The Wood and White Malmö Home of a Creative

Have you ever been to an open property viewing just for fun?! A recent survey by Swedish real estate Fastighetsbyrån found that one in three swedes go to open property viewing without any intention to buy. While they are there 37% will take a peek inside wardrobes, 12% will glance inside bathroom cabinets, and a very cheeky 10% 'test sit' the loo!! I guess you could pass this off as a very 'thorough' inspection... but still...! Imagine? I think I might have to stay in my house forever now! Having said that, with homes like Leanne Ford's cabin and this charming apartment in Gamla Väster here in Malmö for sale, who can blame anyone for nipping in?! There's so much to feel inspired by! I'm loving the mix and match furniture, wonderful storage solutions (shelves around doorways, plan chests etc) and rattan coat hanger! Maybe it is worth taking a look after all - they say the best things in life happen when you least expect it, and you might just discover your future home!

Panthella Table Lamp*, Ebay is a great source for vintage plan chests

I love the bedroom in this apartment especially, it has a wonderful creative feel about it.

Is there anything that stands out to you?

Here are two other Malmö homes I absolutely love:
The stunning home of Malin Persson
A Striking and Dramatic Family Home

I can't stop thinking about that survey!! How do home property viewings work in your town? Could you imagine popping along to one for fun? or is this completely taboo?!

I wouldn't have found out about these stats had I not been researching for my latest collaboration with the Swedish Design Museum. The good news is, my collaboration gives everyone a bone fide reason to peek into one of several homes as part of my Home Viewing Exhibition! No excuses needed!

Have a fabulous start to the week, it's great to be back!


Photography courtesy of Bo-laget


  1. I'm so glad you're back from holiday. Your beautiful tours start my day right. In the U.S., I dont think it's unusual for neighbors to pop into what they call an Open House. Real estate agents in my area of Los Angeles will sometimes add "Looky Lous" welcome to their flyers. But I'd certainly never look inside anything and especially never do any business in the bathroom!

    1. Thank you, I'm so happy my posts make a difference to your day!!I like the idea of 'Looky Lous' - you guys in the USA always have great names for things!

  2. I adore this home! I would definitely want a peek! Since I work in real estate here in Atlanta, I hold a LOT of open houses and I always try to put the non-buyer at ease that it's perfectly fine and absolutely expected for them to just want to come and see the house. I've ended up working with a lot of new clients because they love that I'm not trying to push them into buying. I think it's just so nice to be able to relax and look at homes, though the worst that has happened so far was that someone helped themselves to my client's bar and went so far as to hide the empty bottles in her sofa. When we say "make yourselves at home" I think we all knew THAT wasn't what was meant! The loo, though? EW!

    1. No way!!! That is CRAZY! If I ever sell my home, I'm removing the loo seats and locking up my gin!! ;)


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