Teal Steals the Show in This Hamburg Apartment

Hello there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and the sun is shining where you are too? I was thinking the other day about how moving abroad means new countries become more accessible. Spending my childhood in South West England, we could visit France over the day (with a little planning!) and living in Malmö, Hamburg is actually nearer than Stockholm (I so wish I'd concentrated in my school German lessons now!). As a result,  I often turn to German homes for inspiration (I'd love to hear about how the countries over your nearest border inspire you!). The latest home to catch my eye is that of Kristina Ahoi. Kristina lives in a magnificent apartment in Hamburg with high ceilings, beautiful period features (those roses!) and an original parquet floor. But the real show stopper is the dramatic teal backdrop in the dining area which seems to makes everything pop! Let's take a peek.

The first question I asked Kristina was 'what is that beautiful paint colour in your dining area'? Possibly even before I'd said "hi". The answer is 'Jägergrün' 04.031.01 from German paint brand SCHÖNER WOHNEN. Isn't it the most perfect shade of teal?Oh and the table is by Hay!

I do love a Marshall bluetooth speaker (I have the same at home, although slightly larger - but I like that this one has a handle and you can carry it with you as you go!). 

I feel warm just looking at the lovely rays of light in this corner of Kristina's home, how about you? 

It's incredible what a difference an injection of colour from the kilim rug makes to the sitting room. This one is from On the Rugs in Hamburg but Loom & Field sell similar and ship worldwide. The sofa is mags by Hay and the pendant light is the Petite Friture (this is a great statement light if you have relatively high ceilings and a fairly large room). 

 All photography © Kristina Ahoi.

The bike mount also caught my eye. I've never seen one like this before. It's basically a height adjustable metal pole that runs from the floor to the ceiling with a bike attachment. I love that it's safely away from the white wall to avoid oil / mud marks. Kristina's even attached a shelf too! What a perfect place for a plant?!

Other examples of bikes being stored in a fab way include the solution in this Swedish home (possibly a little high  / awkward for daily use but perfect for anyone that a) has a very cool bike and b) uses it sporadically) and this danish home (very practical - love Julie's bike too!). Oh, and if you're looking for a similar solution, this round-up of 12 best bike racks is great. 

Is there anything that caught your eye in Kristina's home?

You can see more angles from this lovely space on Kristina's instagram feed here

I hope you have a wonderful start to the week!

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A very cool Swedish space (with a bike!)

I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your comments, I've always intended this blog to be interactive and I am so grateful to everyone who takes the time to leave a note. It's also a great way to get feedback. For example yesterday, Brian Hurst commented on how helpful he finds the 'where to buy' tips (phew!) and on Monday someone highlighted the unsolved puzzle on how people store items in these clean, minimalist style homes. Which actually inspired today's post. I saw the bike and thought - now here's an idea! Rather than cluttering up the hall, make your bike a statement piece (not exactly new, see previous post: bicycles as the hot home accessory) but it gave me inspiration to find a place to hang my shiny new Skeppshult! If you visit Stadshem you can also see the smart bedroom storage. Course there are other reasons to show this apartment too, it's fab!

Interior desigm: Home owner Åsa Alvhage with support from Charlotte Ryding - @blackbirdstyle. Stadshem

I love the large windows flooding the rooms with natural light and the combination of high street finds (chest of drawers + shelves with hooks from IKEA) and designer items (Ant, Eames sidechair and Butterfly chairs and could that be an Asplund rug?). I picked up my industrial scissor lamp like the one you see in the bedroom after a successful Etsy search (I have to say they're so practical too). The illustration in the window is called 'black and white thoughts' by Trace in Face.

What do you love most about this space?

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Hot home accessory: the bicycle

In scandinavia bikes are definitely the favourite mode of transport - even in the snow! But when you live in a small apartment and you want to keep your precious ride safe where to put it? The good news is bikes are definitely one of the 'hot' interior accessories du jour!....

Picture Via Stylizimo

Picture: Fresh One

Picture: Via Freshome

Picture: Freshome
Picture: Misc - sorry I'm not sure where this picture is from, if you know please do let me know so I can provide credit!

Picture: The Selby

Picture: Mi Casa via SF Girl by Bay
What do you think? Crazy or lazy?! Hot or not?! The bike in the bedroom made me smile - are they going to have breakfast in bed and then hop on for work?! Either way, not sure I'd get that home styling passed my husband!

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