A Charming Copenhagen Loft with Mid-Century Classics

It's Friday - härligt! How about a cosy home to top off the week? Earlier this year, Laura and Nora of Our Food Stories captured Line Borella's charming loft in Copenhagen. Line shares the space with her "patchwork family" which includes her daughter Nola, boyfriend Martin, and his three children. Line's career started in fashion, having been a part of the team who developed Copenhagen Fashion Week back in 2007, but she has since hopped over to the world of interiors, working in global PR for Danish brand MENU. Her home is a wonderful mish mash of mid-century Danish design pieces, iconic lighting, fluffy Moroccan rugs and new Nordic pieces. Enjoy the tour!

The family love cooking and designed the kitchen with plenty of work surfaces and a place for everyone to hang out and socialise while food is being prepared.



What a charming home! I love the original Danish design classics - it's amazing to see how they've withstood the test of time, testimony to the incredible craftsmanship.

Is there anything that stood out to you?

See more pictures and read an interview with Line on Design Tales

For more Danish inspiration over the weekend you might like to take a peek at the beautiful colours in this Jutland home, a charming boho apartment decorated on a shoe-string budget and a relaxed, mid-century inspired space.

We've just arrived in the Loire Valley, France to celebrate my Mum's birthday. We got up at the crack of dawn to catch a red-eye flight. I'm definitely feeling it now, but hopefully it's nothing a cool glass of Sancerre can't cure! 

Salut! Bon Weekend!


Photography: Laura & Nora of Our Food Stories / Design Tales, shared with kind permission 

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New Montana Free Shelving System in Allie's Room

Brand Story:
I'm loving the new Montana Free Shelving System. The Danish freestanding shelves are designed for a new way of living and you can choose between 12 compositions with or without interposed shelves, in 4 colours and optional panels in 8 colours. I picked up a set for Allie's new bedroom in New White with an interposed shelf for all her drawings. I'm pretty sure it won't look as neat as this in a few week's time so I thought I'd better capture them before she goes to town with all her wonderful bits and bobs! 

Genevieve Jorn (the MSH interior designer) and I deliberately opted for a low set so that Allie could easily reach all her knick-knacks and use the top shelf as an extra play surface.

The man and I  can never quite believe all the tiny things Allie picks up during the day  - you have to be super careful when vacuuming as even the tiniest item is important to her!! One of the things I love the most about these shelves is that they can be extended as she grows - so we can add on to them when needed. So handy!

Montana offer a selection of eight coloured panels to place wherever you like on the shelves (front or back!). I'm so happy with the two rust panels - they add a little colour.

The little mouse has followed Allie since she was a baby - I'm so pleased he's made himself at home! 
Find out more about Montana's Free Shelving System here and your nearest retailer here.

In case you're wondering anything else in these pictures, I'll be sharing a complete make-over post in the next couple of days. Feel free to ask away in the comment section below too!

What do you think? Could you imagine having shelves like these in your home?


Photography: Niki Brantmark / Interior Design: Genevieve Jorn.  

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Montana - all words are my own. 

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A Soft Swedish Home With A Stormy Bedroom Wall!

Why, hello there friends! It's soooo stormy here today - I've battened down the hatches and am rocking about in some chunky knit socks! Perhaps it was my subconscious which picked out this soft, grey Swedish apartment today. The stormy blue / grey wall in the bedroom is reminiscent of the bruised sky outside - although more beautiful of course! I also love the patina (more details about how to achieve this at the bottom of the post), as well as the relaxed blend of old and new furniture. I'd be very happy padding about here storm or no storm, how about you?! 

 Flos light*, Wishbone chair*, IKEA kitchen cabinets

Love the leather handles - I believe these are also from IKEA! When we moved into our house 11 years ago we had the same green marble in the bathroom. I intended to rip it out, but then it steadily grew on me and today I love it. Are you a fan?

Source a custom-made wall hanging like this one here*.

Do you see what I mean about the 'stormy' wall in the bedroom?! It's amazing how it appears calm and dramatic in equal measure. I love that little pop of red from the balcony door too. Is there anything you love about this Swedish space?

