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A dreamy Finnish lake-side cabin with a twist

When it comes to creating a cabin, it seems your imagination is the only limit. This incredible Finnish summer cottage has been built using four ship containers, yes really! Looking at the 60 metres square space you'd never guess, would you?! And when the owners aren't sitting out on the terrace enjoying the forest and interrupted views over lake Hartola,  they're relaxing in the beautiful, personal interior, decorated using simple monochromes and a touch of vintage industrial.  I could wile away a summer here, how about you?!




Photos by Krista Keltanen (shared with kind permission)

Oh to whisk myself away here! I do love the simple life, don't you?

It's difficult to pin down exactly what I like the most about this house - I love everything! But if I have to say one thing it would be the mix of textures - hard industrial metals against white washed brick walls and soft linens and lace.

Is there anything that stands out to you?

You can see more photos of this house beautifully captured by Krista Keltanen on her lovely blog here or a full article here (in Finnish). More dreamy Finnish cabin inspiration here, here and here.

Have a lovely day!


  1. It definitely looks great! So creative and with attention to detail...the monochromatic scheme is just the right fit to the exterior and nature outside

  2. Wow, is this made out of old containers? When can I move in?

  3. Great house! I think you summed it up perfectly.

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