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Simple Easter Table DIY: Bunny Ear Napkins

If you're looking to do something a little extra this Easter but don't have much time - these bunny ear napkins are so easy to make and look super cute on the table!

- Square napkin (any material - even paper works!)
- An egg (you may like to opt for different colours for each place setting). 
- String or ribbon
- Scissors (for cutting string)
- Baby's breath or other pretty flowers (optional!)


And that's it! Five minutes and you'll have an entire table of bunnies!

Here are mine in action on our Easter table.

Wishing you a lovely Easter break!

PS I'll be back here early next week. 

PS Don't forget to enter the spring give-away to win a TRIWA watch!

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My Easter Table with Apple Blossom and Bunny Ears!

There are so many lovely Easter traditions in Sweden - from attaching feathers and eggs to branches to påskkärring (children dressing as bright coloured witches and knocking on the doors in the neighbourhood for treats) and rolling dyed eggs down hills to see who's is the last to break. Sadly we'll miss these this year as we're in London (great to be here all the same!). So before we left we had an impromtu Easter lunch and I couldn't help going that egg-stra (sorry) mile. I hope you like it! 

 I kept it simple in a palette of white and beige and then added a hint of colour with branches of apple blossom and baby's breath. 

These pretty glass eggs also helped to bring a little colour to the table. They are quite a lot heavier than I thought (the clue was in the 'glass'!) so if you're looking to get some for your Easter table - make sure you source sturdy branches first. They look lovely arranged in a bowl too.

These bunny ear napkins are so incredibly easy to make (trust me, I'm not a DIY person at all, just ask my family, and they took me all of 60 seconds to hop to it - (err...) - the girls loved them! In case you'd like to make the same, I created my very first DIY know-how film (told you I'd gone that extra mile!) which I'll share later today.

I hope you like the results! If you're wondering where the items are from - here's a get the look from wonderful Danish homeware brand Nordal*.

Get The Look

1. Glass bottle 2. Stoneware dinner plate and Stoneware cake plate 3. BLACK cutlery 4. Pitcher vase
5. Hanging glass egg 6. T-light holder 7. RETRO redwine glass and RETRO whitewine glass
8. White cotton table cloth

* Nordal ships throughout Europe (sorry friends from further afield). There's a complete list to online stores and retailers here

If you've got any questions, just give me a shout in the comment section below and I'll do my best to help!

Have a lovely day!

This post is in collaboration with Nordal, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too.

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A Dreamy Little Cottage By The Sea

Every now and again I come across a home which takes my breath away. This little cottage is one of them. Charmingly named Captains Rest, the secluded heritage cottage looks out over the water from it's vantage point in Lettes Bay, Tasmania.  Owner Sarah Andrews, an interior stylist, writer and sailor, describes it as "my pride and joy, my haven of peace and serenity." The cabin has been decorated with "love and delight" with objects and furnishings from around the world and is "brimming with curated collections, fine linens, cosy textures and objects of delight". Guests (yes, it's actually available to rent!) are invited to read in front of the fire, take long baths, walk in the forest, swim, fish, and dream. The question is, would you ever want to leave?! 

"When I’m here I can tell when the rain is coming, when the salmon are in the bay, if the sun will rise rosey and when to turn to look and see a rainbow."

Sarah Andrews


1. Nectre 15 Radiant Wood Heater
2. Barrel Picnic Basket
3. Original Continental 18th Century Bearded Gentleman Oil Portrait
4. Raul Gorgeous Grey Medium Curved Factory Style Lampshade
6. Limited edition vintage cotton and linen striped cushion
7. Green decorative pillow cover
8. Vintage wooden oars
9. Isabella striped jacquard robe
10. Off white linen decorative pillow cover
11. White pillow

You can see more picture of this beautiful one bedroom cottage on the Instagram feed and homepage and make a booking here.

I am so inspired by this delightful cottage that I am completely lost for words. But please feel free to leave your own in the comment section below - I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Have a lovely day!

Photography courtesy of Sarah Andrews / Captains Rest.

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TRIWA Watch winner!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the give-away to win a beautiful watch from Swedish brand TRIWA I am thrilled to announce the winner as Jemma Rethman! Congratulations! Please send me a mail with your shipping details and we'll nip it off in the post to you!

It's no secret I love the Rose Svalan (read more about my pretty new watch here), not least because of its organically tanned leather strap (it goes so beautifully with this season's blush tones too!). But I have many other favourites in the new spring collection too (a girl can never have too many watches right?!). Here are a few other of my picks (for men and women alike!):

In order of appearance: 1. Rose Svalan 2. Ebony Svalan / 3. Smoky Falken / 4. loch nevil

Imagine how great the Loch Nevil would look with an over-sized striped shirt?!

Check out more TRIWA new arrivals here.



Terms & Conditions
You must be age of majority in your country of residence (OPEN TO ALL!). We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur. Only 1 entry per person. The competition closes Midnight GMT, April 4th and will be announced here on April 5th, 2018. Good luck!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with TRIWA, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too.

