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Our Small Bathroom Plans / Design For the Cabin

GSI Ceramica and Cristina Rubinetterie are kindly partnering in our project. 

I was up at the cabin yesterday (see our plans) and the build is progressing nicely! I can't tell you how excited I am! Buoyed by the progress, I thought it was time to share an update on the next phase of our build: the bathroom! 


With only 3.66 metres square (XX f2) to play with, it's a case of dream big, think small! Even so, we had several criteria for the bathroom: it should be low maintenance, long-lasting, practical and of course beautiful! Let's start with my favourite - the latter! 


Natural & Raw
Since being up at the cottage is all about enjoying nature, I am keen to keep the look natural. I love the idea of rough finishes and a fairly minimalist approach - with a warm, earthy palette. 

The Design
With the little space we have, I knew a bath would be out of the question (I guess we have the sea nearby!) - so we focused on a WC, sink and shower. 

I've worked with the incredible Italian brand GSI Ceramica for several years now and appreciate how the company prides itself on combining the latest technology with craftsmanship, rooted in a thousand-year-old tradition of Civita Castellana ceramic district.  I always appreciate the high quality which is vital since we're keen for our little cabin to be as low maintenance and long-lasting as possible  - something I've learnt from my Scandinavian friends!

The GSI Ceramica design team came back with these drawings which were spot on: 

The matt white loo and sink are from the Kube X Collection which you mind recognise from this feature. I love the rectangle forms, slender edges and pared down lines. It's a collection that offers something for every size bathroom too, so I knew it would be perfect for our small space! 

1. WC: Kube X 941509: This wall-hung loo is seriously awesome: it features Swirlflush (the quietest flushing system in the world!), helps to save water and has a soft close seat - all important when you live in close quarters, don't you think?

2. Kube X washbasin - 60 x 47: A sleek, narrow washbasin which is perfect for small spaces (loving the white plug!).

3. Prisma Unit 60 x 47: A cabinet was essential - especially with a tween and teenage girl knocking about! This unit launches in 2022 and has been specially designed to fit the Kube X Collection. I opted for a 'Bianco' matt Finnish. Here's a sneak peek of what to expect from the collection: 

4. Four Season Mirror with LED - 60 cm: yes, we'll spend most of our days up there with salty hair and make-up free, but you know, we don't want to scare guests, and this mirror comes with a built in LED light  (always wanted that!). 

Taps & shower
For the taps and shower, we chose items from Cristina Rubinetterie. You'll likely recognise the name since the Italian brand is available in over 60 countries and they've been producing beautiful pieces for the bathroom, kitchen and wellness interiors since 1949! I was looking for something simple and elegant, yet practical with a beautiful finish, and the Tricolore Verde collection fits the bill perfectly!  

*Both in a beautiful matt, brushed old brass finish. 

A note on wall hung loos and taps:
We learned you have to allow for up to 20cm wall space to create room for the cistern and tap fittings. We were slightly concerned that this would eat into the already small space, but came to the conclusion that it would create a perfect opportunity for a built-in shelf above the loo and sink.


And finally, the tiles! I was considering wood panelling (as you can see from the original design) but after some deliberation, I decided to go for more practical, square hand cut tiles in white from a local Swedish tile manufacturer. And for the floor - beautiful Tumbled Turtle tiles from Stiltje. Both very raw with a matt finish -of course!

Thank you for bearing with me through a very long post - I hope this info is helpful for anyone planning a new bathroom in 2022!  

Now, it's just to build it (gaaah!). In the meantime, here's a snapshot of how the bathroom looks right now: 

There's work to be done! 


Photo credits: 1. Villa Hagerman - M Arkitektur 2. Hotel Santa Clara 3. Coco & Jack 4. Mathew Williams for Remodelista 5. Bert & May 6. Sequence by GSI ceramica 7. Cristina Rubinetterie

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Bathroom love: GSI Ceramica's Kube X Collection


Hello friends! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, despite the circumstances. Are you ready to look forward to 2021? I sure am! I have a sneaking suspicion this will be the year we finally renovate our bathroom. I know this as I already have my feelers out for the most beautiful designs (It's a sign, surely?). And GSI Ceramica's contemporary Kube X Collection has sent my design heart a flutter! GSI Ceramica prides itself on combining the latest technology with craftsmanship, rooted in the thousand-year-old tradition of the Civita Castellana ceramic district around 60 km from Rome. And the rectangular forms, pared-down lines and slender edges of the Kube X collection are simply divine! 

I also love that the Kube X Collection is massively versatile, offering something for every size bathroom (from smaller sized basins to larger ones) as well as different installation options (wall hung, on a countertop or on a mobile support) - and is available in a white matt, ash and black finish (Bianco, Cenere and Ardesian from the Colour Elements collection).  

Bathrooms can be a bit of a cesspit for bacteria (although looking at these beautiful images, you'd never know it!) - so it's important to think about the technology too. The products in the Kube X Collection are coated with the new Extraglaze® Antibacterial ceramic enamel which is tested and certified for guaranteed 99.99% antibacterial action. Suddenly makes me wonder about our ancient bathroom and what's lurking there, are you wondering the same about yours?

