Emilie's Charming Family Home Among the Rooftops of Strasbourg

It's Friday people - woohoooo! I hope you've got some fun plans for the weekend. Perhaps a little interior 'zhuzhing' in the mix? If so, I've got plenty of inspiration for you here on MSH! 

Today, we're heading to Emilie's home high up in the rooftops of Strasbourg, France which she shares with her husband and two young children Jeanne and Gustave. Emilie loves to surround herself with beauty - and has created a wonderful home to return to after a day working as a general practitioner doctor. Despite the tricky angles and beams, every room feels spacious and full of light (keep a look out for cover use of dormer windows and skylights) - and there's somewhere to relax around every corner. 

Ready to take a peek? Bienvenue! 

The dining room and sitting room is all one room and a glass partition separates the home office from the main living space. I am often asked about glass room dividers - if you're a dab hand, you could build one yourself, if not, I'd recommend a company like Elfa or Velfac

There's something about a piano in a home, don't you think? - just the sight of one is enough to make me feel relaxed. Alice used to play, and I loved hearing her practise (so much better than a recorder!). 

A close up of the room partition - a smart solution if you have one large room which needs dividing but you still want to keep the light. 

I really like how Emilie has included accent walls throughout her home. The colour in the master bedroom is not unlike the 'Blushing peach' we used to have in our bedroom

Emilie's prettiest summer dresses hang from a DIY open rail. 

The children share a bunkbed (from Oliver Furniture). Pretty wallpaper from Sandberg adds interest on the side away from the windows. 

I love the black radiator here.

The vintage school desk provides plenty of space for creating (there is some fantastic vintage school furniture available on Etsy*).
*affiliate link.

Skylights fill the bathroom with light and a shelf allows for art or other items in a tight space. 

Very charming! 

I think my favourite thing is how the light dances off a disco ball in the main room (it's Friday after all!), and of course the children's room - I'd have loved a room like this when I was little! 

Is there anything that stands out to you? 

See more corners of Emilie's home over at @lunettesetsalopettes

And here are a few other wonderful French homes from the archives to explore this weekend: 

There are even a couple of homes belonging to Swedes (something special happens when two cultures combine!): 

I hope this has given you plenty of ideas for your own home!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Photography courtesy of @lunettesetsalopettes with kind permission


  1. Beautiful home! All the lighting caught my eye - especially the floor lamp in the living room with the petal shade.

    1. Yes, thank you so much for pointing this out, the lighting is beautiful! / Niki

  2. Beautiful- every photo inspires me! Usually when a particular photo on your blog inspires me I either pin it ( Pinterest) or save it to my personal photos. But today I was thinking that I would “ save” this house to a favorites list or mark somehow for future reference on your site if that was possible. Is that something that could be possible? Sometimes I don’t take the time to save a home otherwise and then go back to try to remember where it is and go down the rabbit hole of looking around on your blog. While it is quite a lovely rabbit hole I do end up spending more time looking than actually doing. I just love this blog so much, the homes and your writing style. It’s like a visit with a dear friend.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely message, and also for your feedback. This would make such a great feature. I am in the process of updating my website (hoping to move it over to another platform with more features) so I will see if this is a possibility. It would be great to make this blog as user friendly as possible, especially when there is such a big archive involved! Thank you so much for following along :) / Niki

  3. So what happened to the gorgeous tile floor in the lead photo? The second photo shows the kitchen with either wood or laminate floor.

    1. I wondered about that too.

      So much light in this house!

    2. I have inside information that this is actually a rug! / Niki


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