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A serene home in neutrals and dusty hues.

Hello! I hope you've had a great start to the week?! Today I'm inspired by a home decorated in neutrals, muted pastels, grey and white. The use of soft textiles throughout also work to create a relaxed. homely feel. It's actually a fairly small space (53 metres square) but the owners /designers have made clever use of every inch. What a lovely home!

Stadshem via Planete Deco with thanks

Just like in yesterday's home, I can see so many pieces I love  - Sitting room: rug similar to the one shown in this fabulous home from private0204,  Gubi mirror. Bedroom: Felt ball rug, linen bedding and Hay boxes. Dining area: Bumling light. Office: Tivoli radio, Eames DAW chair. Hallway: Vitra Hang it All.

Anything in particular you love about this home?

Have a lovely day! 


  1. The herringbone floor is incredible!

  2. Amazing. Do you have any idea where the couch is from?

  3. I love the rumply bed. It manages to be so chic!

  4. I am in love with the kitchen floor!

  5. ...and with the lightning :)

  6. I also love the dames chair, but I love more all the color palette! Specially the little dots of green here and there. =)

  7. Oh how I love this one. Thanks for sharing♥

  8. I love how the green plants stand out but blend in at the same time, and the pops of pastel pink. Love this!

  9. I want to know the lamp next to hay boxes in the bed room.


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