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A fab monochrome duplex in Gothenburg

I must admit I'm a bit bleary eyed this morning. We touched down in Sweden late last night and two extra strong coffees haven't helped this morning...worrying?! Perhaps this space will lift my spirits a little? I do love a duplex and this light filled one in Gothenburg is fab. What strikes me is how difficult it must have to been to decorate with all of those angles, and yet the result  appears effortless and very cool. Love the monochrome and wood palette too. The perfect space to brighten up a grey Tuesday wouldn't you agree?!

Stadshem via Coco Lapine and La Maison D'Anna G with thanks
Spirits are officially lifted! How about yours?!

I can see so many items I love in this space: 'Hey You' print, Cushions: svenskt tenn,  lucky boy Sunday hand, striped, dotted and Hay dot. Cross blanket, HAY tray and DLM tables, artists wooden hand and wooden bird. Thonet 214 chair in white.

I hope you have a lovely day!


  1. Great work with decoration is done here!
    I like the place behind the sofa, with magazines and big pillow..nice place to hide and relax, don't you think? ^_^

    1. Definitely, i could hide away there all week!

  2. so beautiful space! this large windows are absolutely amazing :)

  3. We watched a show last night where a couple chose among three apartments in Gothenburg, and they were all depressing and cold and BORING. Made me worried about that sweet city. This gorgeous, light filled duplex gives me hope! It's beautiful. I love the windows especially and how they've kept all the furniture light.

    1. Oh no! They should have got help from Alvhem or Stadshem - they always have beautiful apartments. :)

  4. so in love with this space!!!

  5. I especially adore the bed nook. There are many small spot lights, which make me wonder how it looks at night. Must be hard to change them, hm? – the ceilings are sooo high! :-)


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