Alexandra's Vintage-Inspired Home in The French Countryside

I often think homes are like books: they all have a story to tell. In a library you'll find many genres, and it's the same with living spaces. While some might be akin to romantic novels, others are more playful and colourful - like a comic! Alexandra's home in Chanterelle, central France, is like poetry.

Alexandra has furnished her living space entirely with one-off pieces sourced at vintage and antique markets (how I'd love to visit France purely for the purpose of visiting antique markets.... and maybe the cuisine. OK, the wine too... actually, I could as well soak up some culture while I'm there too!), ensuring every single room is filled with treasures. Subtle, earthy tones, a wonderful stone floor and exposed wood ceiling as well as clever use of paint create a perfect backdrop and add to the overall charm. 

Bienvenue chez Alexandra! 

How beautiful! I almost feel like I'm there, it's a strange sensation. 

Is anyone else now planning to scour flea markets this weekend? Preferably in France, of course!

Incidentally, Alexandra sells a selection of vintage accessories online here (and you can see more of her home over at @milkandhomefamily).

Note the paintwork throughout the house. Using darker shades on architrave, doors, skirting boards and even ceilings is the trend du jour! I think it looks beautiful and in older homes, really helps to enhance period features. 

Would you like to look around a few more French homes this weekend? Here are a few others I love: 

What book genre would you associate your home with? Tricky one actually, I'm looking around mine and currently drawing a blank! 

Have a wonderful weekend friends. À bientôt!


Photographer courtesy of Alexandra / @milkandhomefamily

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Ida's Poetic 19th Century House in Southern Sweden

A few months ago I was invited to Villa Strömsfors for the night by Sandberg Wallpaper. My allocated roommate was Swedish artist, photographer, author and journalist Ida Magntorn. I loved chatting with her about her photography, books, interior and travel (including a sojourn in Paris) and we've kept in touch ever since. Needless to say, Ida's own house in Lund, Southern Sweden, which she shares with her husband Erik, five year old son Olle and two older children Mira and Måns (who regularly return home from their studies) is absolutely beautiful. Parts of the house date back to the late 19th century and the decor perfectly reflects Ida's love of sustainability and light. In the summer the family venture into the garden for meals under the boughs of an apple tree. Welcome to Ida's poetic world! 

Ida describes her style as "lagom bohemian but with a clean, Nordic undercurrent". This is visible in every aspect of her home where vintage wooden pieces 'float' on a light wood floor and fresh flowers are never far away.

Erik loves to play the piano. Chopin, Mozart, Schubert, Taube and Cornelis can often be heard flowing through the house. 

Ida is known for capturing the play of light in interiors resulting in poetic images reminiscent of 19th century Danish Artist Villhelm Hammershoi. Her photographs have appeared in numerous exhibitions around the world. Ida has also written five books including Home Style by City, in which she profiles spaces in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London and Copenhagen and Ett Hem med Omtanke - which has a strong focus on sustainability and environmental awareness. "I carried out a lot of research and there are a lot of facts in the book, but it's also filled with inspiration and beautiful pictures to inspire readers towards environmental thinking and to care about our planet."

Ida's first passion was antiques. "I was interested in the stories behind the design of old pieces and furniture - who made them? What inspired them?" In her home, you'll be hard pressed to find new items, and this is what gives the space so much warmth and soul. 

Today, Ida works more and more as an artist, holding exhibitions all over the world, often with friend and sculptor Karin Wiberg - if you're curious about going to see her work in person, you can check out all the dates and locations here).

What a truly lovely house. It just goes to show how much warmth antiques and vintage pieces can add to a space! 

Is there anything that stood out to you?

You can keep up to date with Ida's latest projects here and follow along on Instagram here

I'm enjoying a few more hours at IMM Cologne before heading home today (more on IG stories!).  I can't wait to see my husband and girls (FaceTime just isn't quite cutting the mustard!), I miss them! Yay!



Photography: Ida Magntorn, shared with kind permission

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Antiques and Flea Market Finds in a Delightful Family Home in Burgundy

Ciao! I'm reporting from a very sunny Madrid today (such a treat to be here! - if the man asks, I'm on a very hectic work schedule, of course...). Perhaps what I should really be saying though is 'bonjour!' - since here on the blog we're off to Burgundy, France and the delightful home of Aurélie Mazurek! Aurélie's home first caught my eye on Instagram thanks to the calm, 'washed-out' tones, rich textures and antique touches (not to mention her baking and pretty taste in clothes!). But chatting to Aurélie, I learned there's so much more to her home that meets the eye, and the influences and inspiration behind the space are just as charming as the décor itself! 

