I love this Danish Dining Set In My Home!

Last week I received an exciting delivery - this wonderful oak and white nano laminate table and four oak and leather dining chairs from Skovby. It was like Christmas, except sadly, these beauties are not here to stay, they're here for a shoot. But I might just keep them all the same - what do you reckon? I've always loved the incredible craftsmanship behind Skovby pieces, plus, we've been looking for a new extendable table for a while. Per is also completely taken with the oak and leather chairs - he says they're really comfy! I might just have to write to Skovby to ask if these beauties can hang around a while longer. Read on for more pics and to see if you agree! 

You'll likely recognise the brand Skovby since Helen Sturesson and I have done many photoshoots for them before (see also the #808 counter stool in my kitchen, the #131 home desk and #52 chair in Per's home office and the #452 display cabinet in the corner of my dining room. It's always an honour to collaborate with a Danish family business that spans three generations of cabinetmakers as well as recognised as a frontrunner within functional extension systems for tables. 

I chose the Skovby #119 dining table with an oak wooden under frame with a white nano laminate surface, but it's also available in eight other finishes. I love how the legs are slightly angled, giving the table a vivid and contemporary yet still timeless expression. 

The table is available in two different lengths: a 192 cm version (seen above) and a more compact 142 cm version for slightly smaller spaces. Best of all, they both extend! Beneath the tabletop, is a compartment for storing up to two extension leaves (available as additional purchases) so you can easily extend them another 45 cm to 90 cm! 

Below I extended it by 45 cm, which adds an extra two seats at the table - but for bigger parties, Christmas etc, I'm thinking the 90 cm extension would be perfect - you never know who might rock up - and with a table like this, the more the merrier! 

As mentioned, Per was particularly taken by the #825 chairs (I chose the oak and black leather version, but they are also available in 7 other versions). I have to say, the wood and leather was so lovely and smooth, plus the rounded backs and cushioned leather seat made them super comfy! 

The chair is inspired by mid-century furniture with a light, Scandinavian twist. I particularly love the grain in the wood - but if you prefer supreme comfort - you might like to go for the version with an upholstered back

We've always had a built-in sofa in our dining area (the cabinets give us a load of extra storage - the Brantmarks are a family of hoarders and hidden behind those cabinets is a load of stuff ranging from CDs and board games to my accounting and paper recycling, the latter two are not to be confused!). The cushions are all made from linen (a material I love since it adds texture and feels lovely to touch!) and the seating is actually a sunbed mattress from IKEA which I have covered in fabric! 

All in all, these pieces seem to fit our dining room like a glove, I love it when that happens! I hope you like this look too! 

If you're interested in these pieces, find your nearest store here (Skovby ship almost worldwide). 

Wishing you all a wonderful day! 


PS I've got such an exciting make-over to share with you tomorrow - I was bowled over by the creativity. I hope you have time to stop by! 

Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home
Styling: Helen Sturesson 

*This post is brought to you in paid partnership with Skovby. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting the wonderful businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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Our Dining Area With New 'Soft Blue' Wishbone Chairs!

It's been a while since I shared a snapshot of my own home - in fact I think this is the first time this year! So, I thought I'd complete the blog week by sharing some pictures of my dining area that I took in collaboration with Carl Hansen & Søn along with interior designer Helen Sturesson

I'm sure you instantly recognise these chairs as the CH24 Wishbone Chair- a true Scandinavian design classic. Except with a twist; Carl Hansen & Søn recently launched this 'Soft Blue' version, which is simply divine!

It was so lovely to see the table all dressed up and circled with these iconic beauties. Our dining area has been the hub of the home over the past year and a place for crazy family dinners, homework, my office - and even maths lessons (Per set-up a white board against the back wall and taught his sixth form college students crazy formulas I'd never have the hope of solving!). Never a dull moment in the Brantmark family! 

I was so happy to see that it can still scrub up well when required! 

At 3 days Of Design I visited the Carl Hansen & Søn showroom in Copenhagen (a must if you're ever in town) and watched a craftsman weave the seat of a wishbone chair (it takes around one hour, using 120 metres of cord!). It was so cool to see the guy in action, and a great reminder that these chairs are mostly handcrafted. 

I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside my home - and my shots of Carl Hansen & Søn's latest offering (more info here). 

I wish I could have kept the entire set, but alas, I reluctantly (and diligently) sent them back over the bridge - baaaah! At least I've got these pics to prove that these beauties were in my possession! 

This evening our dining room is back to its normal self - and ready for a Friday take-away! So rock 'n' roll these days, right? What's your Friday tradition (right now)? 

I'm hoping we can get out on the snow and ice this weekend. 

I hope you have some fun outdoor plans for the weekend too!

Wishing you all a wonderful couple of days - see you Monday!  


PS Carl Hansen & Søn didn't sponsor this blog post (it was a social media collaboration only) - I just thought it would be fun to share the shots with you! 

