A Pretty Scandinavian Christmas Table Scape

Entertaining this December? I discovered this beautiful Scandinavian Christmas table setting earlier and had to share it with you in case you're looking for inspiration! Created by Emelie Sundberg and Emma Johansson for LINUM, it features everything I love: layers of textiles, delicate cocktail glasses, pretty festive touches and of course, plenty of candlelight. 

I love the slim candles (buy in bulk here*!), they look so pretty against the dark, earthy wall. 

Edit: A note on the overhead candles: they've been installed using special candle holder clips which will keep them firmly in place and each candle has been placed firmly away from any branches or anything else flammable. Of course, to do something like this you'd need a really high ceiling and also exercise caution. Never leave candles unattended and always extinguish before leaving the room. But to avoid any doubt, these battery-powered candles would be a better option! 

The use of ribbons add a soft, romantic touch to the setting. If I tied the plates up like this at home I can  just see Per looking at it completely baffled!! But I for one, would appreciate it, and I think my girls would too! I also love how the berries add a delicate touch of colour. 

So pretty!

I hope it has given you a few ideas for your table this December. 

See more beautiful Christmas inspiration here:

Have a cosy evening! 


Photography and styling: Emelie Sundberg & Emma Johansson


  1. Wow, that is so dreamy.
    But if I wanted to replicate the look using the branch, nobody could sit at the table because it would set their heads/hair on fire. With my ceilings not being the correct Scandinavian height, the branch would poke into the guests' faces LOL

    1. I'm with Alena. Exactly how do you keep the candles vertical and avoid fires (apart from staying in the room at all times)? How many houses burn down at Christmas time in your part of the world?

    2. Yes, you'd need a very high ceiling! I
      Thank you for highlighting this., I've added a note in the text about how these candles have been kept in place using clip candleholders and also how they've been carefully placed to ensure the flame is not near anything flammable. Even so, It's always important to stay in the room with lit candles -and extinguish them if there is no adult in the room. But for anyone looking to recreate the look, battery powered tapered candles are the answer (added a link!).

    3. I was just joking (I hope it was obvious from the LOL at the end) but Niki's comment sparked a memory from my childhood. We always put candles on our Christmas tree (string lights were not available yet, especially not in Eastern Europe) and I remember that the clips were kind of heavy so it was always a small miracle if the candles stayed upright. The candleholders did have the little dishes to catch the dripping wax but since the candles were usually at a bit on angle, we always had a piece of plastic under the tree to prevent the wax landing on my mom's Persian rug.
      We never lit the candles unless we planned to stay in the living room for a while (and somebody was present at all times in case something went wrong). We never had a problem but Mattie_NZ is right, Xmas trees are a fire hazard.

  2. These images are beautiful and I regularly light candles on the table in winter, but it might be worth adding that candles can be dangerous even when attended! At a dinner party I threw some years ago I had tealights scattered around the table in those little glass IKEA tealight holders. The room was full of people, one of the guests entered with a beautiful salmon curry they had made, we all turned to ooh and aah and someone unwittingly dropped their cotton napkin on top of a tealight and it set on fire. When someone noticed, an almost comedy ensued with the lit napkin being first thrown and then kicked around the dining room before I stamped it out on the cream carpet, leaving a smouldering black hole. No-one was hurt and the carpet was repaired but needless to say I will never have tealights on the dining table again! Whilst I am here, can I just say that I love this blog and its beautiful images and text and am very thankful for all the hard work that must go into it x

    1. I can just imagine the scene!!! Completely crazy! And yers, you're so right, you need to be vigilant even in the same room. My grandmother once caught her hair on fire when she stood too close to a candle on the wall, needless to say there was a major amount of panic. No harm done - though her hair was very frazzled.
      In all seriousness though, candles are not something too mess around with, you need to exercise so much caution.

  3. Beautiful!
    There are also LED candles/lights to invite this kind of atmosphere :-)

    1. Yes, agreed. In fact, I added some LED candles in my links in the post :)


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