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An opulent Paris apartment with minimalist style

Hello Monday! I hope you had a great weekend? We're in London right now - and it feels soooo great to be home, even if only for a few days.  Recently I visited another beautiful European city which I hadn't been to in years - Paris. I loved the elegance, the architecture and the vibrant atmosphere. Sadly I didn't get to visit any beautiful homes this time round - but this stunning apartment on Rue Bonaparte, in the 6th arrondissement, was exactly how I'd imagined some of the spaces to look. The lovely apartment combines opulence with classical high ceilings and a beautiful parquet de Versailles floor. Beautiful?!

Credits: For sale through A+B Kasha (shared with kind permission) found via Seventeen Doors with thanks.

I think I could use this as a crash pad each time I nip over to Paris - how about you?! ;)

I spy: the Angel stool by Gry Holmskov and lovely stone-washed bed linen in rose.

You can take a full tour of this space here.

I've featured lots of fab French homes here before, all with very different looks including: an idyllic holiday home in the South of France, bohemian retreat in Marseille and a fabulous home in Fontainebleau (I went on a French exchange to Fontainebleau once when I was 14 - and the name brings back so many memories!).

Have a wonderful start to the week...

...à bientôt 

PS back Wednesday!

PPS Happy halloween! Looking forward to taking my girls and niece trick or treating later!

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The beautiful (and inspiring) kitchen of an interior designer

You can guess that someone who works in the world of interiors is likely to have a pretty great home. And my friend interior stylist Genevieve Jorn's is a fine example of this! You probably recognise the name as we often work together on projects and I love visiting her apartment in Malmö (as you can imagine!). A few months ago I featured her work space, and this week I thought I'd share a tour of her fab kitchen. Despite being a rental space and a fairly narrow kitchen with some awkward angles, she's been able to do so much with a few small updates, great items and lots of imagination. For example, a large window at the end of the room floods the space with light and bounces of a wall which Gen has painted in mat black and used as a gallery wall. And I love the little bistro table with just enough space for an afternoon fika (that stool!), the way the hanging plant catches the light, the row of hooks used for tea towels, and an iron trolley for extra storage - so inspiring! Let's take a peek...

Photography: Me, Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home). Home-owner / styling: Genevieve Jorn

Such a lovely space don't you think?! The plants, wood and textiles bring just the right amount of warmth. And trust me, it's such a great place to sit and enjoy Gen's freshly baked pumpkin bread with her and her little girl, Olivia.

Get the look from Gen's kitchen: 

1. Wall rack and hooks 2. linen table cloth 3.  Iron shelf on wheels 4. Tea towels 5. AURA wall lamp 6. Cast iron pot 7. Cast iron pan 8. Olive kitchen brush, spoon and whisk  9. cast iron tea pot 10. Black wood stool. Although not featured in the montage - I also love this round chopping board and sign.

More kitchen inspiration for the weekend: two Swedish kitchens, a French kitchen with a modern twist (this space had you divided), and a Scandinavian inspired Bulgarian kitchen (great light fixture!).

I'm so excited that Halloween is just around the corner - did you spot the green pumpkin in Gen's kitchen? First one to find it and comment gets a surprise from Nordal in the post (don't forget to leave a way for us to contact you)! If you're thinking of making something pumpkin-based this weekend you might want to take inspiration from these pumpkin pancakes - and that setting?! - beeeeautiful! I like the look of this pumpkin cheesecake too yuuuum!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend -  the clocks going back here mean we get a whole extra hours lie-in - LOVE that! If I'm lucky I might even get this (here's hoping....)!

See you Monday!

PS Since I'm in London for the kids half term there'll be a few less posts next week but I will be dipping in and out so definitely stop by!

This post was created in collaboration with the fab Danish online store Nordal, selling unique furniture and decor. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I absolutely love and know you will too! Thank you for supporting the brands that enable me to create fresh content for you to enjoy.

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An elegant, white Swedish home

It's been a while since I've featured a completely white home, and this one is just so elegant and serene I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity! It's also a great sign that despite all the colours and patterns creeping into homes right now, the white space will always have a special place in the world of interior design! Looking at this apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden it's easy to see why. It's full of light and despite the white walls and furniture it looks lovely and cosy too thanks to the wood floor, soft textiles and beautiful touches of autumn.  What a lovely space, don't you think?!

