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A beautiful and smart tiny one room flat in Finland

The other day a friend and I were puzzling over a small one room cottage with a grey wood floor. We were trying to figure out a way to make it practical and cosy. And then this morning I opened my mail box to find a message from one of my favourite Finnish stylists Laura Seppänen. She's been working on a project with YIT - who have recently launched a new housing solution called 'Smartti' - a flexible solution that combines functionality, adaptability and reasonable prices. Cleverly the apartments have no partition walls, instead dividing the space using cabinets and sliding doors - which provide storage and can be removed according to the owners needs. The Smartti home Laura has been working on is a mere 26 metre square (279 feet square) and - yes you've guessed it - has grey wood floors too - the chances?!  Laura's aim was to decorate the space, on behalf of her client, a local florist, with ecological and organic materials such as wood, cork, rattan and flax and locally sourced items. Green plants bring colour to the otherwise calm tones and neutral surfaces. Perfect inspiration for anyone living in a very small space? Oh and there's a twist to this space too....

Credits: Furnishing and styling - Laura Seppänen / @laurajuulia, photography - Krista Keltanen / @krista_keltanen. Architect - Kanttia for YIT / @yitkoti.'s been built inside a shipping container!

Remember this lakeside Finnish cabin made from containers? Incredible!

Get the look - eye eye and atelier CPH prints. Chairs, rug, mirror. Bell jar, AJ floor lamp, string shelves, HAY tray table. Small and large glass water bottle, round chopping board. Shorebird. White linen throw.

If you're looking for more small space inspiration you can always check out my small space archive - who needs a large house when you can do all this in under 30 metres square anyway?!

We're enjoying the last couple of days of our summer holiday here in Sweden (in the rain....*^?&%). and will be back on Wednesday. Until then, have a wonderful couple of days!


  1. This apartment is stunning! I also live in under 300 square feet and I love the inspiration here! xo, natalie

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