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A Relaxed Family Home With Beautiful Bones - And Toy Strewn Floors!

I was so happy to see so many enjoy yesterday's Danish cabin tour - it really was a beauty and certainly brightened up 'blue Monday'! Speaking of which, I learnt a new phrase yesterday: 'oxenveckorna', A Swedish term meaning 'the ox weeks' - used to describe the long, dark, 'sluggish and heavy' weeks between Twelfth night (epiphany) and Easter in Scandinavia! But it's not all bad, right? After all, homes can feel so cosy this time of year - and after enjoying a little 'friluftsliv' (outdoor life) it's perfectly acceptable to snuggle up on the sofa for hours completely guilt free! I think it's this sentiment which led me to today's home tour. Located just outside Frankfurt, the apartment belongs to Mexican born Alejandra (AKA Alex), her husband and their two children. 

What struck me is how the family home is so full of soul. It's awash with warm earthy tones and lovely lights hang from the ceiling. But best of all, we get a glimpse into a children's bedroom with desks and floors strewn with colouring books and toys. Hurrah! Enjoy the tour friends, I hope it helps your load feel a little lighter today! 

The 'Blade' ceiling light is from George's store. Alex isn't sure of the name of the colour on the wall since it was already in place when they moved in. However, if you'd like to do something similar, you could try something like Minty Breeze by Jotun (Allie has it in her room and I find it really calm - even if it's not quite the same shade). 

I love how some German and Scandinavian apartments have these great big hallways! It's a dream of mine  - probably because ours is tiny and has five doors coming off it and like Piccadilly Circus in the mornings! What does your hallway / landing look like? 

When I first moved to Sweden, I was baffled by the two single duvets on a double bed. I've since learnt from you guys that this is quite normal across many countries in Europe - and I've grown to love this too! 

On her instagram Alex is careful to blend in 'real' pics with more tidy pics. The below pic is inspirational in that I would love my daughters' desks to look as neat as this....

And the lic below gives me a great sense of relief to see that other children have desks as messy as mine (check out the full waste paper basket too - I recognise the creative process!).   

Tell me, are your children's desks / your own desk more like exhibit A (top pic) or exhibit b (bottom pic)?

I also love the pics of the children's bedroom on a tidy day, followed by a more 'real' pic of how a children's bedroom tends to look after hours of wonderful, creative play! 

On her instagram Alex expresses her internal struggle at letting go of the pressure of having to keep the house neat and tidy with young children: "when they play, I love it, they want to keep the magic for long, leave the toys or their arrangements for days. Whatever they (have) built or created, is OK I say, and I realise how much I have changed."

I recognise this from when I was young - and when my children were young. There's nothing more lovely than listening to a child lost in play! 

Hop over to @alessmalpica to see more pictures of Alex's lovely, relaxed home! 

Have a lovely, relaxed day friends! 


Photography: @alessmalpica shared with kind permission. 


  1. I just love the pictures of "real life" and I totally agree: Nothing is more relaxing than listening to playing children, totally immersed in their own world. Never disturb a playing child! :-)

  2. Re landings/hallways. I am lucky to live in a three floor modern townhouse so top landing is clear and also houses the bookshelves in a quiet corner. Next one down is a half landing leading to a bedroom but we have a double height hallway with windows floor to ceiling. So the light is incredible in the winter. It's what made us buy the house even though we only have a patio and people wondered if it was child-friendly. Answer: yes, very.

  3. Those moldings and floors and high ceilings and...everything. Amazing place. I also love big hallways, they are a great opportunity for gallery walls or just art in general. Unfortunately, I have no hallway to speak of, one enters my apartment directly into the kitchen. but I used all other walls for a gallery wall so it works out :-). I am very impressed how they used that little space between the wardrobes and the wall in the bedroom. I always thought of ironing boards and ladders in those small tight spaces but this is so much better. lovely place.

    1. Thank you for pointing out this little space - I hadn't noticed it!

  4. I want the dollhouse! I also LOVE the moon & the bunny ear chairs.... once again I'm blown away by the treasures you find!

    1. The dollhouse is lovely - as are most of the toys, I love how they are all wooden! :)

  5. Lovely home! And a good reminder as I look at my sons lego universe in the living room. He is having so much fun and as long as we reset completely it every few days- I can handle it!

    1. I love the sound of your son's living room lego universe! I used to have a whole 'play mobile ski' thing going on in our sitting room as a child, even lifting the rug at the edge to turn it into a ski slope. I sed to get really upset when my Mum cleared it away, but to be honest, it was lethal, especially if you were carrying a cup of tea or something!


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