I've created a similar patina on my wall in my dining room and window nook by adding Zinsser Roll-A-Tex Sand texture to the paint. The amount you add will determine how textured the result will be. FYI it's a bit of a faff  - I was absolutely covered in the stuff  - the things we do to get a nice home!!

Do you have any other suggestions on how to nail this look?

If you've also battened down the hatches today, how about popping the kettle on, putting your feet up and scrolling through these grey and white Scandinavian home tours - so beautiful!

Stay cosy!


Photography courtesy of Alvhem (through whom this apartment is for sale) with thanks.

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Peach and Rust tones in an Elegant Norwegian Home

This is definitely the year 'pink' got tough. Forget fluffy and romantic, it's all about the earthy, 'dirty' peach tones. And it goes beautifully with the chocolate and rust notes of Autumn. Take the beautiful home of Malin Antonsen as an example. Malin is an interior designer living in Oslo, Norway with a penchant for "decor, flowers and other pretty things that makes life better". She has recently given her walls a once over in one of my favourite shades: blushing peach - I'm excited to see it looks equally pretty in the sitting room as it does in the bedroom. The hue also provides a soft, yet atmospheric background for abstract art, design classics, in-season bouquets and shiny details! Step this way!

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Blushing peach wall colour, IKEA mirror wardrobe, washed linen pillow case*

I so enjoyed this tour. Malin's home strikes a wonderful balance between classic and elegant and everything that's hot right now. 

I might just have to nick the idea of the Pholc light by the bed (I don't actually have a reading lamp right now so there's definitely a lamp vacancy waiting to be filled, and this Swedish one is a beauty!).

Is there anything that caught your eye?

See more of Malin's lovely home on her blog. And continue soaking up the Norwegian vibe by taking a tour of a colourful retro funkis house, a relaxed artist's apartment in Oslo, the relaxed Norwegian apartment of Maja Hattvang. And of course - there were those four Norwegian bedrooms in yesterday's post! 

Have a wonderful day!


Photography courtesy of Malin Antonsen, shared with kind permission. 

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4 Cosy Autumnal Bedrooms in Norway

A competition with an aim to find Norway's finest bedroom? LOVING the sound of that, how about you?! As you can imagine, I've been following the competition like a hawk, and now the jury have narrowed it down to just four. Each of the finalists were invited to kit out their bedrooms with Høie of Scandinavia linens and blankets for the final round. No matter who wins, I'm feeling so inspired that bedding and blankets can add such an instant cosy, warm and inviting Autumn vibe. Here's a sneak peak of the final four.

1. Steffens' striking bedroom

 2. Manuella's light and airy bedroom

 3. Jorunn's classic / romantic bedroom

4. Kine's bedroom (see the complete home tour here)

How lovely! Do you have a favourite look?

Does this inspire you to update your bedding and add a few blankets in time for Autumn too?! I've got my eye on the chestnut bedding!

I originally found out about this competition through Katarina Dima, whose Norwegian bedroom I featured last week. Oh and this cabin in Bergen (available through Airbnb) also has me wanting to go back to bed!

Norwegians certainly know how to create the perfect boudoir, don't they?! 

Have a great start to the week - let's rock this one and it'll be time for a lie-in before we know it!


Photos courtesy of Høie of Scandinavia /

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Looking For a Six Month Intern!

I'm looking for a fabulous, super reliable intern who would love to learn more about the world of blogging / gain work experience and at the same time bring enthusiasm, a pro-active mindset and all of your graphic design skills / social media knowledge to the My Scandinavian Home team!

15 hours per week (flexi-time). 

October 8th, 2018 

If you live in or around Malmö, Sweden that would be preferable (plus you'll get the benefits of joining me in the studio and participating in photoshoots, styling, events etc). However, if you have blogging / social media superpowers and are perfect for the role, I'm open to a remote intern too. 

