (and there's no denying that they're pretty amazing lamps too!).

Curtains are often tricky but Gen found her beige* and white* ones at SandSnowlinen* on Etsy. They make lovely custom-made linen curtains to order.

Just wondering if there is anything else important to mention. Ah yes! The drawers under the bed - did you spot them?! They were salvaged from a vintage chest of drawers that Gen was throwing out. Love this idea!

You can also take a peek at Gen's bedroom, living room, kitchen and daughter's bedroom.

Have a wonderful day!


Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home Interior design: Genevieve Jorn

Thank you to SandSnowlinen*, George and Willy, Grupa and The Poster Club* for contributing to this post. 

*Affiliate links

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