Don't mention the C word but...

Hej hej! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Do you know what I did? Bought my first Christmas present (eeek did I just mention the C word?!) - yes really! And I'm not even an organised person. I have a 4 and 2 year old and I promised myself not to have another December like the last one so this year I'm going to buy my pressies from online shops  - like my wonderful sponsors - L'Affiche Moderne  and LET LIV. And like the Sweden based Artilleriet, in case you need any encouragement, here are Artilleriet's inspiration images:

Photographs: Artilleriet

A show of hands for those who'd be happy to receive a present from this shop please?!

Do you have any great tips for some 'to cool for school' online Christmas shopping tips?

PS although I mentioned the C word I have made a vow to myself that I will not actually post any Christmas pictures until at least mid November - son don't worry!

PPS this is not a sponsored post  I just love the pretty pictures :)


  1. I have both my hands up. But eek! Niki now I really feeling anxiety about not having started my shopping! ( I better at least get a list going)

    1. Oh, no I didn't mean to panic you. I will probably buy the rest on Christmas eve in a mad rush!

  2. I am absolutely obsessed with the Artilleriet shop. I really wanted this poster but it sold out! And they didn't ship to the US anyway. But it's so funny, just this morning I started making Christmas present lists for people! I know it's too early but I couldn't resist.

    1. I could have guessed it would be something to do with Paris! :-)

    2. :D I am a girl of simple tastes

  3. wow!!!!I love your blog!!!Great post!!!And we love your posted amazing pictures!!!
    happy week!!:)

  4. Nice photos likes wall paintings. / Anna

  5. beautiful, can I be a receiver on your Christmas list please!

  6. i will be doing my shopping online also! i can't believe i need to start thinking about this is crazy. we are going to the US for christmas so it's so much easier to have presents shipped there.

  7. Raising both my hands too! Great images and now I need to know if they sell the crow print.

    I have not started thinking about Christmas yet and usually it sneaks up pretty quickly. This year I am trying not to shop last minute, not even the last 1-2 presents. It would be better for my nerves too...


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