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Inside the Parisien Home of a Chef / Photographer

Tjena! Hur är läget? I often think some of the most unique homes come about when two cultures collide, how about you? This is definitely the case with Carrie Solomon's lovely abode. Carrie moved from Michigan, USA to Paris over a decade ago and describes herself on instagram as a "breakfast cook, author, mother, and a photographer" (i.e. one busy, yet very creative lady!). Her lovely home is light and airy and filled with natural textures and cosy, one-off pieces set against a backdrop of white. Constance Gennari of The Socialite Family paid her a visit and snapped these images of Carrie's perfect oasis in the bustling 10th arrondissement: 

I get such a warm and inviting feeling from these pictures, how about you?! I especially love the light-filled sitting room which is separated from the bedroom with a glass partition.

Do you have a favourite spot?

Although you get a great idea of the relaxed vibe of the home from these pictures, there's a short film (in French) over on The Socialite Family where you get to see how it all hangs together (and a glimpse of the lovely kitchen where Carrie developed some of her recipes for her books An American in Paris, Inside Chefs’ Fridges and Food with kids.  Well worth a look!


1. Inside Chefs' Fridges, Europe: Top chefs open their home refrigerators">Inside Chefs' Fridges 

2. Frida Rattan Chair  3. Sipes Hand-Woven Jute Round Rug  4. Enormous 90-Drawer Y&E Flat File Cabinet 5. Table basse Béate-Marmora 6. Macrame plant hanger 7. Devialet Phantom Sound System
8. Ghost 16 Sofa Lino Bianco Fabric

Such a lovely space. I'm a big fan of the simple white and wood look - it's so calming!

Have a lovely day!

PS If you're visiting Paris I can so recommend Hotel Henriette - I stayed there last autumn when I was in town for the launch of the French version of my Lagom book and was in design heaven!

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A Striking Swedish Home With A Wall of Books!

Why, hello there! I hope you had a great weekend?! I'm hoping this home might brighten up the start of your week (it certainly has mine!). This incredible apartment in Stockholm belongs to Anna Tuernell, Head of Design at Arket. It's a home of contrast - where light wood floors and fresh white walls juxtapose with dark grey, black and wood furniture. But perhaps my favourite thing of all are the floor to ceiling shelves brimming with books - if you're a book lover, you'll no doubt fall in love with it too! Anna invited Lotta Agaton and Kristofer Johnsson in to capture it for Residence magazine. Enjoy the tour!

The bumling pendant (call me immature but I can't help smile at the name, how about you?!) in brass definitely takes centre stage in the kitchen. There are always second-hand ones available here.

 The sitting room reads like a 'who's who' of fabulous design classics - with the most unbelievably comfortable Eames lounge chair and ottoman beside a Bollo Lounge chair.  

Book lovers rejoice! I've said it already in the introduction, but just how wonderful are these floor to ceiling shelves bursting with books?! The Elfa bookshelf system is perfect for creating this effect. 

The tea trolley - possibly my favourite piece by Artek (and the black version too, love it!) looks great next to the Panthella Floor lamp.

A Swedish Kakelugn in the corner of the bedroom adds a decorative touch (and if in working condition - a lot of warmth!) to the bedroom. An Eames rocker can be seen just in front (ready to act as the perfect chairdrobe?).

What a fabulous space?! The architect is simply stunning too. Imagine having ceilings as high as this?! 

Thank you so much to Lotta for the kind permission to share these lovely photos from her portfolio  - and to Coco Lapine - through whom I discovered this space! 

You can see more of Lottas lovely work here

Have a happy start to the week all!

Credits: Interior design Lotta Agaton Interiors. Photography Kristofer Johnsson.

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A Relaxed Artist's Cabin by the Sea

It's Friday - woohooo! Any fun plans?! I'm actually going to have the biggest clear out (boring I know), followed by a well deserved Aperol Spritz and then I'm going to hunt for an off the grid cabin.  I kid you not! This cabin by the sea in South Hobart, Tasmania has totally won me over! It's owned by artist Brigitte May and her partner - who had a baby earlier this week (congratulations guys!)! Solar panels and a tank help to make the cabin completely self-sustained, and it's not unusual to wake up to a troupe of passing wallabies! The relaxed, bohemian-style of the interior taps into the off the beaten-track vibe and provides an inspiring spot for Brigitte to sit and create. Enjoy the tour!

Isn't it fantastic?! Such a romantic setting for arts and crafts (I love Brigitte's paintings and ceramics, and she's currently working on an ethical baby range too (how cute are these bloomers?!). Did you spot the little furry friend too?!  I have a feeling their little one's going to be very happy here, don't you?!

In case you feel exactly like I do but our off-the-grid cabins are a little far off just now - here's a guide on how to bring a little piece of South Hobart cabin style to our own homes:


1. Macrame wall hanging / 2. Speckled Mug by Brigitte May / 3. Eggcup stool / 4. Monstera plant
5. Macrame plant hanger / 6. Tabor Pot / 7. Losoya Round Stool / 8. Scrabble Game Linen Vintage / 9. Duo Pot / 10. Anjat Rattan Basket Backpack / 11. Fawn Print by Brigitte May / 12. Wooden Plant Pot.

Love the look? You can also see more of Brigitte's home on instagram here

And in case you're thinking of visiting Tasmania (it's certainly top of my list right now!) - a stay at this island hide-away is a must. Doesn't it look incredible?!

Have a dreamy weekend all and see you Monday!

Photography: Brigitte May

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