A Beautifully Pared-back Norwegian Hillside Home

I was thinking that it's been way to long since I featured a Norwegian home - and then this beautiful space popped up from nowhere (actually, it wasn't technically from nowhere - it's the fruits of an Avenue Design Studio trip to Norway late last year!). The house is located in Drammen, just south west of Oslo and belongs to design duo Kine and Kristoffer and their son Vilmer. Like their creative studio, the hillside house reflects their passion for sustainability and function as well as their penchant for a clean, Nordic aesthetic and eye for detail. Let's take a peek inside!

Although fairly minimalist the look has a lovely, relaxed feel thanks to the mix and match chairs around a Hay Loop Stand Table.  The light overhead is the Gubi Semi Pendant.

The U-shaped kitchen is a prototype of their own bean stained bamboo kitchen and the open shelving is also from the Ask og Eng collection.

Kine and Kristoffer exercise a lot of restraint when it comes to colour, preferring a neutral, monochrome scheme which draws heavily from nature. 

Upstairs the family of three have a second sitting room where they like to relax together.

The pair made the bespoke headboard from bamboo to create a warm and intimate feel in the bedroom. I also love how the reading lights have been hung from a central point in the ceiling.

The bed is covered in the Mega Dot Quilt by Hay. 
Vilmer's room has been painted in a gorgeous blue and white colour scheme (although I don't know the exact blue paint colour, it looks similar to the one in my stepson's room (S 7010-R90B Ambience by Nordsjö). My daughter has the same Apple Papple print by Fine Little Day in her room and tells all her secrets to him! Isn't he fab?! She also has the same tent! Source a similar one here

Thank you so much to Kine and Kristine for a virtual tour and to Holly and Hedda from Avenue Design Studio for the kind permission to share these lovely pictures. You can see more / read the full interview here.

What struck me the most about this home, is how beautiful each and every piece of furniture is. In the interview it says that the pair are careful to select items that are built to stand the test of time, and you can totally see this from the pictures.

Is there anything that stands out to you? 

For more Norwegian inspiration today don't miss this serene home looking out over a fjord,  this cosy and relaxed cottage and a magical mountain cabin! Gah! So lovely!

My sister's arriving from London tomorrow evening with my 2.5 year old and 6 month old niece in tow, so it's a hive of activity around here in preparation for the royal arrival. We're so excited!!

Have a lovely day!


Photography: © Avenue Design Studio


  1. Hello Nikki,

    What a wonderful place! I love each detail))) such a beautiful place!! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your royal visit;))) Cheers

  2. Happy you felt inspired by today's post! Thank you - it's amazing how much gear is required around a baby (I'd completely forgotten)!! We're getting there...

  3. With great respect always....'neutral monochrome scheme which draws heavily from nature'? I have never thought of 'monochrome' as drawing exclusively from Nature....except perhaps for the lovely wooden furniture and some of the natural materials shown in this pared back home. For me, Nature, in all her glory, deeply celebrates colours beyond this tasteful, carefully chosen, monochromatic scheme. I live and learn ;))

  4. I actually have the same teak sideboard as they have in the living room. Never seen another one of it. It is an old, retro sideboard from the 50's, I inherited mine after my grandparents, and I love have they here have removed the legs and hung it on the wall. I also have a similar chair as the one in the living room, and two of the same lamps (PH5 and an old Panthella). And a lot of the same color scheme. So yes, I loved this home!

  5. Very nice house, great interior you can see that someone likes space because a lot of space in each room. I like these interiors so much, but I've noticed that everyone puts on the white color everywhere in different projects and interior presentations I see that the walls are white which I do not like very much, but so these positives are really cool.

  6. I absolutely love the pared down, simple look of the homes you feature, and am attempting to emulate the style somewhat myself, but I am just curious. Does no one watch television anymore? I never see one featured in any of the photos of the house tours you feature.

  7. Beautiful. Feels very peaceful and inviting. I also love the photo of the couple.


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