Oh, and other winning factors in case you're curious: the loo (toilet) features Swirlflush® technology (the quietest flushing system in the world), helps to save water (using 4.5 litres instead of the 9 litres of a standard loo), and has a Soft-Close seat. And if you're really into features, you'll be excited to hear it also features a Quick Release installation system which allows the loo cover to be unhooked without tools, and a Soft Close slow closing system to prevent accidental drops.  

In other words, they've got you covered!

Sounds and looks wonderful, don't you think?

Might just approach Per with this post (he's going to love the tech info!). 

You can read more about the Kube X Collection here

I'll back back tomorrow to share two colours set to be hot in 2021 - and they might just surprise you (I was  sceptical but having seen the imagery, might just be sold!). 

See you then! 


This post is sponsored by GSI Ceramica. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the wonderful brands that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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16 Beautiful Outdoor Bath and Shower Ideas

Nothing says summer like bathing or showering alfresco, don't you think? Right now, we might not be free to visit somewhere balmy and tropical with luxury showers amongst the crickets - and even cycling to the nearby beach / lake / river is off limits in many countries. But we sure can make the most of what little outdoor space we have. This week I'm dreaming about adding an outdoor shower or bath to our tiny back yard. I haven't run the idea passed Per yet... I need to gather some beautiful inspiration to tantalise him into saying yes first. Here are 16 of my favourite outdoor bath and shower ideas... I hope they might inspire you to move your bathroom outside this summer too! 

1. (top picture) The Scandi 'just- back-from-the-beach' vibe

2. (above) The romantic rinse! (love the antique mirror!)

3. Keeping it simple

 4. The walled-garden soak

5. The bathing oasis

6. The scorched Med vibe

7. Rustic simplicity

8. The relaxed old school ritual

9. Tropical rain forest

10. Contemporary minimalism (with a twist) - that vintage chair! 

11. The cute romantic bathroom 

12. Clean and contemporary

13. Modern Scandi!

 14. Back yard beauty!

15. By the pool plunge (somewhere tropical!)

16. Rustic soak with a view (does it come with the guy I wonder?)

Who needs tropical holidays when you can have one of these beauties in your own backyard? Admittedly some might look a teeny bit out of place here in Malmö (ahem), but there are definitely some ideas worth thinking about! 

Do you love the idea of bathing alfresco too? If so, did any of these ideas inspire you? 

Here are a few more ideas (just in case you need a little more convincing!): 

And if you're ready to go:

Roll on balmy days and soaks alfresco! 


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Make-Over: A Dated Bathroom Becomes a Tranquil, Moody Oasis

Are you a shower or a bath person? I love a soak in the evenings - the hotter and more bubbles the better! We lived in an apartment for one year without a bath and I missed it so much. To me, the bathroom has always been a place to escape, and unwind after a long day (preferably with a great book and a glass of wine!).  It seems Jeska Hearne, creator of the beautiful blog Lobster & Swan (and owner of beauty and lifestyle shop the future kept) and husband Dean feel the same. The pair recently stripped out their dated bathroom in East Sussex, England to create a tranquil oasis in which "to inhale, exhale and let the peacefulness soothe the senses" and the result is a-ma-zing! 


The bathroom had been in a semi-ripped out state for a while, and the couple longed for somewhere they could relax surrounded by plants and incense!

The pair took inspiration from rustic bathrooms filled with reclaimed treasures and were looking to find "as many beautiful textures and finishes" as possible.

I was thrilled to see one of their sources of inspiration was Nadia Dole's bathroom which James Gardiner and I captured for my first book Modern Pastoral! I'll never forget the peaceful spot, high up on a hill in Vermont which felt entirely private, save for the odd deer and bear wandering passed the window! Check out more bathrooms that inspired their renovation here.


Due to a busy schedule, the bathroom was a year and a half in the making (without a shower or sink - yikes!), and now their haven is finally complete. The space is a delightful patchwork of of items they've bought, salvaged or made by hand against a deep, rich Off Black hue.

"We love the mood and darkness in here, at night we can sink into the bath with the windows open and feel at one with the night air. In the day the sun filters in through the frosted glass and reflects the gold and white highlights of the vases, pots, frames and decorations."

The bath caddy was "made in minutes" from driftwood, this rustic bath tray* is similar,  antique wall mounted brass candle holder.

"The colour throughout is Farrow and Ball Off Black, we used Modern Emulsion for the walls and ceiling and Estate Eggshell for the wooden panelling – (made from upcycled doors that we rescued from a house that was being knocked down in our village)!"

"The handmade curtains around the sink hide a multitude of cleaning products and other bathroom paraphernalia that is uneasy on the eye!" 

Curtain from Green Fibre, the bath and sink taps are by Bristan Renaissance (found on ebay) 

 "Black walls also make a great background for plants, each frond and leaf is visible and highlighted."

Rectangular Shower Tray from Victoria Plum, tiles from Mandarin Stone. 

Be still my beating heart!

Could you imagine going for a look like this in your bathroom? Just in case you're feeling super inspired - there are a load more pictures and a complete write-up of all the items in this beautiful space over on Lobster & Swan here.

Before you get out the sledge hammer - you might also like to scroll through this bathroom archive (loving this traditional Swedish bathroom with a modern twist - one of my all time favourites!).

What does your dream bathroom look like?

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend -  see you Monday!


Photography: Lobster & Swan shared with kind permission.

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