my scandinavian home: A cheerful Swedish home with flashes of bright colours

A cheerful Swedish home with flashes of bright colours

Monday, 5 May 2014

Who said primary colours were only for children? This cheerful home makes me smile with it's brightly coloured bunting, garlands and accessories and there's not a little one in sight! The great thing about all of these items is that they can be moved or exchanged at anytime - such a quick and easy way to update a home!  It helps that the former Swedish carpenter studio has beautiful bones too of course, but I think this apartment demonstrates that it's very easy to bring out the kid in all of us, don't you agree?!

What do you think of these pops of bright colours?

I spy IKEA rugs, cushions and hooks. Search Etsy for a ton of vintage lamps and colourful garlands. I love this bright coloured bunting and pom poms. I also love these paper flowers, in fact the more I search, the more colourful home decor items I find, it's like opening pandora's box!!

Other colourful home inspiration to be found in the happy home of Jenny Brandt, this vintage inspired Southern Sweden home and a fresh and modern apartment in Malmö. Bright Bazaar's new book 'Embracing Colour for make-you-smile style' is also teeming with fab inspiration.

Have a lovely, bright  and cheerful Monday!


  1. The pop out effect of such bright colours against neutrals is really effective, especially in small amounts. I like it, but would probably get tired if them quickly :)

  2. Such cheerful spaces and so liveable!

  3. Hello,
    it is so fresh, nice home with beautiful colors, I love the rugs, lamps and dining table....and for the hallway I have to say only WOW :)
    Have a nice day Niki!

  4. Wow! Really it makes me inspired to decorate home in a brighter way. This is really a beautiful interior desingning making home looks bright and beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post here.

  5. Yeah this home makes me smile too. It's really beautiful.
    Have a great week.

  6. Cheerful is the best word to describe this house!

  7. love this house-home!! white and contrast of vibrant colours! beautiful!

  8. Very sweet! Could anyone source the sofa for me?

  9. I love that czech theater poster...

  10. What a lovely home. Those pops of colour add interest and can cosy feel to the space. Love those windows too!

  11. Great post! Been Reading a lot about painting my home. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  12. I love the idea of you sharing about the items you see in the photos (in this case, the Ikea rugs, etc). So often I see photos on style blogs on wonder: where can I get that blanket? Who made that chair? Thanks!


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