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A Swedish city pad in monochrome and copper

On Friday I was dreaming about spending the weekend in this rustic Norwegian cabin, weren't you?! And now, it's back to the city just in time for the start of a new week. This one bedroom monochrome and copper themed space in Gothenburg is a feast for the eyes, there's just so much to look at! I love the variety of light fixtures, the kakelugn (tiled oven) and touch of spring in the hallway.  Thank you 55 Kvadrat, you've brightened up the start of my week.

55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat

Is there anything you love in particular about this Swedish space?

I love the white floor. I must have shown over 200 homes on here with white floors and never had one of my own. So I thought it was about time! I'm in the process of painting my top floor (and bedroom) white (you can see the work in progress here). I promise to create a post once it's finished. I must say, it's been such a tiring couple of the days - who needs the gym when you have a floor to sand, wash and paint?! Have you got a white floor in your home?

See more pictures and a plan of this lovely black and white apartment over at Kvadrat55.

More wonderful black and white homes here, here and here.

Have a great day!


Appunti di casa said...

wow! this home is perfect!

Sabrina M said...

Wow. I guess I'm in love with white floors now *_*
Looks great!

Glamista Home said...

Love it! I like white floors, I think they add to a modern feel and look.

Abi | These Four Walls blog said...

What a beautiful home. I love the concrete look of the kitchen walls, and the flash of copper in the light above the dining table. The copper touches really warm the monochrome scheme, too.

Rebecca said...

I had white painted floors in my last house. I found that they didn't match very well with small children as they are very unforgiving of any marks or spills. I haven't repeated it in our new house.

Lela B said...

Love love love it!!!!Perfect in every way!!!!

Samantha @Style Space & Stuff. said...

I love the view from the kitchen and dinning table through to the other room in the top photo. great styling.

Anonymous said...

Love this home. Please help me if you can

Anonymous said...

I love the rug in the kitchen--does anyone know where it's from? Thanks!

Christian Kandler said...

does anyone know where to get these copper bulb holders?


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