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Could you spend your summer in this log cabin?

As the snow falls outside I can't help but dream of cosy cabins. And then I found this one, deep in the heart of the Drents-Friese Wold National Park in Appelscha, The Netherlands (thank you Style Files!). Accessed by a long track, this lovely family owned log cabin is one of those magical places where you could be happy in any season, rain or shine, indoors or out. Imagine reading a book or playing games with family and friends by the wood burning stove? Or exploring the forests on cross-country skis (winter) or by bicycle (summer). There's even a lake for swimming within 500 metres. And the best news? It's available to rent. I know!!

Credits: Boshuisnijhildenberg. Post inspired by the Style Files

Could you holiday here?

I love the family's Pinterest boards which are built up of snapshots of everyday life at the cottage (which sleeps 8) lovely!

See you at the hand-over?!

I'm thinking why not go all out Dutch today with more inspiration from this lovely cabin and a lorry load of beautiful homes from The Netherlands here, I particularly love this fabulous rental home near Amsterdam.

Have a lovely day!

PS This post is not sponsored by The Netherlands tourist board - although I'd forgive you for thinking it! I'm simply feeling a whole load of love for this wonderful nearby country today! 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous cabin. I'm in love and have added it to my 'family adventures' list. xo

  2. Of course I could. :) Such a lovely place.

  3. That is so gorgeous - I would love a holiday there!

  4. LOVE this one, wish I could live there!!


  5. Yes! I can spend the summer and all the year in so a cozy cabin! Thank you!

  6. This one is beautiful!
    Do you have any idea of a source for that pinecone pillow?


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