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18 Hot Headboards - For Every Budget and Style!

Scandinavians are known for their love of minimalism - and nowhere is more important than in the bedroom where the clean and decluttered aesthetic helps to creates an oasis of calm. Over the years, headboards have taken a distinct backseat - and in many cases banished altogether. But I've been noticing a welcomed change. Not only are headboards making a come back, they're taking centre stage! Think high, low, or super wide headboards in leather, linen, velvet, rattan, cane and wood. Go vintage or contemporary - or get crafting and make your own. There's something out there for every taste and budget. Here are 18 looks I love right now:


1. DIY cotton and leather hanging headboard: if you want to keep the bed you have but looking for a quick headboard fix, this DIY idea by Paulsvera with leather straps and two standard pillows could be the perfect solution - plus it's easy to clean and looks super comfy! 
2. Hung up on leather: Another hanging solution, this headboard from Citizenry goes all out leather. Love the cognac finish! 


3. The cushion hack: In this Brooklyn apartment, the owner has attached a simple cushion from Urban Outfitters to the wall for a makeshift headboard. I love the moss tone - and it looks kinda cosy too, don't you think? 

4. The wrap around velvet: Once we've got over the beautiful colours (how fabulous is the combination of olive green, millennial pink and a touch of gold?) zoom in and imagine reclining against this velvet beauty. There's even a ledge to rest your head.  

5. The scallop: still on the pink - but with a different form and kind of relaxed. There's a similar headboard to this one currently available at Walmart! Oh, how I wish I lived in America right now. Loving this look, how about you? 


6. Freestanding linen: I bet you knew it was only a matter of time before linen appeared in this line-up - and this Ghost bed in the home of the owner of Artilleriet is an absolute beauty! You might just want to check out the full tour of this beautiful Gothenburg home too. Just saying. 

7. Simply Linen: If the Ghost linen bed featured in no.6 is a little over budget (*eyes water*) - a simple standalone linen headboard like this one in the home of Elin Kickén might be more your thing. I love the ones handmade by


8. Quilted wool: A classic headboard that is super comfy and will never go out of style. This one's the Malö bed by luxury swedish bed manufactured Carpe Diem Beds - timeless and cosy! 


9. Rounded cane: If Finnish interior stylist Susanna Vento has chosen this cane headboard from Matri by Fennobed for her home, we should probably take note. 

10. Classic cane: keep an eye out for a classic cane headboard like this one at flea markets and second hand shops. It's the kind of piece you'll never tire of (Etsy* have a few great ones). 

11. Romantic cane: I'm all for adding a little romance to the bedroom - and this pretty antique cane headboard is as pretty as can be. Keep an eye out for headboards with old school glamour like this at antique fairs. 

12. DIY cane: yes, still on the cane, sorry! But I couldn't quite drop the style before I linked to this wonderful Ikea hack made using an Ivar unit and a sheet of cane. Follow September Edit's guide and you could have a new headboard in hours! 


13. White wood: probably the most standard headboard / bed frame in the mix - but I do love how a simple white bed can form the basis for any look. Dress in earthy linens and other textured, natural materials for a cosy look that still feels fresh. 

14. Contemporary light wood: a headboard that extends the width of the bedroom. Why not? Plus, wood allows you to add electrical outlets. To achieve a similar look either nip to your local DIY store for supplies and get crafting (she says.... having not touched a saw since school!) - OR ask a local carpenter to cut wood to size. This would look great in a kid's room too, don't you think?

15. The statement headboard: Now, this is fabulous. Yes, the room happens to have beautiful bones (massively high ceilings, concrete floor...) - but there's nothing to stop us from making full use of the height of a space - and these wood slats are the business! 

16. The add-on headboard: Remember this home? Sarah Shabacon created a birch headboard using a series of Mandal headboards from IKEA - so simple, yet so clever! 


17. Simple rattan: palm headboards are everywhere right now - and there's a style to fit every boho heart! This one from Tiretta Living in the home of Studio Elwa is simple, yet still decorative and looks pretty against a soft peach wall. Side note: don't miss the full tour of Elin's home here!

18. Decorative rattan: or you could go a little more decorative and opt for a curved rattan headboard like this one from Silka Design
Do you have a favourite? 

Or perhaps I missed a style you love - if so, I'd love to hear about it in the comment section below! 

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Sov gott! 


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  1. I always need a headboard. Ikea used to have a bed called Stockholm. It was solid wood and had leather pillows that rest on the headboard. I am not sure why it was discontinued. We bought a queen sized one, and it looks good and it's comfortable.

    1. Love the sound your bed - it sounds perfect! What a shame they discontinued it.


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