A Beautiful, Light-filled 19th Century Swedish Loft Apartment

Why, hello there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend (if I've got this right, I think many of you are off today too? In which case I hope you're having a fabulous day and the sun is shining for you like it is here Sweden!). I'm kicking off the week with this beauty of an attic apartment, tucked under the rooftops of Gothenburg. The building dates back to the late 19th century - and still bears many remnants from the past - including beautiful beams and a traditional Swedish tiled masonry oven. The simple white theme ensures a light-filled space and creates a beautiful contrast with the dark wood structure, while Swedish interior designers Emma Fischer and Linnéa Manaberi have worked around the low slanted ceilings and little nooks to create a practical living space. Ready to take a look around?

How lovely! It just goes to show how, with a little help from skylights and a white scheme, you can create beautiful light-filled home in an attic! 

I also love the beams, white wood panelled walls and fig tree! 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

Maybe you can imagine living there? In which case, you might want to head over to Alvhem as it's for sale! Yep, I know! 

Fancy taking a peek inside a few more attic spaces today? Here are a few beauties: 

It's also worth taking a look at: 

Honestly, today is the warmest, sunniest day in Sweden we've had since last September. It's almost cruel that it's landed on a Monday! Should I take the day off? I'm very tempted! 

Wishing you a lovely, sunny start to the week! 


Photography: Anders Bergstedt
Interior design / styling: Emma Fischer & Linnéa Manaberi
For: Alvhem 

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A Swedish Photographer's Magnificent Pool Villa

This Swedish home of a photographer stopped me in my scroll on instagram this morning - and when you see the pictures you'll understand why! The contemporary villa is situated on the large island of Färingsö, South West Stockholm and enjoys sweeping views over the countryside. Inside, the spacious rooms have been carefully edited to include beautiful, unique pieces (my eyes are on that Camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini - isn't it fabulous?). I'm also loving the stacks of books, the tall rubber tree and the four-legged friend watching the sunrise! Take a seat, you're in a for a treat - this Swedish country home is truly inspiring inside and out! 

What an incredible space! I think it's the sitting room area which really caught my attention. 

I'll never tire of a blend of old and new - throw in a mountain of books and other personal treasures, and I'm completely sold.  Come summer, I'd happily do a few laps of that pool too! 

Is there anything stands out to you about this home? 

I know it's not really the right time of year (unless of course you live in the Southern Hemisphere), but I also love this rustic summer cottage with a pool on the Swedish island of Gotland - and this Swedish summer oasis one might not have a pool, but it has a pink caravan - which in my mind, is on a par!

Have a lovely day friends! 


Photography: @faringsohuset - discovered via Trendenser with thanks. 

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A Lovely, Light And Airy Swedish Apartment

Who's ready for a lie-in? If it meant chilling here, I'd be happy to take an entire duvet day and make my way through the last episodes of The Queen's Gambit (have you seen it? If not, it's a must!). This week on the blog, we've been on a tour of a charming Stockholm apartment, an edgy Berlin flat, and a tiny house on wheels, so today I thought we'd take a breather and admire this light and airy space, where the beauty lies in the simplicity. Think milky white hues, soft fabrics and a whole load of light! 

Although not featured, I kind of want to go in and put a Samsung Frame TV (with light wood frame) on the wall instead of the picture. It would make a perfect TV corner and that's the perfect TV (I'm not sponsored to say that, even if I did do a collaboration around it back in 2016! - I just love it!). But maybe, it's because I'm still thinking about that series....

Got to love a plinth! They make such great plant stands, don't you think? 

Just the breather I needed! 

Love the dark blue kitchen cabinets too - they helps to break up the white. 

Is there anything that stood out to you?

I'll be back tomorrow with a colourful danish home full of art - I think you're going to like it!

Vi ses imorgon! 


Photos courtesy of Alvhem

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A Polish Photographer Shares Her Elegant Home And Best Shopping Tips!

Have you been to Poland? The closest I've ever been is around 25 km from the border - so near, yet so far! But it's definitely on my radar, especially as it's only a short hop over the Baltic Sea and Polish design is starting to make waves across Europe! Photographer Kasia Bedzínska lives in a beautiful, white apartment with golden accents in Lodz with her partner Lukas, daughter Antonina, son Julek, photogenic dog Popcorn and a rabbit! You'd be forgiven for thinking her neutral home is Scandinavian had it not been for some of the fine Polish design pieces! Feeling curious, I chatted with Kasia to find out more about her style and the rise of Polish design (including a few brands to look out for). Read on for the scoop! 

