Danila's Lovely, Earthy Home In A Finnish Rental

Quite often, the homes I show are blessed with dramatically high ceilings, beautiful stucco, original parquet flooring and other drool worthy period features. All very well if you are lucky enough to have these in your home, but what about the rest of us mere mortals? If you fall into the latter camp, you'll be as excited as I was to hear the owner of this Finnish apartment state in her instagram bio: "making the most of a not so glam 73m2 rental." Sound familiar? Read on for some beautiful inspiration from Danila Yonsini's lovely home!  

Danila has painted her walls in soothing earthy tones with a warm hint and added plenty of texture to break up the 'boxy' feel of the architecture.

IKEA rattan cupboard, Portrait H* is similar, Mantis table lamp*

Every time I see a Samsung The Frame TV it takes me straight back to that greenhouse make-over I did with Emily Henderson.  I love the one in my sitting room too - I always choose pictures like the one Daniela's chosen but my kids love to change it to more shall we say 'statement' art - just to wind me up!  

We're so used to seeing iconic String shelving in the sitting room, but I absolutely love it in the kitchen too (as seen here!!).  

Is it just our family, or is your hallway floor knee deep in shoes too? If you have the wall space for it, this storage from IKEA is really nifty! 

I spy a piece that has gone bananas on instagram lately: the round, white ceramic vase from HM Home (I couldn't find this in the online store so it might require a store visit if you're interested) . They're everywhere! 

I love the little sculpture next to the bed. Sadly, I don't know where this particular one is from, but I got sent a similar one recently by a Swedish artist and it's one of my favourite pieces! You can see a glimpse of it in my sitting room here and they're available here

I hope Danila's home has given you some inspiration for your own home! You can see more pictures here

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  1. Rita/Turtledesign12 February 2020 at 12:45

    I just love the added wooden shelf on top of the shoe storage. Never senn that at Ikea, so I am guessing they made it themselves. What a difference it makes! That way you get a nice, long shelf in stead of the dust-collecting little sunken shelves on each unit.

  2. I really like this home. Great choice of colours throughout the apartment. So soothing and calm. But I really like all the little details like that key hook in the hallway. I will come back to this tour often to try to discover more of it.

    1. The key hook is beautiful and it caught my eye as well!

  3. I'm in love with this home and moreso the dining table. Any thoughts on where its from?

  4. Love, love, love this post! What an absolutely amazing makeover, i just loveeeeee all the things, specially string shelving, really adorable, Thanks for the share dear.

  5. Love this all of your posts.
    Going through the new posts of MyScandinavianHome is 'my morning must' daily.
    Thank you! :)

  6. Gorgeous home.
    I can recommend the Trones boxes from Ikea - they are excellent as shoe storage! I have done the same thing in my house - the little area behind my front area had a small chinoserie cabinet (which was useless as storage) and several years ago I replaced it by 3 Trones. I installed a cedar shelf on top of them and I have several plants there.
    Since the area is getting a lot of sun streaming in through the glass inserts in the front door, I went for black Trones as I was worried the white ones could get discoloured over time. I very happy with this setup and I got lots of compliments from friends.

  7. The house is gorgeous! This is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing .

  8. The sculpture is Kristiina Haataja’s work in collaboration with cooee design, called Eve II. I’ve got it for xmas from my husband in a darker grey tone. She is a great swedish artist, everybody should check her out. And the flat is amazing too, full of great design solutions.


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