A breathtaking home in Gothenburg

I hope you had a lovely weekend? We're now up at the summer cottage on the West coast of Sweden, it's so relaxing to be here! To kick off the week I thought I'd share this recently sold apartment in Gothenburg (doesn't it seem like Gothenburg is the centre of beautiful spaces?!). I'm taking inspiration from the dining room and sitting room areas - simple yet cool, calm and cosy. What do you think?

Bjurfors via Planete Deco
I could pad around here on a Monday how about you?!

I spy the Alvine ruta rug from IKEA in the dining room, Pirum Parem print and  Zebra cot in the nursery area of the master bedroom. Anything stand out to you?

Bjurfors seem to be the queen of beautiful homes right now! In case you missed them here are a few others I've spotted recently: a small space solution in Malmö, my friend Sofia's lovely home, and a serene home in neutrals.

Have a great start to the week!

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The idyllic Swedish island holiday home

Hello Friday! Yay! Today I'm so excited to share a beautiful home with you that I hope will draw you in to the spirit of the Swedish holidays (if you're not there already!). It's an oh so stunning summer cottage on the island of Gotland belonging to photographer and stylist Amelia Widell of A Beautiful Living blog . It perfectly reflects the essence of the pared-back, relaxed Scandinavian holiday home but with a touch of mediterrenean spirit. I absolutely love the stone walls and simple, pretty way Amelia has decorated it. Summer holiday on Gotland anyone?

Photograohy / styling: Amelia Widell A Beautiful Living with kind permission - Featured in Residence magazine

*sigh* so beautiful. I particularly love the last picture of Amelia and her lovely little girl, so sweet!

Gotland is fast becoming one of Europe's hip place to visit. I'm not surprised as it's beautiful and there is just so much to see and do. For more inspirational home-tours from this little island on Sweden's east coast check out this, this and this home. Oh and you can rent this place through Air BnB - ja!!!!

My family and I are also busy packing for a trip to my mother-in-laws cottage on Skåne's west coast for a few days - I can't wait!! But it's all go, go, go so I'd better hurry!

Do you have any great plans for the weekend?

Have a lovely, relaxing couple of days and see you Monday!

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A retreat in the Catskill mountains

With the summer holidays fast approaching it's important to plan the perfect downtime. For me it's to retreat to nature, at least at the start. I would love to say I'm a camping kind of girl but sadly all I could muster under canvas is about one night (two at a push!). I'd much rather stay in a lovely cabin by the sea / or lake. If you like your wood cabins too I think you'll love this country house in the Catskill mountains owned by Amanda Bupp (and captured by Maxwell Tielman). Decorated in monochrome and neutrals you could almost believe you were in Norrland, Sweden and not the Southern part of New York state. I could wile away my summer here, how about you?!

Photography: Maxwell Tielman. Via Design Sponge

For more information about this lovely cabin and where items are from check out the full article over at Design Sponge.

In case you missed them I'm also dreaming about this Stockholm archipelego cabin, a lighthouse-keepers cottage on Gotland and all the other home-tours under rural retreats! *Sigh* I feel relaxed just looking at them!

How do you like to spend your holidays?

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A stunning Malmö home

Well hello Malmö! It's incredible the homes that pop up on estate agents in Sweden's third largest and southern most city (and home to yours truly!). OK I might be biased, but I heard that this stunning home is spreading across the blogosphere like wildfire and a) I'm never one to miss out and b) it's here in my home town. So here it is a 1920's apartment currently for sale. Could it be time to upsticks and move to Rörsjöstan (malmö's boho quarter)? Or perhaps simply draw inspiration from the emerald green, yellow and monochrome colour combination?!

Fastighetsbyrån found via Emma's Design blog with thanks.

I want that bathroom... I LOVE the tiles, dark grey ceiling and emerald green lion claw bath. I know someone who will love those tiles in her new home too (see my friend Sofia's previous home here).

How about you? Anything stand out to you in particular?

Have a lovely day!

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A unique and fabulous German home

I feel inspired. Not just because it's a beautiful morning here in southern sweden (although that certainly helps) but because of the unique design of this home in Germany.  The images dropped into my inbox last week from design company STUDIO OINK who not only designed the interior but also chose the art and design products for the home. The soft fabrics (sheer curtains, sheepskin rugs) and wooden furniture work really well in warming up the more austere combination of concrete and marble (who would have thought these two materials could work so well together?). And then there's that touch of mid-century and brass. What a fabulous home don't you think?!

I think this is one very cool home, how aboout you?

To me, the artwork really stands out. I'm a big fan of  'ocean' photography / art and even have a board dedicated to it on Pinterest! I'm waiting to hear where the piece in the dining space is from but in the meantime other ocean art pieces I love include Tulum, by Max Wanger as seen in this home and the limited edition seascape print  by Kara Rosenlund (her incredible home can be seen here). Take me to the ocean!!

STUDIO OINK also designed the fabulous Asbau apartment. If I lived in Germany I know who I'd get to help design my home...!

Have a lovely day! 

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A lovely Gothenburg apartment to kick off the week

I hope you all had a great midsummer weekend?! We had such a wonderful time at my brother-in-laws cottage (a little pic of my midsummer belles and man already to dance here)  and then we celebrated midsummer day with great friends in Malmö. I'm still recovering today! Phew! I definitely need something to brighten up my Monday morning. And the good news is I found this pearl of an apartment currently for sale in Linnéstad in Gothenburg. Light and airy, white floors /(in parts) and beautiful pared-back style. What a perfect Swedish home tour way to start the week with don't you think?

Such a lovely space. I could pad around here today how about you?!

Other lovely Swedish apartments to brighten up a Monday include this classic apartment, a cognac and blue themed space and a white and grey serene home.

I hope you have a wonderful start to the week!

PS Thank you so much to Anya who sent me the information so I could credit Friday's 'glad midsommar' post.

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