A Delightful, Pared-Back Swedish family Home

The owner of this beautiful Swedish pad certainly knows a thing or two about interior design. I wish I knew who they were (tips welcome!). But, what I do know is that it was recently for sale through Bjurfors, so one lucky person has got lots to look forward to - even after the furniture has been removed! Just take a look at the beautiful herringbone parquet floors, stucco ceilings and soft toned walls for starters. And of course, there's the actual furniture, with it's delightful mix of vintage and mid-century finds. Let's dive in!

Above: Marshall Speakers*

The long make-shift sofa is everything in this room! Love all the linens! At the top of the wall you can catch a glimpse of a series of porcelain wall lights strung together with old fashioned twisted electrical chord. These are available locally from Byggfabriken (it's worth asking in your local lighting store if they can help source similar).

Stoke Tripp trapp chair*, Grey linen fabric by the half yard /metre* (this one* is pretty too!)

The open storage to the left is all IKEA

Source a vintage army cot exactly like this one here* (the Safari daybed is similar).  

I've often wondered about these army cots. They look fab and all, but not entirely comfy?! Is that just me?

These washed grey-blue linen duvet cover* and pillow cases* and dusty mustard-yellow pillow case* are similar. Source made to measure white linen curtains here*

Dromedary duvet cover

Kind of a beautiful apartment, don't you think? I couldn't find the exact location but I have a sneaking suspicion it's here in Malmö!

What do you reckon? Could you imagine moving here?!

If you'd like to brighten up your day with a few more inspiring Scandi home tours today - I'm loving a vintage-inspired Swedish home full of soul, a charming Danish home with mid-century touches, and a rustic Norwegian hide-away.

Happy hump day (as a Brit I find this expression very hard to get used to for reasons I'm not going to go into! - does anyone else feel the same)?!

Ha det så kul!


PS I'll be back this evening with my first of two Scandi gift guides! I hope it'll give you a few ideas for Christmas pressies!

Photography courtesy of Bjurfors - found via Style Files with thanks.

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  1. While I love the style, some of the solutions seem really strange and not that comfortable: the makeshift sofa is not very deep, so not very comfortable to lean into, and I find the placement behind the dining table like that very strange, as if for waiting till it's your turn to eat or something. And in the living room the side table is too tiny among all this sitting furniture; although the cot's purpose is unclear whether it's for sitting: again, it's not very comfortable for that as it's rather meant for lying...wouldn't show these as good examples for interior styling, maybe just for the vibe and materials.

    1. Interesting observations, thank you for sharing! I agree that the mail inspiration comes from the lovely linens etc. i also love the kitchen!

  2. oh yes, the kitchen I liked too, I love when wooden crates are used for storage.

    1. I love all the open storage too- crates, metal shelving etc, it adds a relaxed vibe!

  3. Yes, as a Canadian, I understand you. Hump day is neither my favourite day nor my favourite name for a day :-). I understand why it's used but every time somebody says it, I cringe a bit. very unfortunate.

    1. So funny that you cringe too! Happy to hear it's not just me!

  4. Is that the Rest sofa in the living room? Beautiful house. Thank you so very much for your blog. I do enjoy it so much!

    1. Yes! I hadn't spotted that, thank you for pointing it out. I love that sofa, it always looks so cosy! And thank you for your kind words about my blog too, really means a lot :)

  5. I totally agree with KSI - the placement of the makeshift sofa looks a bit strange. To me it looks like maybe two matresses put together? It is often hard to see from photos how a room would be used. My guess would be that if you had many guests, you could extend the table, move it closer to the sofa, and use the sofa as additional seating? And then the sofa can be beds at night?
    As for the army cot: they look so lovely, but are so totally impractical. I can't see a single situation where it would be used, other than for taking a nap on. But, beautiful as a piece for decoration, though, if you have the space and the money.

    1. Hi Rita, thank you for sharing your thoughts! I'm thinking that the kitchen is behind the back from where the photo is being taken, which means potentially people could sit there and chat to the cook? As you say, it's hard to tell though. I do love the colours of the linen cushions though, they are so pretty! Agreed on army cots, they look fab but perhaps not something you want to sink into after a long day! ;)


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