- Excellent English writing skills
- Blog content research
- Blog post 'draft' creation (in Blogger)
- Proofreading
- Graphic design / layout experience
- A bit of a whizz at Social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)
- General admin 
- A penchant for the Scandinavian design aesthetic

Any of the following skills would also be awesome (but not a necessity):
- Web admin / html coding 
- Interior photography and styling
- E-commerce experience
- Online creative workshops

This is an intern role seeking work experience,  however there will be nominal pay involved

If you are interested (or know of anyone who might be), please send an e-mail to with the subject heading 'intern' along with your CV (or LinkedIn link) and any relevant info / links by Sunday 30th September, 2018. Feel free to share images of homes you love and links to your blog etc. 

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The Soothing Scandi-Inspired Home of An Interior Stylist

This is turning into a bit of a European week, isn't it? We kicked off with a Swedish home in earthy blues (loved reading all your comments!), swiftly followed by a pretty family home in Brussels on Tuesday and then we headed to Norway for a soothing bedroom tour, and yesterday we toured the 'slow living' home of Nina Plummer. Meanwhile I've been touring Scandinavia on a cruise ship, where I've been holding talks on Scandinavian design. I arrived home at 1.30am this morning. It's been one very crazy, whirlwind of a week, and I have to say - I'm exhausted, but I have felt so inspired all the same. I hope you've felt the same! I thought we'd round off the week with a tour of the delightfully calm, scandi-inspired home of Interior Stylist Donna Howell in Birmingham, England. Donna loves simplicity and light colours which she balances with personal details to add warmth. I caught up with Donna to find out a little more about her soothing oasis.

Portrait H*, Hay CPH Deux Table, sofa from Florrie + Bill, Ceramics by Catcooe

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Who do you share your home with?
I live in the property with my husband Craig and our little boy Jonnie B, aged 8.

Tell us a little more about the property
Our home is a 3-bedroom Victorian property based in Birmingham which is in the middle of the UK.

What first attracted you to the house?
We bought the property because of its high ceilings, big windows and a wealth of original features such as fireplaces in every room, deep skirting boards and coving.

Can you tell us about the layout? The layout consists of an entrance hall, a living room, separate dining room, kitchen, pantry, 3 bedrooms one of which is an office and a family bathroom. We are lucky enough to have a large garden too which living in the city isn’t always available.

Have you carried out any major renovations?When we bought the house ten years ago it needed complete modernisation including a new kitchen and bathroom, re-wiring and of course the best bit re-decoration. It was never the plan to stay long term but along came our son 8 years ago and having a great school nearby it made sense to stay put until high school. As that is 3 years off we have decided to stay and kick on with some more renovations. We are currently planning a kitchen extension with side return with a friend whose an architect and we plan to knock the two reception rooms into one to make the downstairs living areas flow better.

Normann CPH Bell pendant* 

Sounds like a wonderful plan to me! How did you become an interior stylist?I have always been a ‘creative’ trapped in a corporate world and had a passion for all things interior, so I decided when my son was a baby I would re-train. I studied interior design at college and went on to become a freelance designer. During this time, we were asked to feature our home in a UK magazine called Ideal Home. It was here that I met a freelance interior stylist and realised my passion lay in ‘styling’ rather than ‘designing’. I have since worked as a stylist on editorial campaigns and content creation for many brands.

How would you describe your style?I would describe my style simple, uncluttered pared back design which is light and airy whilst providing the feel of comfort through the addition of personal touches. I like to add little personal touches that can’t necessarily be replicated. I don’t follow trends on mass but I find little elements of trends can easily be added to a simply designed room. I do like to mix in new, fresh modern design with some old pieces.

Your home has a lovely Scandinavian feel to it, have you always been into Nordic design?
I have always loved Scandinavian design. I love its simplicity and how things are made to last - it fits perfectly with my aesthetic. As a result, we like to visit Denmark and Sweden whenever possible.

Kartell Masters Chair*

Thank you so much Donna - your home is really inspiring and I feel a whole lot calmer now.

If you're a little sad the tour is over and would love to see more - take a peek at Donna's wonderful Instagram feed @dhowelldesigns for plenty more pics!

I hope this post has brought a breath of fresh air to your day too - and that you're feeling all ready for the weekend!

Have a fabulous couple of days and see you Monday!


PS If you're in need of luxury bedding (err, hello!), I'm holding a give-away with House Babylon over on Instagram until tomorrow! Hope on over here to enter!

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