Details that Elevate the Room at Our Summer Cottage

This post is kindly sponsored by Corston. I only work with brands I love. Thank you for supporting the amazing companies that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

A few weeks ago, I shared the before and after pictures from our summer cottage bedroom renovation. Per, the girls and I went up over the weekend, and I was so happy to open the door to the room once again. I think something happens when you renovate a space yourself, do you agree? - you get a special connection with it. 

A labour of love, we're really happy with the big changes we made, but when it comes down to daily life, what really makes the difference funnily enough, are the details! Read on to discover some of the details we paid special attention to and why. 

To me, the items you touch in a room are incredibly important to the overall experience. When carrying out a renovation, it's often the small details such as a tap, cabinet handles and utensils in a kitchen or the door handle and light switches in a bedroom that make all the difference and elevate the space. 

In this renovation, we picked out the details from Corston architectural details, a UK based company selling throughout Europe. Their collection includes premium switches, sockets, hardware and lighting in antique brass, polished nickel and brass, all designed to elevate a room. 

In the bedroom, I was weary that the first thing you touch when you enter a room is the door handle - so I picked out the sprung Digby Bronze door handle with a traditional look and feel to match the style of the cottage. Dark bronze is a popular material in Swedish summer cottages and country homes and is often seen on door handles and curtain rods. I love the contrast with the white of the door! 

We're so happy we finally sorted out the electrics too. Up until now, we haven't had an overhead light - and you'd need to scramble through the darkness to fumble for the bedside lamp switch on the opposite side of the room. An electrician came in to rewire the room, adding a beautiful antique brass dimmer switch beside the door as well as an antique brass wall socket which has already come in handy for the heater, vacuuming etc! 

On the far side of the room, we had only had one wall socket located directly behind the middle of the bed. One of the best things we did, was change this to two separate sockets either side of bed - way more practical! 

We picked out the antique brass wall socket with space for two plugs and two USC so that we can plug in everything from lamps and laptops to phones. They've added a touch of luxury to our humble little cottage! 

And finally, other important details: a small collection of shells from the nearby beach... resting on top of a pretty little vintage side table which has always been there!

AND a freshly baked cardamom bun from the nearby bakery. Of course! 

Edible details are the best, don't you think? 

And now, we feel the room is finally complete! 

I hope you have felt inspired by these details too! 

If you're renovating, I can highly recommend checking out Corston to see the complete collection of handles, switches and hardware. They have something for every home! 

Do you have any details in your home that you love in particular? If so, please do inspire us all with the details in the comments below! 

See you tomorrow with a beautiful scandi home tour.




  1. I love the wallpaper in this room so I’m curious as to why you chose brass fittings for the sockets rather than white as they seem to stand out. Would it have been the same with white fittings?

    1. Good question, I could have chosen white, but I have used antique brass in other areas of the home such as the kitchen so I was keen to continue the theme in the bedroom and make more of a feature of for example, the light switch.

  2. I love this room, you can tell that you put so much effort into thinking about it. I am sure you will enjoy it for years to come! PS thank you for the tip for Corston.

  3. It's adorable! Unlaquered brass and dark bronze are favored for patina and give pops of depth and color at home, as well. And the vintage woods and weaves are the perfect touch for interest, texture and practical use. Such a cozy, restful place for sweet dreams and breakfast in bed. The pastry looks delish!
    Laura K

  4. The details have made your room polished as well as stylish. Such a calm oasis - I can only imagine how pleasing it must be for you to spend time in there!

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