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My home: Mouth Blown lights From The Danish island of Bornholm

Brand story

Hello there! I'm on a cruise ship Norway bound right now. I'm on board to hold a talk about Scandinavian design - definitely a first, and very fun! One of the key parts of my talk is about how Scandi design is associated with artisans. There's something extremely special about the passion and care that goes into handcrafted items, not to mention the feeling you get when you hold them in your hands. Every nick, bubble and irregularity gives the piece its soul and adds to the character. Scandinavia has a long history of glass blowing and my latest find are these absolutely beautiful mouth blown SKY lights by Pernille Bülow. Located on the island of Bornholm, Denmark, the esteemed team of glass blowers are passionate about unique design and sustainability - and take the process of collecting liquid glass pulp from a 1120 furnace and blowing it into shape - extremely seriously. I can't tell you how happy I was when they arrived!

I went for three different sizes of the clear SKY pendant lamps in gold to hang over our dining table - aren't they pretty?! They are also available in grey, golden, pink, blue, tea, turquoise and recycled glass with the option of either chrome or gold fittings (check out the complete collection here).

In this picture you can really see the different shapes of the glass - a result of the individual glass blowing.

In case you love these lamps as much as I do -  you can pick them up online here. They ship worldwide - yay!

And if you find yourself on the (magical) Danish island of Bornholm why not pop into the Pernille Bülow workshop and watch the daily glass blowing in action? You can also check out their other handcrafted glass items such as glasses, vases and candle-holders in the gallery

Have a wonderful weekend - and see you Monday!


I collaborated with the delightful team of glass blowers at Pernille Bülow for this post, as always all words, photography and styling are my own. 

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Embracing the winter blues - Danish style

Despite not minding the cold - oh how I love to arrive home and put the kettle on! In fact, one of the things I love the most about January and February is a good cuppa (followed by comfort food under candlelight in the evenings!), how about you?! This definitely calls for some beautiful tableware to match the occasion! Danish brand Kähler recently introduced an indigo glaze to their popular Hammershøi tableware collection and it's soooo beautiful! Created by the designer Hans-Christian Bauer, the collection draws inspiration from the original works by Danish painter Svend Hammershøi, created in the Kähler workshop back in the early 20th century. The classic Hammershøi tableware collection in indigo combines beautiful silhouettes with iconic furrows and includes three different sizes of bowl, serving and milk jugs, a teapot, a thermal cup, a mug, a bonbonnière (this would be equally nice on a shelf to store little trinkets), eggcups, salt and pepper shakers and a cruet set as well as spice grinders, oiled oak paper towel holder and two lovely tins! Here's a sneak peek....

Aaaaaaah so pretty. I think afternoon tea would taste even sweeter with these on the table don't you?!

I received the tins just before Christmas (perks of the job!!) and they make the prettiest biscuit tins - I should really have given them away as a present with homemade goodies inside and a ribbon but the family kind of fell in love with them (not just because of what was inside - honest!). Nice idea though?

Are there any pieces in this collection which catch your eye?

All the items are available from the Kähler online shop - perfect!

Have a lovely day!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Kähler, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too.

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Win a natural linen tablecloth and napkins!

Sponsored post

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, I loved hearing about all the different types of food you enjoy at this time of the year *mouth waters*. I'm excited to announce the winner of this beautiful tablecloth and napkins from Nordal as, drum roll......

Koza Domowa - congratulations! Please send me a mail with your full name, address and phone number so Nordal can ship your prize to you.


To me, this time of the year is about getting together with family and friends over food, drink and candlelight  - how about you? I try to do something a little different every year with my table setting (check out this year's here). If you're looking for a new look and haven't got around to organising anything yet I might just have the perfect give-away for you! Danish homeware brand Nordal are offering you the chance to win a beautiful pure natural linen tablecloth (140 x 270 cm) and a set of six napkins to match Oh yay! See below for how to enter.

 N.B. I love the more relaxed look but the tablecloth and napkins look beautiful ironed too! 

This give-away is now closed. 

Check out Nordal's beautiful home-ware items here. 

Terms & Conditions
You must be age of majority in your country of residence. We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur. Only 1 entry per person. 

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Nordal, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. 

1 & 2 Photography: Niki Brantmark / Styling Genevieve Jorn. 3. Courtesy of Nordal

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Be&Liv: Fika by Candlelight

Sponsored -  I use the word fika a lot! In case you're not familiar with the term, it's a Swedish word meaning to 'take a break and enjoy a hot drink (usually super strength coffee!) and a small sweet treat'. A fika can be enjoyed at anytime of the day and nothing, but nothing gets in the way of a Swede and they're fika! Naturally, I was quick to adopt this cultural ritual (it does sound rather nice, right?!). I especially love them at this time of the year as it always feels so cosy. Lately, I've really stepped up my game in this department thanks to two beautiful items from Be & Liv (a Finnish design brand making beautiful items for the home designed to "bring the poetry back to everyday life" - how lovely?!): the Solo candle holder and Treepot 3D trivet in wood.  While the candle holder in black chrome is a pretty way to bring a warm glow to the table, the wooden Treepot 3D trivet can be used as both a coffee pot stand and a 3D Christmas tree, how fabulous is that?! I've found they go particularly well with a steaming cup of coffee and pepperkaka (ginger thins)! Any excuse.... 

Photography / styling: Niki Brantmark (My Scandinavian Home).  