Credit: photo Jonas Berg  styling greydeco / Stadshem. 

Long live the white home! 

Oh and this apartment is for sale too. Gothenburg anyone?!

As always a few items I know and love (in case something catches your eye!): sitting room  Vapeur lamp, butterfly chair, söderhamn sofa from IKEA. Dining area: 7 series chairs. Kitchen - it looks like a William Morris wallpaper, but correct me if I'm wrong! Thonet chairs.

Right, better hurry as we're flying to London in a few hours time for half term and my girls are waiting for me by the door!!  Go go go! 

Have a lovely day!

PS My interior stylist friend Gen (you may recognise the name as she frequently contributes to my blog and I featured her previous home here and new home office here)  is selling her fab children's shop - The Youngsters. If you're looking to run your own children's shop but don't know where to start - this is an amazing way to begin! Read more about it here.

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A beautiful, rustic mill on the shores of lake Rinnen, Sweden

I absolutely love this time of year (don't get me wrong - I do get a bit of a winter slump round about January / february time, I promise!) - but as the days get shorter and the leaves turn from yellow to deep red things start to get super cosy. Dark mornings and evenings are transformed under the glow of candlelight. Autumnul pictures of people gathering around a table for a hearty stew or caramelized white chocolate tart start to pop up on my Pinterest feed. And I start to feel hugely inspired by rustic spaces (and hungry!). That's why this beautiful converted mill caught my eye.  After an extensive renovation, the Erlandsson family are embracing their new life in the former flour mill on the shore of lake Rinnen deep in the forest of Värmland, Sweden which includes a beautiful space for year round gatherings. Let's take a peek inside...

Credits: Photography - Carina Olander (shared with kind permission). Styling Anna Truelsen. See the full feature in Hus & Hem 12/201. 

Aaaaaa, just so cosy, don't you think? 

What a perfect room to gather for birthdays, thanksgiving (for you americans and canadians!) and Christmas (in fact I'm pretty sure I could come up with something to celebrate every week of the year, if this were my home, how about you?!). 

We can still create a lovely rustic style at home though - here are a few items I love from the mill : Linen table cloth (or stonewashed linen by the metre), long haired sheepskin throw, chunky knit blanket. I love classic Swedish Skultuna brass candleholders - and have a couple myself - beautiful! Although not featured, this one is lovely too. 

I can imagine the upstairs bedroom looks something like this - can you?! 

Have a cosy day! 

PS  We photographed a few beautiful, rustic homes for my book Modern Pastoral last year and I've been dreaming of a owning a lovely retreat ever day?!  

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Lisa's happy Parisien home

I'm in the mood for something bright and cheerful today, how about you?! Want to come with me to explore the happy Parisien home of Lisa, blogger behind Make My Lemonade, Creative director at Lemonade Studio and Wear lemonade? Addicted to yellow and sequins, Lisa lives by the philosophy: 'if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.' Love that! Her lovely apartment in the 10th arrondissement of Paris is full of quirky one off pieces and touches of pink, blue, green, and of course yellow! Bienvenue!

 Credit: InsideCloset shared with kind permission. 

This makes me want to go home and add splashes of yellow everywhere - how about you?! It's just such a happy colour!

A few items I know and love in Lisa's home: Petite Friture suspension vertigo (pink light) - also seen in this home, Eames side chairs, Eames rocker, sheepskin throw, source banana leaf fabric by the yard here (love this!). Pick up rattan sunburst mirrors here.

For equally cheerful style inspiration check out the full post on Inside Closet and Lisa's website Make My Lemonade

The colours and textures in this home remind me of some of the lovely homes from The Netherlands I've featured- don't you think? 

Have a happy day! 

PS There's a GREAT give-away over on instagram right now to win a print of your choice from Toi Art Gallery. It only takes a second to enter too!

PPS Back by popular demand, you can now subscribe to My Scandinavian Home and receive posts directly to your mail box once again (featured on the left here on the blog). Thank you!

