A Light-filled Apartment on Sweden's West Coast

I always read every single one of your comments (both here and on Instagram and Facebook) - It's so interesting and fun to hear your thoughts, tips and ideas. Yesterday Roxanna requested a home with colour to brighten up her winter in Slovenia (where the mercury hit minus 23 yesterday - BRRRRR!). I totally get it (the weather can be decidedly monochrome here at the best of times) but I really couldn't resist sharing this home with you first - err, do hints of pale mint, terracotta, and gold count? Probably not, but this home inspired in part by the Artilleriet studio (as read on Trendenser and looking at the pictures I can totally see why!) will hopefully brighten up your day all the same! 

There are some lovely pieces in this light-filled kitchen including a Moravia Star light, Era chairs, and Lampe Gras wall sconce
I love an internal window - they're idea for slipping light into dark areas. In one of the homes in my book The Scandinavian Home, an old warehouse window had been installed for this very purpose and it looked beautiful!

The Suspension Vertigo light reminds me of a hat - it's kind of cool. The bigger the better in my mind! The Atollo table lamp seen on the table in the far corner is far more subtle with it's clean lines, but also cool in its own way! You can pick up a Beni ourain rug from this lovely Etsy shop.

Photography: Anders Bergstedt for Entrance.
Although a little wet looking in this picture, I'm thinking better weather is around the corner and we'll also be able to hang out on our balcony (with blankets!) any time soon! 
Stay warm (unless you live somewhere like Oz right now, in which case I'll send a refreshing cold blast your way!).

PS this lovely apartment is for sale  - in case you fancy a move to Gothenburg - you'll have the beautiful archipelago on your doorstep too? Just saying


  1. I loved the art gallery wall in the living room. Totally captivating. I think the portrait with that gaze got the photographer's attention too! I also liked the kitchen, although I would prefer it a shade darker. (I do like contrasts - don't I)! ;)

    1. You certainly do! But I totally agree that contrast in this kitchen would have made it more cosy. PS you've got me looking at that portrait now!

  2. Although I like Moravian star light fixtures conceptually, this one feels too .... 'industrial' to me. But I have loved the Vertigo since the moment I saw it the first time. Unfortunately, even if I could afford the Vertigo I would not be able to have it as it really needs high ceilings (at least much higher than mine). And yes, it always reminded of a very cool hat, too.

  3. Funny should comment on ceiling height Alena, you're totally right and I ALWAYS think I have more space to play with than I actually do. As a result I am forever buying pendants that are too low or items that are way to big for a room!!! I really need to think more like you!

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    1. I am so happy you told me about this, thank you. I will change the settings in my google ads immediately. I do not want the NRA in anyway associated to my blog!

  5. This home is fabulous. I love the suspension vertigo lamp - if I had the space ..... and the money .........

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