Christmas touches in a Finnish home

When do you start putting up your Christmas decorations? I've already added a few touches to my home including white amaryllis and hyacinths (I love the scent) as well as a few lit candles at breakfast and as soon as it gets dark at 15.30 (yes, I know!). This lovely, warm Finnish home is a perfect example of late November / early December Christmas decorating. It's the Helsinki pad of Kaisa, her partner, and cat Mr Paw (who can be seen making himself at home on the sofa). Kaisa is a dab hand at DIY (as you can see on her blog No Home Without You) and loves Scandinavian interiors and crafts. This is reflected in the way she has decorated her space - I particularly love the fairylights display, plants and bunting. How about you?

No Home Without You with kind permission. 

I love how Kaisa has used a nordic base (white walls and light wood floors), and then added mid-century finds and touches of rustic wood for an extra cosy vibe. The bunting over the table reminds me of this wonderful Christmas space. DIY decorating idea for Thanksgiving or First advent perhaps?

Is there anything you love in particular about Kaisa's home?

Have a lovely day!

PS you can see examples of how I add amaryllis and hyacinths to my home work work place here

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The fabulous Finnish home of a creative duo Part III

How many wonderful new angles can you shoot in one home? When it comes to Helsinki based interior architect and designer Joanna Laajisto and photographer Mikko Ryhänen's home the answer is never enough! This will be my third post (see previous posts here and here) and every time the home tour is equally as inspiring! Here are some snap shots of their kitchen, dining room and sitting room taken by Mikko. Pretty incredible don't you think?!

 Joanna Laajisto. Photography: Mikko Ryhänen via Nordic Design with thanks

A few items I see and love: White Thonet 209 chairs in the kitchen,  black and white Marimekko bowls, Bertoia sidechairs and sheepskin throw, Carl Hansen CH25 Lounge Chair, a vintage moroccan rug and last but not least a fabulous Knoll Platner coffee table.

I think my favourite thing from these shots (although it's extremely difficult to pin it down to one thing) is the Knoll Platner coffee table and vintage Moroccan rug combination - they work so well together, don't you think?

I could spend my day recovering with my leg raised here (see yesterday's post!), how about you?!

For more beautiful Finnish home tours don't miss this pared back cabin, Minna's family holiday home in the Finnish archipelagos, and a cosy and warm Finnish table setting.  The Finns really do have a great sense of style don't they?!

Have a lovely day! 

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A beautiful pared-back Finnish cabin

Well hello Monday! I hope you had a great weekend? For my family and I it was a matter of unpacking and settling in back home punctuated by the odd dip in the Öresund sea. Although my summer holidays are over for this year (sniff sniff), it doesn't stop me dreaming and feel inspired by idyllic Scandinavian holiday homes. Take this Finnish summer cottage I spotted over at Emmas Design blog, for example. Belonging to Johanna Lehtinen and photographed by Krista Keltanen , this black, white and wood cabin is beautifully simple, letting the surrounding nature do the talking. Just as a holiday home should do. I could spend some downtime here, could you?

Photography: Krista Keltanen, Bolig Liv. Via Emmas Design blog with thanks.

What a location?!

Anything you love in particular about this summer cottage?

If you're after more Finnish cabin inspiration this bright Monday morning how about this one from Time of The Aquarius (pictures here and here) another fine eample of the pared-back Finnish holiday home style.

 Have a lovely day!

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Suvi's inspirational Finnish sitting room

Morning! Oooo, I feel much better after my duvet day yesterday :) I also loved all the comments and discussions over the single or double duvets. I thought it was only in Scandinavia couples used two single duvets on a double duvet but it seems this is more widespread than I first thought! So interesting! Today I'm turning to North East Scandinavia and am excited to share some shots of the very cool sitting room from the Finnish home of Suvi of Valkoinen Harmaja blog. Everything is so nicely put together but what stands out to me most are the cushions (and how they match the artwork) and the fabulous IKEA tea trolley which Suvi has updated. How about you?