Ahhhh, and relax!

I was lucky enough to meet the Be & Liv the team on my last trip to Helsinki and they're the loveliest people - truly dedicated to creating beautiful items made from high quality materials. The pieces also arrive flat-packed, which is a more sustainable choice for the environment - love that!

If brass is more your thing -  you may want to take a look at this feature captured in my sitting room. See entire collection here!

What's your favourite treat to munch on your coffee break?

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Be&Liv however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too.

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Feeling the Hygge: My Holiday Table Setting

Sponsored post-

The winter solstice is a few weeks away and the sun never really gets very high in the sky here in Southern Sweden (is it the same where you are?). This can only mean one thing: it's time to get cosy over casual, candlelit dinners. In preparation for my favourite time of the year (admittedly it's also birthday season so I'm a little biased!), Genevieve Jorn and I had a fun afternoon creating this holiday table setting using beautiful items from the Nordal homeware collection (my Danish partner who are not only the loveliest team ever, they also design the most beautiful items - seriously!).  We selected natural linens, cast iron candle holders,  tactile stoneware  and mouthblown glass combined with a foraged wreath, dried poppies and age-old wood furniture to create a rustic vibe. Bring on the hygge!

Photography - Niki Brantmark,  Styling - Genevieve Jorn  / My Scandinavian Home). 

Ahhhh, so pleased with the natural materials and layers of texture. I feel completely ready for the holiday season now!

In case you'd like to know where any of the items are from, we've mapped out an entire 'get the look' below. 

And here's a styling tip I learned from the pro (Gen!): linen tablecloths will arrive ironed and folded. To get the 'relaxed crease' look, wet the entire linen cloth and then hang it up to dry (if it's curtains you can simply hang them in place) - and then simply throw over the table.

And finally... the wreath! This year I'm really into rustic foraged wreaths. I'm hoping to create a DIY post shortly so keep an eye out!

Get the look*

1. Burgundy velvet quilted cushion 2. Pure drinking glass 3. Retro drinking glass 4. Retro red wine glass 5. Cast iron candle holder (short) 6. Cast iron candle holder 7. Glass vase 8. Cast iron server spoons (small) 9. Tapas board 10. Black cutlery 11. Stoneware bowl 12. Stoneware cake plate 13. Stoneware dinner plate 14. Table cloth 15. Napkins 16. Stoneware pitcher 17. Stoneware mug.

 *Nordal ships throughout Europe. Find a webshop stockist near you here.  

If you'd like to know anything else about my dining space just give me a shout in the comment section below.

Hope you feel as inspired as I do to get together over long lunches / dinners under candlelit!

I'm heading off to a friends cabin in the woods with friends and family for a couple of days (weeeeee!) - back Monday - see you then! Have a lovely weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving to all American friends and family!

PS I feel very honoured to be a part of the world's first influencer-specialised magazine - Le Buzz. Thank you so much for the lovely interview / feature!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Nordal, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too.

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My home: dining area make-over

Last week I gave my home dining space a bit of a make-over with a lick of paint and some beautiful items from the Danish brand Nordal. Although Nordal's been around a long time, I only recently discovered the shop - and what a find! It's a family business which started when the father (Ingolf) fell in love with beautiful old Indian furniture. These days Nordal designs and sells a wide range of their very own beautiful pieces, while being careful to keep the original Nordal DNA. Anyway, I'm in love, and now I have a calm space at home to enjoy long brunches with family and friends! I hope you like it too!

Credits: photography Niki Brantmark (me!), styling by Genevieve Jorn.

What do you think?

I can't tell you how long I've been looking for a nice colour for the back wall. Thanks to Gen's recommendation, I finally settled on ALCRO fjäder which I mixed with a sand additive (Roll-A-Tex) for a more textured / lively finish. And I love it!

Here's a low down of other items in my dining area:

 1. dinner plate  2. cake plate 3. cup 4. tea pot 5. soup bowl  6. Chopping board 7. Cutlery 8. pure linen napkins  9. pure linen table cloth 10. glass bottle

The pure linen tablecloth and napkins are so fab! I was so excited when I received them that I've gone and organised a give-away here on instagram so you can win your own set! It only takes a second or two to enter (open until Friday 22nd July, 2016).

Sponsored post -  this post was made possible by Nordal. All words and thoughts are my own and I only ever work with products and services I truly love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting the brands that make My Scandinavian Home possible!

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Light wood, white walls and a touch of vintage

Hello! Thank you for your lovely comments yesterday on my bedroom. It's always nerve racking to post pics of my own home so I'm really grateful for your positive feedback and helpful tips :) Today's home comes from the Swedish estate agent Alvhem. My favourite features (apart from the beautiful Scandinavian blond wood and white walls of course) is the mix of modern and vintage furniture and the incredible statement wallpaper!

Are you a wallpaper person?

PS I love that they have thrown in a dark green chair into the mix of white chairs around the dining table. perhaps I should do this with my dining room? For the mix I see they've used an Eames DSR chair (15% off with code MYSCAN), the URBAN chair from IKEA and then flea market finds. Quite simple to achieve yet it looks so great no?

Have a lovely day!

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