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A cosy interior space for a rainy day

Hi there! Posting from a very rainy London today, which immediately makes me want to withdraw inside with a nice cup of tea and some cool coffee table books. I'm thinking this beautiful space from the Norwegian home of Line from  Vintage Piken would be the perfect place to be this Tuesday morning. I've shown more of this beautiful space here - but you can never see enough of her home right?!

Vintage Piken
I love her style - the vignettes, the beautiful furniture, the photography. Perfect! And I want that cup! What about you?

BLACK SHEEP (WHITE LIGHT) sell the most amazing grey icelandic sheepskin pillows. They're often getting new items in so it's worth following them on Facebook to keep an eye on what's available. Top of my Christmas wish list!

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. I'd feel right at home at a place like this

  2. So gorgeous! Enjoy London! xo Caroline

  3. Believe me, home is the best place on earth, even when there's not many of those aforeshowed beauities, when comming back from hospital! Missed your blog!!!!!

  4. Enjoy London! Eat an aero bar or two for me :) I'll be over here drooling over those luscious sheepskins and that old wood worktable. xo

  5. Just love her style!! Enjoy London, I'm not envy at all.


  6. I just love those pictures and would love to have all of it at home.


  7. All gorgeous, makes me want to leave work early and cozy up to my fireplace, blanket, hot cocoa, and hubby of course. Space feels so serene.

  8. Love the texture of the table next to the fur. So beautiful. xx


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