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Step inside a beautifully simple Swedish island retreat

I hope you had a wonderful weekend? We went to visit friends at their summer cottage on the east coast of Skåne, which was lovely and soooo relaxing! I always find these cottages provide such a perfect way to switch off - partly because the Swedes have got it so right by keeping the decor simple and pared-back, offering the essentials but without distraction. This lovely holiday home on Gotland, an island off Sweden's east coast beautifully captured by Erik Lefvander and stylist Anna Mårselius is a perfect example of this. Home to Johan, Joanna, Melina & Ziggy, the muted colour scheme is complimented by strictly natural materials throughout for a calm living space centered around enjoying the simple pleasures in life: nature and each other.

Photographer Erik Lefvander / Stylist Anna Mårselius shared with kind permission. Featured in Residence Magazine.

So beautiful! Could you imagine spending your holidays here?

It really is such an inspiring space. I love the oil lamp over the kitchen table, bespoke wall to wall sofa lined with cushions and bedroom with space for the entire family. What a well thought out home!

Is there anything that stands out to you?

I'm such a big fan of Gotland and have featured many, many beautiful homes from the island on here before, some of my favourites include a charming 19th century house, a simple island retreat, and a beautiful home in soothing grey.

Hey, I've got an idea. Shall we just skip the working week and head there instead?! 


  1. Oh wow, this looks amazing! Sophie x

  2. I agree, dreamy house and vacation :-)

  3. I particularly like the wood burner and bread oven. It's a gorgeous cottage. Amanda

  4. Very charming! The rough walls are so damn beautiful.
    The plank of wood with hooks (featured in the 2nd pic from top) - well, I don't know if they count as hooks since they are not hooks technically - I found exactly the same thing (unpainted, from unfinished wood) in somebody's trash when walking my dog a couple of weeks ago the night before garbage collection. Of course I promptly rescued it thinking it would be perfect for the garden shed but maybe I will hang it in the house instead.

  5. I love it so much. Simple and beautiful with all that lovely texture <3


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