Where do you live?
In Yonne, a wine region. Life is calm and sweet here, yet we're still near to museums, the city, and the castle of Fontainebleau - we love to relax and walk our dogs in the surrounding forest.

Who do you share your home with?
My husband and our children Olivier (5) and Laura (3). They are just going back to school and starting two important stages: entering kindergaten and CP at the big school!

What do you do for a living?
I'm currently working in ready-to-wear fashion. I used to have my own business creating decorative objects such as cushions, booties, and blankets out of vintage materials. I decided to take a break and return to a day job so I can spend more time with my children while they're still young. I might resume my creative path some day in the future, we'll see! 

Marshall speakers*

How would you describe your style?
I keep an eye on trends but I do not necessarily follow them! I like to create my own cocoon which includes reusing a lot of materials and furniture.

Tell us more about your sustainable outlook on decorating
We love visiting flea markets, it's a very interesting way for us to consume with purpose and I think it's these unique objects that tell a story and give a home it's soul. I like to be content with little and I find beauty and satisfaction from an item I found for 1 euro!

Antique linen*

Where do you find inspiration?
My family and my emotional legacy. My Grandmother gave me the love for old linen and beautiful materials, my uncle gave me the love for flowers and how to dry and preserve them, my Grandfather the love of the garden and cultivating land , my Mother taught me the art of cooking and my Father introduced me to design. These are the heritages that made me aware of decoration and inspired the lifestyle we lead today - and even though some of these people are no longer with us, their memory lives on in my linen, dried flowers and garden.

Belly baskets*

Your instagram feed Antique Home is so inspiring. Do you also find online sites as a source of inspiration?
Of course, instagram and blogs are a wonderful source of inspiration. But I think it's our environment that inspires us the most. The forest of Fontainebleau is a wonderful source of inspiration!

Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home Aurélie!

I especially loved hearing about how Aurélie's family have inspired some of the items in her home. I'm sure this legacy will live on through Olivier and Laura one day too!

 I still remember my Grandmother's beautifully pressed crisp white linen. My sister and I used to ask her to make the bed over us and one day my sister got her toe caught in a tiny nick and it turned into a gaping hole! Needless to say, she made the beds without us from then on!!

Do you have someone in your family who has influenced your interior style?

Have a lovely day!


Photography by Aurélie - shared with kind permission. Hop on over to her instagram for more lovely pics! 

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This Incredible Swedish Country Home By The Sea Could Be Yours!

Do you ever dream of moving to the countryside (or perhaps you've made the move already?). As a Londoner at heart, I'm so happy in our little townhouse in Southern Sweden, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about living in a beautiful house in the country. Somewhere old, somewhere with acres of outdoor space for our children to run riot, and somewhere with my very own studio atelier. Oh and did I mention the sea view?! Hmmm. Perhaps I'm asking for too much. Or so I thought.

Earlier today I discovered exactly this on a real estate site!! The artist's home dates back to the 1800's and is located right on the beach in Smygehamn (try pronouncing that!) on Sweden's beautiful southernmost tip. It also has the most incredible atelier (with it's own fireplace!) *heart skips several beats*! There's one slight drawback though. It's way out of my price league. Ah well. Perhaps we can share it?!

The bohemian in me loves traditional-style mix and match kitchens. How pretty is this cabinet under the sink? Knowing my family we'd have a hard time remembering which draw we put things in, but it'd would be worth it all the same!

A traditional Swedish masonry oven in the corner of the bedroom is something I've always dreamed of! Loving the cane sleigh bed too (try Serena & Lily* for similar).

It's so inspiring how all the items are vintage / antiques of some sort. I'm thinking that if I ever make that move to the country this type of furniture would be high on my list. My Mother used to take us to loads of auctions in Sussex, England when we were kids (she collected antique chest-of-drawers like I collect cushions!!)  and I've never really had the opportunity to do this as an adult. 

This bath is so pretty - and if you hop over to the rest of the pictures over at Residence you'll spy an original Thomas Crapper loo (I wonder how it found it's way to Sweden?!).  

 This was the fireplace I was telling you about. I'm already picturing myself here in the winter. Would I get any work done ? Potentially not! But think of all the tea I'd drink while I looked out over the stormy waters!

And there you have it.

Anyone else envisaging themselves living here?!

Me? I'm already on one of those deck chairs (in my mind).

Whoever buys this house is one lucky soul!

What does your dream home look like?


Photography courtesy of Residence

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