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A Modern House on Sweden's West Coast

Complete chaos here this morning after coming home on a really late flight from Edinburgh last night. My poor girls were so tired getting off to school (bad parent award) and man flu has hit the house *horror of horrors*! Fortunately, once they were all sorted, I headed off to a wonderful workshop at Summer Will Be Back (great name, beautiful illustrations!) in Copenhagen (more on Insta stories!). And then I hit upon the Swedish home of Karin Boo Wiklander in Gothenburg, Sweden and may day really perked up! Karin is a photographer, stylist and the PR & Inhouse Manager at Boråstapeter, Engblad & Co and Cole & Son. If you love modern architecture, clean aesthetics, concrete floors and muted colours - this house is for you! 

 Carl Hansen Wishbone chairs, Kvist lamp, Paleo vase, Chevron Aluminium Mat

What a fabulous house? I love the concrete floor (such a big fan!).

Is there anything that caught your eye?

If you fancy seeing a few more angles, there are lots of lovely images of Karin's home over on her blog and instagram!

Right. I'd better get home and tend to my family! I am armed with newly sown seeds from my workshop - do these count as flowers?!

Have a lovely day / evening! 

PS the winner of a TRIWA watch from the spring collection has now been announced here!


  1. Hello Niki!
    Can i move there;)) What a beautiful house. I love everything... the colors... the way of hanging the photos in the living room! Very very inspiring! Can you tell me from where are the furniture from the entry hall? So so in love with the mirror and the coat rack!

    Hope everybody get well soon!


    1. You'll have to fight me for it! I think most of the items in the hallway are from Skagerak :) PS thank you!

  2. To be honest I love it absolutely, modern design, concrete floor and all of other things you mentioned. Simply amazing :0


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