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An apartment with a zest for display!

There's something about this Gothenburg apartment which really stands out. The high ceilings and original features from 1907 and the mid century touches certainly play a part in it's fabulousness. But what I notice most is the shelving and other display units and how they differs in style throughout every corner of the home! Whether it's String, IKEA or Vitra, the designers have really thought about what they want and need and the best way to display treasured items.


Which style of shelving do you like the most?

In my bedroom we have a really high sloped ceiling and couldn't find the right shelving to fit the space. So in the end my husband set about designing and building a custom made unit complete with hooks and suspension wires (you can see a glimpse of it here)! Just goes to show, there's always a solution!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Looks amazing, I love the string shelves, but find them to expensive for just shelving. The black and wooden shelves in the kitchen of this place really look amazing too!

  2. I also recently wrote about this lovely home :) Especially like the kitchen and the grey floor...!

  3. OMG I simply love that kitchen... the best part of the house to me, and also the dining room!


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