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8 Ways To Create Cohesion In Your Home - Danish Style!

Home decorating is such a personal process. And in my mind, the warmest most inviting and unique spaces are usually made up of a wonderful mix of pieces collected over time. But combining furniture and accessories from different eras (and styles) can also make it tricky to achieve a cohesive look. This is where the 'röd tråd' (red thread) comes in. In the world of interiors, the Swedish term röd tråd refers to a theme which connects every room in your home in order to achieve a wonderful, considered, cohesive look. 

The chances are, you already have a röd tråd throughout your home - whether conscious or subconscious. But if you feel your home lacks cohesion, the good news is, it's easier to achieve than you might think! The answer lies in repetition. Pick a theme such as an accent colour (like blue, green, or yellow etc) a material (such as brass, chrome or rattan) or even a shape and repeat it several times in each room throughout your home. It can be as subtle or strong as you like. Allow me to illustrate this using a beautiful danish home (after all, the Danes are masters at this type of thing, right?). 

Dane Kinne Andersen has achieved a wonderful flow throughout her Copenhagen home by connecting each room with a yellow accent. Subtle it may be, but the touches create just the desired effect. I picked out eight props that Kinne has used for a cohesive look: 

1. Brass touches: metallic brass touches help to emphasise the yellow accent colour in every room of Kinne's home

2. Vases (see top picture): a beautiful yellow vase in the kitchen 'visually' binds the space with other rooms in the house. 

Off topic, but can we all take a moment to admire the pink HAY candle in a classic Skultuna Lily candleholder too? I love it when Danish and Swedish design come together!

3. Art: paintings and illustrations that contain your chosen röd tråd (whether that's a colour, shape or material) are great for creating cohesion between rooms. 

4. Furniture: in order to achieve cohesion, your accent colour doesn't need to be the exact same shade - it could be a darker or lighter version. In Kinne's sitting room, an Arctander chair in a yellowish shade as well as a brass magazine rack and vase help to tie the space in with the rest of her home. 

5. Bed linen: Kinne has opted for pale yellow bedding in the master bedroom for a wonderful sunny vibe - and of course, to tie the space in with the rest of her home. These days you can buy bedding in every shade under the sun (try Etsy*) - perfect for adding an accent colour to your boudoir! 

6. Paint: mix up your favourite hue and apply it to a wall, door frame, or in this instance, a chest-of-drawers. 
7. Flowers - you're probably drawn to flowers in your favourite colour already, but if not, and you feel your home lacks 'flow', think about the colours of the leaves and petals on the plants and flowers you buy. Here, a pop of yellow from a sunflower adds a vibrant touch to Kinne's nightstand.

8. Towels and robes: bathrooms are such a big investment. So much so, that I've always been loath to go all out with an accent colour (even if I do fantasise about pink tiles!). Call me safe, but a neutral bathroom will stand the test of time and you can still go wild with an accent colour using accessories such as towels and robes, just like Kinne! 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you like the idea of a red thread? Perhaps you already have a theme in your home - in which case I'd love to hear about it. 

Oh, and I couldn't resist adding in a garden shot - simply because the outdoor season has been extended indefinitely this year! Loving the French bistro chair / rattan combo, how about you? 

See more of Kinne's beautiful Østerbro home over on her instagram @kinneandersen

There are also a load more Danish homes in the archive. If you decide to pour a coffee and head off for more inspo, keep an eye out for that röd tråd


Photography: Kinne Andersen

*affiliated link which means I'll make a teeny amount of money if you click through and buy something (at no extra cost to you). 


  1. LOVE the ball of string vase in the kitchen. Do you know if it’s an old one, or available?
    Thank you!

    1. I like it too, but I think you could easily replicate it if you are into DIY. You can embed a glass container in a foam ball (sold in craft stores) and wrap a string around it creating a similar pattern (using glue to make sure it sticks). Then, you can paint it and you are done.

  2. The olive green cabinet refinishing is so calming in your kitchen!

  3. I'm eager to try this ideas of a theme or red thread. I describe my style and home as "eclectic" with a mix of colors and patterns. Trying the red thread would give it a more serene flow.

    1. I love the sound of your home! A red thread does wonders to create a subtle sense of flow in an eclectic loving space - I'd love to hear how you get on!

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