A Charming German Home Full of Vintage Finds and 3 Very Mischievous Cats!

Hola! My family and I are currently spending a few days in Spain over half-term. Loving the change of scenery (apparently, it snowed in Malmö yesterday - eeeek!) and I can't get enough of the tapas! Even when I'm not travelling, I love how the blog takes us on virtual journeys to new places in the name of design. And today, we're off to Cuxhaven, a seaside town on Germany’s North Sea coast where brightly coloured shelters dot the sandy beach. The port is the gateway to the nearby tidal island of Neuwerk and the small Heligoland archipelago (sounds like we need to add it to our travel list!) - as well as home to creatives Sandra and Tom. The duo run online shops MiMaMeise, selling handmade jewellery and MiMaMeiseVintage, offering a treasure trove of vintage finds from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Their charming home is peppered with vintage finds, plants and interesting details - all of which are enjoyed by three very playful cats: Molle, Jenne and Bibi-Mischka. 

Solar System Globe*

Zappy Lighting by Schneid Studio

How's this for a 'winter garden'? I can practically feel the warm rays of sunlight on my skin! 

What a brilliant action shot! That cat!

I've seen this wonderful portrait before in a previous home tour. We're currently in a car driving up the Costa Brava coastline with the worst wifi connection, but when I get back to our apartment later I'll take a look through and come back with the details. If you can help, please do add them to the comment section - muchas gracias!

I loved this home tour - the relaxed, warm atmosphere really shines through in the pictures!

Those cats!

Is there anything that you love in particular about Sandra and Tom's home? 

See more pics from their home here and other fab German homes here

I'm taking it a little easier this week to enjoy some downtime with my family - but I've lined up two wonderful guest posts on Wednesday and Friday - so do pop back to take a peek! They're by two creative ladies I find super inspiring! 

Adios amigos!


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This post might contain spelling mistakes (especially my attempts to write in Spanish!) - sorry in advance!


  1. are you sure about the two cats, because I can count at least 3 in the dining room photo? or did you mean that there are two cats that are playful and the 3rd therefore wasn't included? :)

    1. Well spotted! You're absolutely right. I've just heard back from the owners and they have sent over their names too - now updated in the post! PS Loved your remark 'two out of three playful cats'- it did make me smile. I guess you never know. I once had the most vicious cat known to man - certainly not playful in anyway (unless you like playing with tigers!).

  2. Where can we get those beautiful lamps that were shown in the bedroom and living room?

    1. I'm not sure which one you mean - but the main two pendant lights in these pictures are the SINNERLIG lamp from IKEA and the Zappy light from Schneid studio - both lovely!

  3. This is probably one of my favourites of the homes you've shown. Love the colour! I'm confused about the dining room light fixture though. In one photo, it looks like an incredible giant pine cone, but it's not the same fixture in another shot. Maybe I'm confused? Anyway, this is a lovely home.

    1. Hi Susan - the confusion is totally my fault. I took the images from Sandra and Tom's instagram and they are a bit of a mish mash from different times. It seems like they love to shake up their home quite a lot and move things around! :) PS I love all the cats too! :)

  4. The portrait is from Billy and Hells
    And for Susan in the comment above, it looks like the photos are taken at different times, so the room has been redone.

    1. Thank you for clarifying Rita - absolutely right! Great to get the info on the portrait - I'll update the post! :)

  5. Ja Baby! My family stems from Hamburg - I miss the coast line we used to visit in the summers. Strandkorbe! I loved building a 'fort' around ours.
    This home is lovely. Cats everywhere. Rebecca x

    1. I've only just started exploring the North German coast (it's not far from Malmö!)and I can totally understand why you would miss it - it's a beautiful part of the world!

  6. Does anyone know where to get that fabulous woven cat pedestal bed?

  7. I noticed that the art images are only portraits while no family photos around, which got me thinking that perhaps some of these artworks may be self portraits?! or perhaps not.


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