The Inspiring Life-Changing Story (And Tour) of Wild Run Farm

Do you ever have a niggling feeling you're missing that lifelong project? The dream you can't quite put your finger on. Tamlyn was looking for something that she 'could dig deep within and pour her heart and soul toward'. It all started with a cross country family road trip in an Airstream from their home in Florida. It was a year Tamlyn, hr husband Scott and their twin boys would never forget and made them want to fight for what they loved most: each other. It also helped them suss out the life they wanted to lead. Today the family  live on a beautiful Wild Run Farm in California, surrounded by animals, an orchard, kitchen garden, a barn for workshops and a shop. Welcome to Tamlyn's world deep in the heart of the Californian countryside!  

The farmhouse is nestled in the middle of pasture surrounded by rolling hills. It was instant love, despite the level of neglect and desperate need of renovation!

"The moment I started up the drive, I knew she was the one. I did not even need to walk inside. She had the most beautiful bones and just need a loving touch and lots of TLC."

Tamlyn was keen to create a home void of clutter but that still felt lived in and warm.

"I really love good, clean lines with a bit of texture. Not stuffy but filled with character. We have added in the warmth of plastered walls, redwood plank floors, classic schoolhouse lighting, deep moody greens and blacks along with the warmth of walnut shelving and paneling."

With beautiful surroundings, it's hard to ignore the sheer force of nature and Tamlyn was really keen to bring it indoors. 

"A huge part of my design inspiration comes from nature, when I sit outside, I can't help but notice how everything ebbs and flows naturally. Nothing is forced and I wanted that for the farmhouse."

Tamlyn has managed to strike the elusive balance between decluttered and cosy. The look is also timeless and sustainable. 

"When doing higher budget renovations, you will never regret sticking with classic and simple, and saving your statements for things that are easier to change out - like paint colours, pillows and artwork." 

If you're anything like me (and my Mother - who's currently renovating her kitchen) - changing things in the home or renovating can be a little (understatement) worrisome and it's easy to start second guessing yourself. Having completed the major farmhouse renovation Tamlyn is very philosophical about this: 

"Most of the time, the first ideas that pop into my head are the best fit, even though I'll second guess it a million times. Go with your gut more often than you feel comfortable doing when designing your space, and odds are you won't regret a thing."

Sound advice indeed. I'll do my best to follow this next time I change something up (music to Per's ears!). 

The lovely farmhouse came with acres of land filled with fruit trees, raised vegetable beds and flowers - and not only being a novice but an actual self-confessed 'plant killer' (made me laugh!), this was somewhat daunting for Tamlyn, but she surprised herself. 

"One thing I can tell you is the ridiculous amount of time I've spent with my hands in the dirt and a big ol' smile on my face. Don't ever thing you're too old or it's too late to learn something you've walls wanted to learn..."

You can read more about Wild Run Farm on Tamlyn's wonderful website. And if you're in the area, why not stop by, pick some flowers, buy some fresh produce or simply say hi - I have no doubt the family will welcome you with open arms! 

Are you feeling as inspired as I am? 

Time to invest in an airstream...! 

In other news, today is Per's birthday so we're heading to Copenhagen for the day to celebrate. So excited! I wonder if I can sneakily pop into a few shops, I've got a feeling there are some great vintage ones in Norrebro (where we're headed). 

Have a great day friends! 


Photography: Wild Run Farm with kind permission


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