A beautiful, minimal Danish home

Morning all! I hope you all had a lovely weekend? Here it was er 'fresh', infact it snowed. So I decided to do some de-cluttering and went on a mission to throw away ( read donate to charity) 20 items I didn't need / want/ like anymore. And it was so satisfying, I could definitely recommend it. This beautiful Danish home by Studio Baki Architects is a perfect example of a clutter free space and will be my inspiration for the week as my de-cluttering continues!

Photography Tim Wahlfried (with kind permission) for Studio Baki Archtiects via Jelanie Shop

*sigh* so many beautiful pieces but if I had to pick one it would be the Tom Dixon Copper Shade Light. What about you?!

Do you have too many things in your home? Or have you got the perfect balance?


  1. Oh my what a tidy home! No signs of kids there:) Gorgeous, and probably what I dream about secretly today...I also had this urge to clean out stuff yesterday after shopping some new stuff, reminding myself to maybe let go of some old stuff...Have a great week! xo Caroline

  2. How beautiful!!
    My home does not look like that-feels impossible with kids playing around☺ And I dont think the kids would be happy if mum constantly yelled about not messing in the house☺

    M ♥

  3. It's too much minimal for my tastes but it's very elegant ;)

  4. I think I don't have too much things in my home (yet), but I know how good it feels when you can give away something you don't use/like anymore and free some space :) I do it most often with my clothes - the pieces I haven't worn a long time (during the last season) will go for donation.

  5. This is an amazing interior design idea, love the way the entire room has been designed.
    house interior designer NYC

  6. I accept I have tooooooooo many things in my home, I must make a cleanning... but for me this is too much minimalism! It seems an empty house!

  7. HI NIKI!

    It's Elena from the Lisa rug give away. It took me a long time but I finally managed to write the post: if you want to have a look, it will be up tomorrow in my blog. Thanks again so much for everything!


  8. Me rechifla, soy partidaria de pocos objetos en la decoración, este ejemplo me encanta.

  9. Yes!, that lamp is gorgeous ! and I did the same I starting de cluttering , I take a course about it from the girls of Apartment Diet and oh you feel so good when you start cleaning and throwing away things you don't want or need anymore., is great!

    Have a great week!


  10. People that have such seamless homes are my heroes and my nightmares in one. It's not normal to have such a little amount of STUFF, right?? Sigh. Maybe one day.

  11. i love the volume and space. i bet the house isn't very large, but it has such a lovely feel. the white helps, and the contrasting black is very bold. the copper pendant is perfect !

  12. Hi Niki, I love the lamp, too.
    I was many things at home and many things were unnecessary. Now after some changes in my apartment it is better, many things went away.:)

  13. well done for throwing stuff out I am rubbish at that, love this place. The high ceilings are wonderful.

  14. i had the same weekend! it feels so good doesn't it? now if my house magically looked like this when i was all done, that would be icing on the cake. this house is amazing!!

  15. OH - how I wish my place was that clutter free.But it's me and 3 kids - so there you have it. It's minimal but, for me, not cold - this I really like. TAK!

  16. I have soooooo much visual clutter in my home (and I did a big clean out over the weekend). I admire the discipline of clutter-free spaces like the one you featured, I could happily live out the rest of my days in that kitchen, but I need "stuff" to function!

  17. A lovely home! I am not a minimalist...but I do love your idea of finding 20 things to give away or throw out. I might try that this weekend.

  18. Its like a giant white tomb.


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