How would you describe your style, and would you say it has a Polish touch? 
My style is some kind of cosy minimalism - or something! My home doesn't reflect the usual Polish style - which is usually more colourful and eclectic, however, I can see that this is changing. 

In what way?
Poland is a post-communist country. It was very poor. These days, people have more money and can afford nicer things for their homes. Interior styling has become more popular and people take inspiration from other countries and adapt it. 

I see a blend of pieces in your home including some Scandinavian design but also Polish pieces. Would you say Polish design is on the rise? 
Polish design is so so great! Look at my old desk I found (above), it was designed by Mieczyslaw Puchala in the 1960s. Poland is the 4th biggest furniture producer and exporter in the world for good reason.  

Are there any Polish designers / brands in particular we should keep a look out for? 
Armchairs by Polish mid-century designer Jozef Chierowski are very popular. I also like brands such as Hoom, Good Living & Co, mid-century and retro furniture from 366 Concept and Pastform Furniture, as well as handmade pieces by Un-common.  

Do you have any plans to start your own brand?
One day in the future, I'd love to! The first thing I'll make are candles! 

We'll be keeping an eye out for those Kasia! 


See more of Kasia's beautiful, neutral home on her popular instagram @minimaliving (if you like the look and feel of her pictures, she also sells a set of instragram filters). 

Looking back in the archives I was so happy to find that I've featured two really inspiring homes from Poland before including a cosy, yet elegant home in Krakow and the serene white home of a designer. I'm also a big fan of my dear Polish friend Agata Dimmich's style. 

I've just noticed the clouds have cleared so I need to rush out and make the most of it with an afternoon dip. It's hard to imagine that in just a few month's time, the shoreline will be iced up (gaaaah!) - and I'm definitely not hardy enough for a winter swim!

Have a lovely day! 


Photography: Kasia Bdzínska

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A Photographer's Vintage-Inspired Home In A Former Post Office

Over the years the years, the same interior photographers pop up time and time again. Always generous with their images (I write for permission before sharing), these talented shutterbugs are the backbone of my blog. And yet, we're rarely get a glimpse into their world! So today I'd like to introduce you to Australian freelance photographer Marnie Hawson. Based in the Macedon Ranges, just outside Melbourne, Marnie specialises in interior, travel and lifestyle photography, "with a commitment to working with people doing good in the world."

As a former environmental scientist, Marnie is hardwired to tread lightly, and today that means "only working with businesses which have an ethical and sustainable mindset and focus on conscious consumerism and fair trade".  

When Marnie isn't on location, she's working from her little weatherboard studio at home, with her miniature pinscher Dexter by her side. 

I've featured many of the rustic abodes Marnie has captured over the years - including a Swedish weatherboard cottage,  Captain's Cottage and a dreamy holiday home, but never her own beautiful home, and let me tell you, you're in for a treat! 

Home for Marnie, is a rustic country cottage which she shares with her husband Ryan Hawson - a whisky specialist (I think Per and Ryan would get along just fine!). Dating back to 1890, the pair have lived in the cottage - which used to be the village post office - for over nine years. During this time, the duo have added their own unique stamp on the property, having made many changes, while working hard to maintain the history of the site. 

Fancy taking a peek inside?

The wood panelled interior is a sea of white (much to my delight as someone who is passionate about all things Scandi!) - interspersed with vintage and antique finds. 

The kitchen is made up of IKEA cabinets centred around a refurbished 50-year-old AGA (seen to the right). The brass taps and handles are all second hand. 

In the sitting room, a sofa has been placed opposite the fire for cosy evenings. The drying rack was in place when they bought the house and they still use it all the time (it reminds me a lot of the one in this charming Swedish summer cottage)! The rug is from Armadillo & Co

Soon after buying the house, Marnie and Ryan were fortunate enough to be able to buy back the original post office boxes, which they use as day to day storage. 

Pairs of vintage shoes bought from a shoemaker in New South Wales can be seen on the wall in the bedroom. The linen bedding is from Elkie Ark and the curtains are from Linenshed

Oh, and one more exciting thing the pair have added in recent years - a bar (I guess, if you're a whisky specialist you do have the perfect excuse!). Here's a glimpse into the dark, atmospheric space... 

What a magical home (and bar!) - which, to be honest, can only be expected from Marnie Hawson! 

I feel this home tour has put a real spring in my step for the start of the week - just what I needed! Are you also feeling inspired? 

I am so looking forward to continuing to follow Marnie's journey as a freelance photographer. You can see many of the homes she's captured over the years (as well as other projects) on her website. I also love her instagram feed!

Also, check out my archives for more of her work here

Have a brilliant start to the week friends!


Photography: Marnie Hawson

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