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An eclectic family home in Norway

I love to mix things up a little here on My Scandinavian Home. This week it's been mainly about the contemporary monochrome home with crisp, clean lines. It's definitely time for some colour, it's the weekend after all! This eclectic family home in Norway is full of bursts of colour and a real mix of vintage, retro and country style. I love that it's awash with warm light. The perfect home to celebrate a few days off wouldn't you say?!

Sem-Johnsen via Purodeco
What I like most about this home is that it has a big heart - every item is unique and tells a story. You'd be able to walk in here and immediately know who lives here. I love that about a home.

And there's those  fabulous Tulip chairs and table too of course.

Mustn't forget the little kitty cat either. And my new favourite tea - Lov organic ginger-lemon tea in the kitchen (15% off with code SCANDINAVIAN).

What do you love about this home?

My Scandinavian Home turned three this week, I think that calls for a celebration don't you?! I've created over 1300 posts in that time (can you believe that?!) some of my favourites are archived under Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish or International home tours, woth a look if you have a little time!

To celebrate I'm holding a weekend give-away with an oh so cool prize so pop back over the next couple of days to enter!

Have a wonderful day!


Larissa Prodigal Pieces said...

Gorgeous design. Has sent me drooling! :o)

Michael said...

1) happy birthday to this blog, awesome work ^_^
2) you are right, this home has a big heart..I would like to visit it, to meet the owners and have a tea with them, sitting and listening to those stories..

Have a nice weekend,
Michael / facebook

Steinsdotter said...

Love that livingroom, kitchen and bath...
Seems like they have a little of everything in this home :)

Eclectic Hamilton said...

I love it!
Its wonderful.
I live also eclectic.

Greetinngs & Love & a wonderful weekend

Ă…pent hus said...

love the mix - great atmosphere
and happy birthday with the three :)
I'm going on six (!) :)

great inspo

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary! I love this home. I love how the sloped white ceilings provide such a lovely backdrop for all those pops of color. It truly does feel like a family home. Really lovely.

My Scandinavian Home said...

Thank you! I know what you mean about sitting and having tea with the owners :)

My Scandinavian Home said...

They really do...every time I look I notice a new style - like mid-century!

My Scandinavian Home said...

You must e-mail me with some pictures, I'd love to see your eclectic style!

My Scandinavian Home said...

Six? Wow! You're doing such a great job with your blog, I love it.

My Scandinavian Home said...

Thank you lauren :). I know what you mean about the sloped ceilings, lovely!

Carly Haase said...

I love the brass details in the kitchen here. So cute! And congrats on 3 years! I'm new to the blog but keep 'em coming :)

Nicola Fanstone said...

Love the flooring in the kitchen. So much character in this place!
Congrats on 3 years! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

La vida de Lauren said...

i love all the pops of colour!

Beauty Follower said...

I like the dining area!


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