Valkoinen Harmaja with kind permission

I spy so many great pieces: a tea trolley which Suvi has created using an IKEA find (see post here) (similar one by Artek here). Cushions: Svenskt tenn 'elefant print' cushion, Missoni and Flow from By Lassen.  A Tom Dixon Beat Light Fat, Eames Armchair RAR (15% discount with code MYSCAN) and Stokke Tripp Trapp children's chair to name but a few. Am I missing any key items?!

What a great space? Suvi's blog is well worth a look through, not least to see her very cool cat which wonders in and out of shots!

Have a lovely day!

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Snaps from a beautiful home in Finland

I've been a fan of Finnish blog Time of the Aquarius for as long as I can remember. Blog editor, stylist and writer Minna takes such beautiful images of her world. I particularly love the calm nature of her home which has been decorated in white, grey and  light wood. Just the inspiration I need for a hectic Tuesday! How about you?

Photographs: Minna JonesTime of the Aquarius. With kind permission. 

I spy one of my favourite chairs: the Artek 66  (15% discount with code MYSCAN).

You must also check out this and this post featuring Minna's summer cottage on an island in the Finnish archipelagos, imagine spending weekends and holidays here? Bliss!

I'll be popping back later with a rare extra post so stop by if you have the time!

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The fantastic home of a creative Finnish duo

Just hearing a home is owned by Finnish interior architect Joanna Laajisto and photographer Mikko Ryhanen I already know the space is going to be pretty fantastic. And that's exactly what this apartment is. Located in Helsinki and decorated in mainly white, black and grey, this family home marries vintage finds with scandinavian contemporary pieces.

Photography: Mikko Ryhanen with kind permission. Interior designer Joanna Laasjisto via Emma's Design Blog

So fab don't you think?

I spy: Thonet 209 chair (15% off with MYSCAN),  Louis Poulsen AJ table lamp, Knoll Platner Coffee table  and the Knoll Bertoia dining chairs.

You can see Joanna's wonderful previous apartment here.

Looking for more Finnish inspiration? There's lots and lots of beautiful Finnish home inspiration here!

Have a lovely day!

PS We're in transit in Singapore airport - there's a play area for children with free wifi. It's the simple things in life.... :)

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A light and airy Finnish space

Looking through the pictures of this Finnish apartment is like taking a deep breath in, counting to three and a long exhale! The whites, light greys, and wood (love the white shelves against the light wood) create a calming, light and airy feel. I would need to add more rugs for the cosy factor (which I'm discovering are the hardest thing to buy - does anyone else find that?) but other than that I could totally spend a few days here, how about you? 

MUSTA OVI via Riazzoli

What's your favourite thing about this home? I think I'll go for the kitchen trolley.....

For more information about this beautiful home (and many more beautiful images) check out the MUSTA OVI blog (in Finnish). Trust me, you'll get lost there!

PS A huge warm welcome to Tjockt  my fabulous new Finnish sponsor who sells THE MOST incredible handmade chunky knit rugs, throws, cushions, stools and cosy items of clothing as well as 'knitted by me' kits so that you can create your own woollies this Autumn (I'd even buy the wooden knitting needles and 100% wool yarns for decoration!)..... you'll definitely want to check out the Tjockt website here and Facebook page here! oh and 15% discount with code SCHOME :)

Have a lovely day!

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The Finnish treatment

This fantastic Finnish home was styled by the home owners in collaboration with Scandinavian Deko's editor-in-chief Ulla Koskinen for the Housing Fair Finland, set up to improve the quality of housing and living conditions in Finland. The space is defined by it's large open spaces, minimalist style, clean lines and the perfect balance of black, grey, white, wood and concrete. It is all very zen. I love it.

Skandinavian Deko via Emmas Design Blog
What do you think? Are you the minamlist, clean lines type of interior person or do you prefer to mess things up a little?

PS Slightly off topic, but since I'm in London this week......Congratulations to Kate and Wills on the arrival of a little boy! I wonder what his name will be? My money's on Alfred (Alfie), what about you?!

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