My Film: How To Invite More Natural Light Into Your Home

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How much natural light do you have in your home? Living in Sweden - where we have an abundance of light in the summer and a shortage in winter - I've learned just how incredibly important light is in the home. When we plan our living space, it's easy to start with the fun stuff - like colours and furniture - but actually, the first thing we should do is go back to the basics and think about the light. After all, trends come and go, but you'll always benefit from the effects of the sun! Studies have shown that natural light boosts your body's vitamin D storage, helps you to sleep better and improve your mood. By bringing more light into your home you'll also create a warm and cosy atmosphere, open up your living space to more possibilities and create a more user-friendly space. In other words, we'll all feel happier at home!

Using light colours, opting for gloss finishes and adding mirrors help to bounce light around. But what happens if your room simply doesn't receive enough natural light in the first place? Whether you're working with your existing home or planning a new build, skylights can do wonders for a living space.

A few weeks back I shared my thoughts (in Swedish with English subtitles) in a film made in collaboration with Danish brand VELUX, the world's leading manufacturer of Roof windows, flat roof windows, sun tunnels and roof window blinds. Click below to take a peek if you're curious!

You can also read the full interview here (in Swedish).

Have you considered adding skylights to your home? Or perhaps you've already added skylights? Either way I'd love to hear your thoughts!


This post is brought to you in collaboration with VELUX, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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My Scandinavian Home Studio - Room By Room Online Interior Design Help!

Guys! I have some exciting news to share with you. Last January I sent out a survey to find out what you'd like to see more of on My Scandinavian Home - and I received so many wonderful, helpful replies! I noticed many said that although you enjoyed the inspiration, you still sometimes feel a little stuck with how to arrange a room, which colours to choose, or simply how to complete the look in a beautiful way (don't I know that feeling!). I also receive a flood of mails each week asking for similar advice. So, I put on my thinking cap.

One of the key philosophies of Scandinavian design is that everyone should have access to good design. And I felt the same should be the case with interior design.

So, I have launched an affordable My Scandinavian Home online interior design service from this fab studio. For a small fee, the team of highly qualified, passionate, ├╝ber talented Scandinavian interior designers are waiting to help you pretty much wherever you are in the world!

All you'd need to do is visit the studio website, fill in a simple online form about the room you'd like decorate and complete a fun style survey on the bus home from work or from the comfort of your sofa.  One of the members of the team will then contact you to discuss your needs, before sending you a room layout, mood board and product list (if required) so you can get decorating and create the room of your dreams!

I hope you feel as excited as I am! If you are stuck on a room, We're so looking forward to helping you transform your home, one room at a time!


PS It's half term in Sweden next week so I am going to be giving my husband and little girls my full screen-free attention - do you think they'll recognise me?!  I won't be blogging but I might just sneak on to instagram stories from time to time (yes, I know, but!). I hope you have a really lovely, relaxing week too! 

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Beautiful Dutch monochrome spaces by My Deer

Although not Scandinavian, Dutch homes have been featuring on my blog a lot lately (here and here), simply because I keep coming across so many fab ones! These pictures are from the portfolio of Dutch concept, interior design and styling company My Deer. The spaces below reflect the My Deer vision: to transform spaces into inspiring concepts, amazing creatives and sophisticated spaces. So beautiful!

My Deer

Thank you so much to Maiike for sending me the pictures, there's so much inspiration here! White floors are certainly number one my hit list (one day....). And we all love a little monochrome? But I particularly love the use of wall space. How about you?

I'm finally succumbing to a Christmas post tomorrow (the first day of advent is only 10 days away after all) with a beautiful Swedish home tour all decked out in the festive spirit so if you're looking to get a little Christmas inspiration come and join me over a cup of coffee.

Before I head off I'm really excited to introduce a new sponsor: Urban Trait who sell amazingly cool watches. I'm the proud owner of this watch - I haven't worn a timepiece for years and now I wouldn't be without it, it's my latest piece of statement jewellery. Other watches I love are these by Daniel Wellington  (especially this one!) and for something a bit cool this watch. Urban Trait are offering 10% discount with code MYSCANDIHOME until December 15th - perfect for a Christmas present!

Have a lovely day!

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Have a lovely weekend!

Just before I go, I'd love to share this film with you about artist Lucy Chadwick by The Selby. Click here to watch. It's only 6 minutes long, a lovely snippet of loveliness for Zara. Have a great weekend and see you Monday! x

Picture: The Selby. Lucy Chadwick's home.

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