Happy New Year / Skiing In Åre

Happy new year! I hope you had a relaxing time over the holidays! I am finally back at my desk and feeling soooo slow (third coffee slow!) - which I guess is a good sign as it's meant I really managed to switch off over these past few weeks! But the good news is, I've got some really inspiring Scandi home tours and design news to share with you this week!

But before I launch into my usual Scandi design flow, I'd love to share a few pictures I snapped with my phone from beautiful Åre - I was so mesmerised by our visit and hope you might feel inspired to visit this incredible part of the world one day!

We usually head North for new year (what can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment when it comes to the cold and dark!) - and this time, we decided to pay our first visit to the Swedish ski resort of Åre. Known for its downhill and cross-country skiing, the resort is located in Jämtland county which is around half way up Sweden and 250 km south of the Arctic Circle. 

They say fortune favours the brave - and I can say it was pretty chilly up there (the coldest day was minus 9 degrees celsius (15 degrees Fahrenheit) without the wind chill factor - although friends have told me they've weathered minus 30 (-22 Fahrenheit) from the top. The days were also short (sunrise at 8.45 am and sunset at 2.30pm). But the pay off was a dawn light that cast a magical spell over the frozen fells and valleys.

Jämtland county is best known for it's moose, but there are a great many other animals who roam the frozen fells. For example, Northern Jämtland has the most densely populated brown bear habitat in the world (mercifully in hibernation right now!), and other wildlife such as lynx, wolverines, arctic foxes and golden eagles frequently roam the area. Although we didn't spot some of these more rare species - we did share the fells with a magnificent herd of reindeer! 

If you're an avid skier - or simply love to explore Scandinavia - I can highly recommend this stunning ski resort! Wrap up warm, stop for plenty of hot chocolates and stay somewhere with a roaring fire and wood burning sauna and you'll be just fine!

Could you imagine skiing here? If so, you can find more info about it here. I haven't really thought too much about it, but would it be interesting for me to share a complete guide to this ski resort - or perhaps all ski resorts in Scandinavia? 

Have you ever visited somewhere that you've felt is quite extreme with incredible wilderness? If so, I'd love to hear about it! 

Right folks, that's that out of my system! I am so looking forward to cracking on with some beautiful Scandinavian design inspiration tomorrow. It's great to be back! 



  1. wow - of cause i would went cross country skiing there - its beautiful!
    for the cold - i stop feeling so if the temps drop under -5°C - but i always shiver at +3°C and wet conditions....
    went for years to the *riesengebirge* in czechia - a little arktic "island" looking quite like scandinavian fjells.
    thanks for the gorgeous pics! xx

    1. It's strange with the cold isn't it? often it can depend on how much humidity is in the air - a dry cold feels better than a damp cold! Either way, it took a long way for my tootsies to warm up after some of the ski tours, I think I need some electric heated socks!!! On my list for next Christmas....

  2. So beautiful and serene. I would love to ski there. It reminds me of Nordic skiing on Mt. Rainier in Washington state, USA. So beautiful, quiet, cold. I'm glad you had such a wonderful holiday, and I'm happy you're back to share with us.

    1. I love the sound of Mt. Rainer! It's the beautiful, stillness of it all that I love too!

    2. I also love Mt Rainer but nothing beats Whistler in BC

  3. Lived in Montana and visit every year. Lived on Whitefish lake and crossed country skied and downhill. Glacier Park and Bob Marshall Wilderness is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world.

    1. I have always wanted to visit Montana - I've made a note of these places, which are now on my dream travel list, thank you!

  4. These pictures are amazing. I'm not a skier but I love to snowshoe.

    We have gone on several vacations to remote places in the US. We can't seem to get enough of the outdoors and the wild animals. SO many places in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah ... last summer we were in a remote area of West Virginia .... and as a native Michigander, I have to put in a plug for our upper peninsula if you want a wilderness adventure.

  5. Stunning! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.


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