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Going up in 2018: indoor climbing plants

After yesterday's awe-inspiring home tour, all I can think about today is house plants. And if there's one type to top all others right now, it's climbers. Climbing plants seem to be taking over the plant world (and homes) right now! Whether used to frame a window, wrap themselves around ceiling beams or winding their way up shelving, the green beauties provide a lush boost of green which will brighten up the dreariest of January days (I'm in, are you?!). Here's a little inspiration...

Michelle Hayes
Indoor living plants MR Kitly
Anders Bergstedt / Entrance
Natalie Jeffcott
Jonas Bjerre Poulsen / Höst restaurant Copenhagen
Kara Healy
So beautiful, don't you think? If, like me, you're already plotting where your climber should go (my home is suddenly feeling decidedly ungreen), here are 5 great climbers and two inspiring books to set you on the right path...

Get the look

Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants
The Green Home

Training your climber

So we kind of know which plant and where to put it, but how on earth do we train them to go where we want them to go (and stop our house from becoming a scene out of Little Shop of Horrors)?! The methods vary depending on the type of plant - so do ask about the best way to train and care for your climber at the point of purchase. When it comes to support, you can either train your plant around whatever's already in place (pipes, beams etc) or invest in a trellis of some kind (there is a large variety of different supports you can use depending on the look you're after) - here's a helpful guide. My parents-in-law have had one as long as I can remember and they simply use evenly spaced tacks around the window frame - so it definitely doesn't need to be complicated!

I'd love to see your climber in action (don't forget to tag me on Instagram too!).

Have a great weekend and see you Monday! 

PS I love how this climber goes up and around a door frame!


  1. This home is goal! Love that it has so much green <3

  2. Wow! What a beautiful trend! I love the indoor climbing plants. Anything that promotes more plants is a trend in the right direction, as far as I'm concerned. I'm inspired to buy more plants. I wish I knew more plant-lovers to share slips and cuttings, many of these plants would do so readily and are easy to grow. Alas, it will be off to the nursery for me.
    Whoops- on the Get the Look guide, two of the photos are mislabelled. The photo labelled heart-shaped philadendron is actually a pothos and the photo of the pothos looks like it's might be an arrowhead vine. I've seen many pothos labelled heart-shaped philadendron, common mistake. If you have a reliable plant directory, you could look it up there or even Wikipedia will show a photo of the two. Either way, all lovely specimens and easy to keep, even for a beginner. Just wanted to correct the guide so people would know what to ask for.


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