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A calm Swedish home with a blue bedroom

It's amazing just how much colour has crept into homes over the past year. I'm not talking bright eye-catching hues, but more 'earthy' washed-out hues in green, blue and grey. Have you noticed this too? Some are going all out (like in Friday's home) other, for a more subtle approach. I visited a Norwegian apartment a few weeks ago and the owner (an artist) had painted the hallway a dramatic black. But open one of the doorways leading off it and you were transported into a warren of light and airy white rooms. I loved the element of surprise. In this home stylist Emma Fischer has decided to add a blue accent to the master bedroom, while keeping the rest of the flat a cool white / off white / pale grey. It adds so much interest to the space - and such an inspiring way to add colour - don't you think? 

Credit: photography - Alan Cordic styling - Emma Fischer for Bjurfors.

What a calm room to wake up to each day. Lovely! 

Could you imagine having this tone in your bedroom?

Get the look: Bedroom - For a blue tone that works for your room try one of these. Z1 cotton pendant by Ay Illuminate, white linen duvet cover, Ant chair, try here for a bumling table lamp in brass. Kitchen - Menu chair, sheepskin throw. Sitting room - House Doctor vase. Children's bedroom - bed canopy, bunting.

I do love a little blue in the home - this Swedish home has lovely, subtle hints of it (that conservatory!) and this one features different tones around the apartment from the softest blue-green in the sitting room to a deep, dramatic hue in the kitchen - beautiful!

Have a great start to the week!

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A visit from Daphne

Do you have a dog or friends with a dog? When people come over they often bring their furry friends and I always put a bowl of water out for them. But recently I've taken my 'doggy welcome pack' to a whole new level thanks to Kind - a fantastic Finnish lifestyle brand priding itself on 'sustainable nordic style for you and your dog'. Founded by Maarit Kallio, the items they sell really are as beautiful as the promise suggests. I promptly ordered a fluffy Höyhensaari dog bed and soft black and grey-blue linen cushions so that when Bibbi, Dino and Daphne come to visit, they've got somewhere to curl up and snooze! And actually, dearest poodle Daphne's already put it to the test - oh and the new kit is a big hit with my girls too!

Photography: Niki Brantmark. Model: Daphne and my wonderful girls.

Isn't Daphne just lovely? Her paws! She's such great company too. 

Did you spot the 'high paw' linen tote on the wall? It's so nifty as it doubles up as a portable doggy food container.  I think I might have to go back for the waffle line towels too - just because they look soooo nice!

Come and visit us again soon Daphne! 

This post was created in collaboration with the wonderful team at Kind. However, all words are my own and I only ever collaborate with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the small businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible.

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A cocoon-like Swedish home in dark grey

It was a while since we headed over to the dark side here on My Scandinavian Home. And with Autumn in the air, and the need for a warm, cocoon-like space,  I feel it's definitely time, don't you! This apartment in Fredsborg, North east of Stockholm has been painted in a deep grey, providing a simple yet dramatic backdrop for softer textures such as white linen (cue the oh so beautiful Le Grand Air sofa) and rustic wood. Clean, modern lines are balanced with sculptures and rounded shapes from ceramics which have been arranged in clusters on coffee table, shelves and ledges throughout.  I think I could hang around here this weekend, how about you?!

Credits: Photos - Sara Medina Lind. Styling - Marie Ramse for JM. Found via TDC.

What do you reckon, could you imagine creating a darker ambience like this in your home?

Even if you don't go all out grey, you can still get the elegant look with some of these lovely pieces: sitting room - Le Grand Air sofa, the rug looks like a Private 0204, but correct me if I'm wrong! Lampe Gras is similar to the wall lamp. Dining area: Series 7 chair, bentwood chairs, Tulip table in marble. Bedroom - Linen curtains (lovely!) and stonewashed linen bedding in charcoal. Buy a simple row of wooden hooks from IKEA and paint it in the same colour as the wall (for a similar colour try samples from Farrow & Ball's range of dark colours)

For more 'dark inspiration you might want to have a nose around this lovely swedish space, an elegant Stockholm apartment and a beautiful house in France. The latter is one of my all time favourites!

It's nearly time for the weekend, wooooop! It's going to be terrible weather here (not so woop) so I'm planning on tucking into one of these 13 baked cheese recipes (the first one?!) while I wait indoors for some of my second hand finds from the week to arrive (exciting!). Have you got any fun plans?

Oh and they say it's tricky to work with children and animals - and I actually managed both yesterday (I know!). You can see the fruits of my lovely afternoon with dearest Daphne, the sweetest (and most elegant) poodle in town on the blog tomorrow....

Happy Friday!

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