5 Ways To Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary

Weekend House by Gafpa architects
Whenever I visit interior fairs, I always intend to take it a little more easy, put my feet up here and there. And then I get there and there's so much to see and feel inspired by I end up running around like crazy and arrive at the press happy hour totally disheveled (and in desperate need of a glass or two!). Perhaps it was ironic then, that my favourite trend forecast at the wonderful Ambiente Fair - which focuses on international consumer goods - in Frankfurt this weekend was 'Quiet Surrounding'. Annetta Palmisano, Cem Bora and Claudia Herk picked this out as one of three 2019 trends alongside 'tasteful residence' and 'joyfilled ambience' - all of which have an underlying theme of sustainability, naturalness and recycling (hurrah!).

Noma restaurant, Copenhagen

So what is 'quiet surrounding' all about?

"Simply beautiful: natural, simple and useful products satisfying a yearning for calm and honesty. They create in soft colours unpretentious havens for everyday life free from stress. Respect for materials and creativity in the use made of them are of great importance here."

Sounds good to me - and something very close to my 'scandinavian heart', how about you? But how do we tap into this trend and create our very own sanctuary far from the stresses and strains of everyday life? Here are 5 simple steps:

1. Colour:
Think about introducing soothing, earthy, muted colours inspired by nature to your home. Walls, textiles and accessories in 'green moss', stormy sea' and rose dawn' are bound to help you lower your pulse and create a dreamy haven!

Pantone 466 C Pantone 16-09460 / Pantone 11-1001 TCX Cream Pink / Pantone 5655 C 16-6307 Agate Grey / Pantone 2177 C - 18-4711 Stormy Sea / Pantone 451 C 17-0636 Green Moss / Pantone 7504 18-1029 Toasted coconut / Pantone 7612 C 16-1522 TCX Rose dawn / Pantone 426 C 19-4006 TCX Caviar

Mark's 'Memories / Bigso notebook 

2. Natural materials:
This season is all about natural, honest, sustainable materials and are "combined with a love of experimentation and traditional handcraft techniques". Furniture and accessories in wood, stone, glass, paper and wool with a handcrafted finish will help you to reconnect with nature.

Uashmama washable paper bags

The beautiful patina from different types of respectful, handcrafted items made from wood tell a story and add to the warm and inviting, ultra cosy feel of the home. Plus they'll just get better with time!

Wooden Hanger by Aveva Design, Serving Boards by Stuff Design

3. Textiles
Linen tea towels, bedding, knitted dishcloths and blankets not only make you feel super comfy so you can relax anywhere in your home - but they also help to dampen noise for a calmer abode! OK, and they look pretty too!

Aspegren dish cloths, LinenMe Tea Towels and Lovely Linen towels

4. Plants and flowers
I always find it incredible how quickly you can be in the moment and unwind when surrounded by nature. Think about the last time you are in a forest, a meadow, the local park or walking along the beach - everyday concerns seem, to disappear (even if for a short time). It makes sense then, that bringing plants and flowers into your home are an instant mood lifter - and an essential part of our 'oasis'!

Climbing plants in the Stockholm home of Karolina Modig

Uashmama paper bag plant pot / Wooden vases by Danish Made By Bent

5. Wildlife
You might be lucky enough to have a wonderful furry friend rocking about the house, but for the rest of us pet-less folk - bringing wildlife indoors can help to complete your oasis! And I'm not talking about the two homing pigeons that made themselves at home in my bedroom last summer (I'm still worrying they'll be back again this year!). Search for beautiful Danish bird-shaped ornaments and nature-inspired art.  Or go a step further with an indoor 'Zwitscherbox' bird house with sensor chip: every time you walk past, the birds start to sing!

Finnish Illustrations by Teemu J√§rvi / wooden birds by Novoform

I'm feeling pretty inspired by this trend, I have to say - and was so excited to discover some of these items at the fair. I hope some of these ideas will help inspire you to make small changes to create your very own sanctuary at home too! 

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PS you can hear about other news from Ambiente fair over on their blog here

Note: My trip to Ambiente fair was a paid press trip. All words are my own. 


  1. I always find your blog super inspirational. Thanks for the share.

    1. Thank you so much Maria, that really means a lot!

  2. I've found the color palette shown above best matched with some gold and/or some gentle plants for added freshness. Definitely the best way to add lightness and comfort to your home.


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