Are you a minamilst or a maxamilist?!

How do you feel about the minimalist look? The reason I ask is that last night my Mum said (in only way a mum does) 'isn't it bare in here?! I mean, where are all your things?!' And I realised that I've slowly over time adapted to the Swedish more minimalist look and feel (oh and crammed more and more things into cupboards, drawers, under the bed......). For example, to my eyes, this home below seems very beautiful in a simple, serene way. But what do you think?  How do you get the balance between minamilist and personal?

Via Daily Dream Decor
Oh and it's a very important day tomorrow - my daughter's 4th birthday - she's been counting down the days / weeks / months so the pressure's on! I'm thinking it's unlikely I'll get back to you before the weekend but I'll try!

Mrs Minimalist x (wannabee?!).


  1. oh and my mum is always saying I should hide most of my stuff..less cleaning she says and i guess she is right:)

  2. I love the minimalist look but I have a hard time not to accumulate things that I scatter around the house. My mom always tells me I need to get rid of stuff ;)

  3. I'm a minimalist when decorating, but maximalist (not to say incurable perfectionist...) in other aspects of life :) So I tend to be maximalist in minimalism also, that is I try to avoid clutter or at least try to put things back to their place as soon as I have time to do it.

  4. I guess I have strokes of both! I love to feel cosy with lots of pieces around me but also like the calm and serenity of a clear space.

  5. I am definitely a maximalist, but with everything in their special order...I am after all Swedish:) Have fun tomorrow! xo Caroline

  6. Would love to be minimal but somehow love my bits and bobs to much......enjoy the big girls Birthday, just busy wrapping presents here too.
    Have a fab weekend and hope the sunshines. xx

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter, I hope she have a wonderful day!!

    Well sometimes I like to be minimalist but at the end I am maximalist haha! I just love so many things, but I try always to be organized.


  8. Thank's for your comment! I haven't seen a skirt like that anywhere, but I sure hope I will... it's beautiful. Have a beautiful Friday! /Elina

  9. Hahaha! My mum says that to me all the time! Not surprised as she lives in horror vacui world and doesnt tolerate empty piece of white wall at all- but thats a style in itself :) Happy bday to your daughter :))

  10. Im probably way more minimalist than I realized.....definitely looked through this beautiful home and didn't think it looked bare at all. Happy birthday to your little girl:)

  11. I aspire at times to be minimalist and have my purge cycles where I just clear stuff out.., that said, I also love having my stuff--my books, my sewing notions and supplies and collections. I guess I would like to develop a way to store and display my things without it looking cluttered and busy.


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